How to get Free Gospel Tracts Sent Via Snail Mail

free gospel tracts: how to get free gospel tracts mailed to you: sites that provide you with free gospel tracts or gospel of john books mailed to you for free. more tips and suggestions ideas of where to leave the gospel tracts. #gospeltracts

Free Gospel Tracts

Free Gospel Tracts!

Do you like handing out gospel tracts to other people? Do you want to know where you can get some free gospel tracts? I have a list of some sites that give you free gospel tracts and they are mailed. as in the postal mail. I only found some sites with current technologies, I found many sites where you can download pdf versions and print your own. I also found quite a number that charged you to get their gospel tracts. but I found some that give them to you for free or with a donation.

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Note again that I don’t mail out gospel tracts to people, but the sites listed below, if you click on each one, have forms you can fill out so they can be sent to you. send them, so do it. Please don’t contact me asking me to send you gospel songs because I don’t.

highly recommended gospel tract sites

These sites on this list are the ones I use most often. additionally, I have made a blog post about each of these.

bezeugen tract club (send 30 free tracts per month, business card size, glossy) you can also see some of them in the photo below. I received from this source and am a member of the tract club.*!my review – bezeugen tract club!*

  • scholarship tract link: They have all kinds of tracts you can choose from along with various topics as well. you can even see some of them in the photograph below. I have received from this source.*!my review: scholarship tract league!*
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book of life, the (books of the gospel of john, only available for youth leaders, pastors, youth workers) that I have received from this source. you must be a youth leader, youth minister, or pastor of a church to get these)*!my review – book of life, the!*

  • living water (gospel from books of john) in the notes tell them you need more than one. this is also shown in the photograph below as well. I have received from this source.

pocket testament league (ptl): gospel of john: they give you 30 gospel of john for free per month or you can donate. if you do it for free they find you a sponsor. make sure the reference has 466871 in that box please. you also have to manually go each month to get them. p>

way-fm help finder bible – christian radio station is giving away free bibles! uses a new living translation (nlt). I have one and plan to give it away.

other gospel tract sites

I don’t use this list much but it’s also available.

  • Ambassadors 4 Truth: They only have a few tracts, but most of the tracts are currently exhausted. I have ordered mine. (currently out of stock). i have received from this source.
  • bibles for america (bfa) – they send you some free christian bibles books. I ordered the ones they were giving away. I have only received one of the books from this source at this time.
  • bible tracts inc. – They have a variety of tracts to choose from. You must print an order form and mail it to them. They currently do not have a process for ordering online. I have received a sample pack from this source.
  • light christian publications, inc. (cpl) – they have a variety of tracts to choose from. some are free and some are low cost, most are 50¢ for 25 with free shipping. I received a sample pack of this font.
  • freedom gospel tracts I don’t remember anything about this font. I think I only have a sample pack. tom, who commented below, said he believes liberty gospel tracts will only send you tracts if you sign a statement that you only use the king james version of the bible.
  • photos for souls have a treaty that has a plan of salvation on them. they are free and printed on glossy paper. I have received only one of the books from this source at this time.
  • 4 u tracts (several tracts that are on a glossy paper) I have received from this source.
  • world missionary press (wmp) inc. -a place that has a variety of handouts to hand out such as bible study in matthew, bible study in john, bible study in revelation, bible verses to memorize and more. I received from this source.
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use gospel tracts

While you’re at it, feel free to check out my blog post on using gospel tracts as a witnessing toolI mention usage and suggestions for ideas on where to put them.

leave flyers in random places

check out serendipity tracts, where you leave gospel tracts in random places.

top image

The image above are some of the tracts I have collected from various places. I started a gospel tract box, using one of those big plastic boxes you can get at a local retail store. Some of the gospel tracts shown are from the fraternity tract league, bezeugen tract club, living waters, and a couple more.

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When I get the ones from the sites I mentioned above, I’ll comment on them and share them with you. Thanks for reading this post.

Do you use gospel tracts?

If so, I’d like to hear from you. please share with me your experience using gospel tracts.

do you know of any other sites that offer free gospel tracts, free bibles or even free christian squiggles etc.? please feel free to share in the comments,

If you know of other sites that give you free gospel tracts to give out, feel free to share that site with me.

Anything else to share?

Do you have anything else you want to share? feel free to leave your comment.

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I will be updating this post regularly as I find more sites that give out free booklets, bibles, Christian articles, etc. by postal mail. the sites mentioned above are totally free. They suggest you make a donation to help offset the cost.

please don’t contact me asking me to send you gospel tracts, I don’t have gospel tracts to send you, the above sites are places you can go to get them. Thanks a lot. post originally published July 16, 2013. Last published or updated March 8, 2021.

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