How to create a one page website for free

Want to create a free one-page website design?

One-page websites are a great way to get your small business message across quickly without forcing users to do click on another page. If you think your users are discouraged from browsing to other pages, a one page website may be the best option for your business website.

But the question remains, how do you create websites? One Page Website Builders If You Don’t Have Any Coding Knowledge?

This article will share the best one page website builders for your business. Also, the good news is that they all have a free trial or free version that you can use.

Let’s get started!

Best Free One Page Website Builders for WordPress

We’ll talk about the top one page builders for WordPress to get you started. WordPress is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to create an online presence, and the software is completely free.

If you haven’t already, we suggest you follow this step by step. Guide to creating a free WordPress website. You can then use one of these free WordPress page builders to create your one page website layout.

1. SeedProd – Best Free One Page Website Builder

SeedProd, Best Free One Page WordPress Website Builder

SeedProd is the best drag and drop WordPress themes and page builder. With its visual front-end editor, you can create any type of WordPress theme or page layout for your website.

Creating a fully responsive one page website is easy and you won’t need to hire a developer. Instead, you can choose from hundreds of landing page templates and website kits, customize them in the visual editor, and see the changes in real time—no coding required.

seedprod drag and drop visual editor

SeedProd offers tons of powerful blocks and WordPress sections to customize your one page website template.

For example, you can drag and drop:

  • Call-to-action buttons to animate users users to click
  • Main header areas to grab people’s attention
  • Featured sections to showcase your products or services
  • Option forms to collect addresses Email forms and grow your list
  • WooCommerce plugin – cart buttons
  • Social media to increase the number of followers
  • Add forms Contact us for feedback
  • Animations to stand out from the crowd
  • Pricing tables for easy price comparison
  • And much more

In SeedPr od, you integrate your page with popular email marketing services and Google Analytics in just a few clicks.

You can also use maintenance and built-in-soon mode to temporarily take your site offline when we are making essential changes. And in the process, display an easy-to-use message to notify your audience.

soon landing page

And if you want, you can create multiple one page websites on the same WordPress installation with the domain mapping feature SeedProd’s custom.

On top of all that, SeedProd is bloat-free and blazing-fast. You can use it with most WordPress plugins, but it won’t slow down your website either.

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You can follow this step-by-step guide to building a one-page website with SeedProd.


You can start using SeedProd for free with SeedProd Lite. Paid plans start at $39.50 per year.

2. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect WordPress landing page plugin

Thrive Architect is a visual WordPress page builder designed specifically for businesses. It comes equipped with pre-made conversion elements like testimonials, countdown timers, and lead gen forms that work with various email marketing platforms.

Thrive Architect can help you create a high ranking landing page. performance with features such as the horizontal option -in forms, social media icons, and a blog post gallery.

When creating a page, users can choose from four layout options, including normal, header and footer, completely blank and landing page. A regular page follows the theme template for a consistent look across the site, perfect for standard pages like Services, Pricing, and About Us. The header and footer option is best for customizing landing pages with blocks, ideal for marketing pages like sales or webinar registrations.

With over 270 pre-built landing page templates, Users can easily adapt the design to fit their business needs.

The builder also offers conversion-driven blocks such as call-to-action buttons, customer testimonials, stylized lists for sales points, and more. sale and content boxes to emphasize the website copy.


Thrive Architect can cost between $99 and $299 per year.

3. Beaver Builder

Castor Builder free WordPress one page website builder

Beaver Builder is another popular WordPress landing page plugin that allows you to create a one page website on WordPress. Instead of displaying multiple pages on your website, you can use this plugin to create a single web page with all the information your users need.

This plugin comes with several free templates that you can use to create your Web design . You can use the visual editor to build your page with Beaver Builder’s modules, rows, and columns.

Beaver Builder has all the essential modules for building a functional website, including CTA buttons, images, testimonials, and more. . You can also use some native WordPress widgets in your one page website design.


Beaver Builder Lite is free to use with limited functions. Pricing for Beaver Builder Pro starts from $99 per year.

4. Elementor

One website Elementor page builder

Elementor is a powerful one page website builder for WordPress. Like SeedProd and Beaver Builder, it includes several website elements that you can use to create and customize your one page website.

You can choose from hundreds of one page responsive design templates and customize them. in drag. builder and drop. Its library of modules and content elements allows you to add essential website features to your own website without coding.

With parallax effects, a mobile-responsive design, and engine-friendly settings search, it’s easy to get your site looking the way you want with Elementor. You can even add custom CSS, fonts, and eCommerce features to your online store.


