7 Steps To Create A YouTube Recipe Channel And Earn Money Online

If you love cooking and teaching others how to cook, you’ll love this article on how to create a YouTube recipe channel step by step and make money from it.

Are you someone who loves cooking? love to cook? Do you like helping other people learn to cook? Then you’ll love this article on how to create a YouTube recipe channel step by step and make money from it.

Starting a YouTube recipe channel is easy to do and fun. You’ll learn skills to make and edit videos, improve your cooking, share your recipes, and build an audience online.

There are many popular cooking channels out there. One of them is Nisha Madhulika. The reason her channel is so popular is that it shows quality content and a personal touch.

Use good quality cameras and angles. She also explains her recipes very well, so anyone can follow them.

If you don’t feel comfortable being on camera, don’t worry. There are many popular Indian recipe channels on YouTube that only focus on the food being prepared, like Rak’s Kitchen.

You can even take a different approach from these channels and try something new. If your channel is unique, it is likely to attract attention.

How to Start a YouTube Recipe Channel

In this post, I will explain how you can create a YouTube Recipe Channel step by step. by step and earn money with it.

Step 1: Buy your equipment to film

You will need some equipment to film your videos. At the very least you will need a camera. Buy a good quality camera. If you have a smartphone with at least a 10 MP camera, that will work too.

You may also need a tripod for filming. It will hold the camera in place, while it films you cooking. Or you can ask your child, friend, spouse, or other family member to hold the camera.

You can also try holding the camera with one hand while you cook with the other hand, but that’s hard to do . ! It’s better if you buy the right equipment for filming.

In this video, you can see that they use high-quality cameras and audio equipment. Video and sound quality is clear.

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They use a tripod to keep the camera still while filming. They also use different camera angles to give the viewer a better view of the recipe.

Step 2: Launch your YouTube channel

Next, you need to click “Customize Channel” . You can edit your profile photo, channel art, name, description, and more.

Choose a name for your channel. You can choose any name you like, as long as it is unique and related to cooking. Many use their own name and add the words “cooking” or “rasoi”.

Step 3: Create recipe videos

You can create two types of videos. The first type is when you show yourself in the video explaining the recipe as you cook it.

Channels like Nisha Madhulika, Saffron Trail and Bhavna’s Kitchen do this. This video is an example of that.

The second type of YouTube channel videos is the non-face type. Just take a video of the food from your perspective, as you cook it.

You can add background music or your own comments. Take a look at this video, for example.

Channels like Rak’s Kitchen and Rajathi Family Kitchen do this.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a recipe video:

  • Choose a recipe you want to share. The more unique and attractive it is, the more interest you will get.
  • Create a list of all the necessary ingredients. Gather all the ingredients in one place and take a photo/video of them. Tell people the amount of each ingredient used.
  • Start cooking the food and show each step involved. Suppose you are teaching someone how to cook the exact recipe and they have to follow each step.
  • Explain in the video, in your own voice or via text, the instructions for each step in preparing the recipe. .
  • Show people that the end result is a well-dressed dish with garnish.

That’s it. Creating a recipe video is fun and easy. Do this with as many recipes as you like. The more videos you post, the more views and subscribers you’ll get.

Step 4: Edit and Upload the Video

You’ll need to edit the video and make it look good. If you don’t have any video editing skills, you can learn video editing with free software online.

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Download Windows Movie Maker, which is free software that allows you to create and edit videos. A beginner can make a simple video using Movie Maker. It allows you to combine different videos and add images, sound and text. Play around with it, it will take some getting used to.

You can also use Wondershare Filmora Video Editor to edit your raw videos. You can add intros and end credits, music and effects with this incredibly easy-to-use software.


Step 5: Share your recipe channel with others

When you’ve uploaded a few videos to your channel, you’re ready to start sharing your recipes with others! It’s exciting to show others your videos.

The first person shown is your family and friends. They probably already know what you cook, so they will be very interested to see your recipes. They will also support your channel, like your videos and subscribe to your channel.

Naturally, you will also get YouTube views. The number of views you get depends on many factors, the most important being your content. If you have good quality videos, with an optimized video title, thumbnail, and descriptions, you’ll get more views.

You can also get more views by creating unique content that no one else is creating. Instead of sharing a recipe that everyone else is making, you can choose a more obscure or unique recipe.

You don’t have to stop at your family and friends. You can also communicate with and network with other food and recipe vloggers.

The recipe channel community is friendly and supportive, and they like to interact with like-minded people and exchange ideas and thoughts. Click here for the best Indian recipe YouTube channels you can follow and connect with.

Step 6: Get feedback and improve your videos

If this is your first time making videos , then you probably have a lot of room for improvement. After uploading your initial videos, you should look for feedback to improve your videos.

Maybe you need to write better titles. Maybe you need to show the steps more clearly. Maybe your filming or editing is not very good.

Pay attention to the comments and work on it. You should also look at other recipe channels that are doing well. What are they doing right and how can you learn from them?

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As you get feedback and look at other channels, your videos will improve and you will improve your channel. You can also invest in premium video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro. Premium software will significantly improve the quality of your videos.

But your software isn’t the most important thing to a successful YouTube channel. The most important thing is the quality of your video content. You can make great videos with a simple camera phone and free software.

The best recipe videos are easy to watch and easy to follow. They leave viewers speechless a bit and make them want to try a recipe.

It’s also nice if you add a personal touch to your video. Make the viewer feel like you are speaking directly to them. This gets them to engage with your video more.


Step 7: Make Money From Your YouTube Recipe Channel

Start a YouTube Food Channel it’s a great way for Indian women who love to cook to put their talents and passions into practice.

It’s a very fun and rewarding way to pass the time and if your recipe channel YouTube becomes popular, you can earn money through the YouTube Partner Program. It will help you grow by improving your cooking and learning video-making skills.

You could even start a profitable food blog. These are some of the ways you can create a YouTube channel and earn money. It will also make you feel good when you can share your recipes and help other people learn how to cook your favorite recipes.

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7 steps to create a YouTube recipe channel and earn money online


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