How to create an event on facebook on mobile

Do you have an upcoming event that you would like to show the world but don’t know how? Well, you should try Facebook events. This Facebook feature is beyond amazing. If you want to create a Facebook event? Please read this article to the end.

Facebook events are a great way to bring people together virtually or in person to support your business, brand, or product. Events are also a cheap way to spread the word beyond your normal internal marketing list by inviting fans of your Facebook page or members of your Facebook group.

Facebook events help you they help with the finer points of creating and hosting your own event.

So, without further ado, I’ll quickly show you how to create a Facebook event on your Android device using the Facebook app. Trust me when I say these steps are easy to follow.

How to Create a Facebook Event

1. Open your Facebook app on Android.

2. Click Events.

create facebook event

3. Tap the blue icon at the bottom to create an event.

create facebook event

4. Fill in the details about your event.

The Create an Event page will ask you to fill in information about when, what you’re planning, where, and more. Use lots of rich keywords in the What you’re planning and Learn more boxes because Facebook events are indexed by search engines, which could mean additional traffic for your event.

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5. Tap the create event button.

create facebook event

Inviting friends to the event is not mandatory; you can simply post your event and hope for the best. However, Facebook makes it so easy to invite friends to your event that it’s hard not to. Also, it’s a good idea to launch your event to promote your business in some way.

You can select friends directly from the filter list, search for friends using the search text box at the top of the list, invite an entire list of friends you’ve created, and invite non-Facebook members to the event by typing their email addresses (separated by commas) in the Invite by email address box.

Add a photo that best describes your event. Logos can be boring, so take the time to find an image that visually represents your event in a way that makes people want to attend.

So there you have it. That’s basically all you need to create a Facebook event.

How do I control who sees or joins my event?

When creating an event, the host can choose from the following privacy settings:

Private event: Visible only to people who are invited. You can choose to allow invitees to invite their friends. Invited people can see the event description, photos, wall posts, and videos.

Public event: Visible to anyone on or off Facebook. Anyone can see things like the event description, photos, event discussion, and videos.

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Note: Once you create an event, you won’t be able to change the event’s privacy settings.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: Can I create multiple events on Facebook?

A: Sure, you can create as many events as you want. I’m not sure there’s a limit to the number of events you can create.

Q: I want to invite all my friends on Facebook, how can I?

A: You will have to invite them one after the other. I searched and couldn’t find a button that would invite multiple people at once.

Q: Can I create a Facebook event on my PC?

>A: Yes, you can. Go to in a web browser > Login > Click Events > Choose between private or public event > enter event details > finally click create event.


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