Elementor Lite is free to use and includes features limited . Elementor Pro starts from $49 per year.

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Alternative Free One Page Website Builders

If you are looking for an alternative to WordPress to create a free one page website, you are in the right place. Check out the solutions below for the best free one page non-WordPress website builders.

5. Strikingly

 amazingly free one page website builder

Strikingly is a top free one page website builder that you can use to create a professional website in minutes. It requires no design or coding experience to get started, allowing you to click anything, customize your one page templates, and publish quickly.

You can connect your website to PayPal, Stripe, or their Simple feature Store to sell products or services. And you can manage your audience signup forms, live chat, and even newsletters in the same place.

Strikingly is a great free solution for building a one-page website with dozens of templates. of responsive websites for your business.


Strikingly’s forever free plan includes unlimited sites, a domain, 500MB of storage and 5GB of bandwidth monthly band. Paid plans start at $8 per month.

6. Wix

 Wix Free One Page Website Builder

Wix is ​​an easy to use one page website builder for beginners that costs nothing to get started. It offers free website hosting and up to 500MB of free storage and bandwidth.

With its drag and drop builder, you can create a high-quality website landing page without hiring a developer . You can access various web applications to enhance the functionality of your site, create awesome galleries, and even add cool hover effects to your site with just a few clicks.

There is no doubt that Wix is ​​a great website. free one page builder. However, your website’s domain name will look like this:

In addition, you’ll see Wix ads on your site and in the favicon, which doesn’t provide the more professional look. for your business whether you’re a startup or a freelancer.


Creating a simple one-page website with Wix is ​​free. But to remove ads and attach a custom domain, the price starts from $14 per month.

7. Weebly

 Weebly One Page Website Builder

Weebly is similar to Wix in that it is a simple and free website builder. It includes a large selection of customizable website designs and tools to build your one page website and grow your business.

In addition, you can use Weebly’s Square integration to sell your products online. That way, Square can take care of your online payments, leaving you free to focus on other areas of business.

It’s easy to get going with a free one-page website from Weebly with tons of elements of design, including videos. built-in backgrounds and analytics.


Getting started with Weebly is free. You’ll get a Weebly-branded domain name, free SSL security, and 500MB of storage. Premium plans start at $8 per month.

8. Site123

site123 free one page website builder

Site123 is a free one page website builder with several features to spice up your website. It offers several responsive website templates and a visual page builder to design your site effortlessly.

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This website builder has an easy 3-step setup process:

  1. Choose a template
  2. Upload your content
  3. Publish your site

All website designs are mobile responsive and adaptable to any screen size or device. In addition, it includes vital settings to optimize your website for search engines and improve your rankings.

Like Wix, your website’s default URL will be on a Site123 domain name. Of course, upgrading to a custom domain will include a fee.

However, storage and bandwidth for Site123 are limited to just 250MB. Site123 is a great solution for smaller one-page websites.


With Site123, you can get started for free. Premium plans start at $12.80 per month.

9. IM Creator

IM Creator free one page website builder

IM Creator is a free one page website builder made by creators for creators. So you can design, build and publish your site for free and access unlimited hosting and bandwidth.

Plus, creating your website is easy with the intuitive visual editor. Choose from a variety of responsive HTML templates and customize your design to fit your business needs. You can also use SEO friendly tools out of the box to help your site rank in search engines.

In addition, IM Creator is perfectly scalable. For example, you can start with a single page, and then as your business grows, you can add more pages and features.


IM Creator is completely free for students, creators, and non-profit organizations. Premium accounts start at $8 per month.

10. Carrd

 carrd free one page website builder

Carrd is a free, simple and fully responsive one page website builder. Whether you want to create a personal profile, create a landing page to capture emails, or something a little more elaborate, with this solution you can do it.

For example, you can start with one of dozens of templates free or from scratch with a blank canvas. You can then use the visual interface to quickly create and customize your website.

Since you can create up to 3 free websites for each Carrd account, that’s 3 different one-page free websites. However, like the other alternatives on this list, their website is marked with the Carrd domain.


Carrd is for use gratuitous. But for custom domains and advanced features like analytics, forms, and email integrations, pricing starts as low as $19 per year.

SeedProd includes powerful features such as coming soon, maintenance mode, access controls, and mapping domain, all in one plugin. This saves you from adding multiple bloated plugins to your WordPress website.

So, are you ready to build your free one page website?

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