How to Create a Google Doc on Your Computer or Mobile Device

  • You can easily create a new google document by selecting the “blank” document template on the desktop website or by clicking the plus icon on the mobile app.
  • when you create a new google document, it will be named “untitled document” by default; you can change this title at any time.
  • You can also create a google document using one of the various templates provided.

While perhaps the biggest selling point for google docs is how these online docs allow people to collaborate on a project from remote locations, the real beauty of a google doc is how it protects your work from being be lost in the event of a computer crash or human error.

Google documents are auto-saved almost constantly and backed up to a remote location, so unless you intentionally delete a file, it’s never lost.

If you’re working on a report, term paper, or work project that you can’t afford to lose, consider closing word or pages and switching to a google doc. you can always copy and paste your work from google to another program later, but you can never recover an accidentally deleted document from your computer.

That said, the opportunity to share a working document among multiple people is the selling point for most people. You can create a Google Doc and then share it with others to edit or add content, or you can share the document from scratch and work together in real time, watching your colleagues write, edit, review, and work within the document.

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Here’s how to create a Google Document on your computer or through the Google Documents mobile app.

how to create a google document on your computer

1. Go to, your gmail page, or your google drive and sign in to your account.

2. Click the Google Apps icon, which is the square made up of nine smaller dark gray squares at the top right of the screen.

3. Scroll down to the second group of application icons and find the blue with white stripes “docs” icon and click on it.

4. On the next page, choose the type of document you want to create, keeping in mind that in most cases you’ll want to work with the first type, the “blank” page. ” with the multi-colored plus symbol on it.

5. Click on the “blank” document and your new google document will open.

once you have created a google document, the first thing you need to do is name it by typing a new title in the bar at the top left which will auto-complete with the words “untitled document”. once done, then share it if others expect you to.

how to create a google document on a mobile device

To create a Google Document on your mobile device, you must first download the Google Documents app. The fastest way to find the app is to download it from the Apple App Store or equivalent App Market on your device.

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You can also find the app by signing in to google from your mobile web browser and then tapping the google apps icon at the top right of your screen. swipe down and tap the “docs” icon and you’ll be taken to a page with a “download google docs” link front and center. click on it and then get the app.

once you have the google docs app on your phone:

1. open the application to find all the previous documents that were presented to you.

2. To create a new google document, tap the multicolored plus symbol at the bottom right of the screen.

3. then tap “new document” or “choose template”.

4. start typing.

To find older documents, use the folder icon at the top right of the app’s home screen if you know where they’re stored, or search by name with the magnifying glass icon next to it.

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