Building a simple website that outputs results from a CSV using users input

Keanu Reeves best movies using

I was looking for a website where I could search for the best movies of any actor /actress but I couldn’t find any in particular that offered what I wanted. I had to google an actor/actress, then find his movies, then find the rating for each individual movie, and then compare them. It wasn’t efficient… so I decided to create a website for it.

I found IMDB movie data on kaggle. The CSV contains approximately 85,000 movies and more than 175,000 cast members. The CSV includes everything you need, from the name of the movie, the name of the actors, their rating on IMDB and much more. A simple filter by string content with the actors column sorted by rating would produce the desired result. The fun part was making a website out of it…

Next, I’ll go over creating html and JavaScript. necessary for the website to work.

To build the website, I used Visual Studio Code (any software will do the job though). As soon as you write! + tab the basic html template will appear:


The first step was to add the bootstrap link to visually improve the website and making it easier to use. This step is completely optional, but without it, the website would look like it was created in the 90s.

In order to use Bootstrap, I added this to the header:

… and voila! I can use bootstrap now.

I divided the into two sections: input and output. Below is the input part:

! Search Movies!

Enter the name of an actor/actress to see their best movies!

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Top 3

s for container, row and col-md-12 are just a bootstrap structure to have the content aligned in a container, I then created a title using

and a subtitle using


Then comes the important part I used a with id (note that ids and classes are important for referencing the javascript file or bootstrap style) Inside the form I have an with class for bootstrap , id for JavaScript and a placeholder to display on the website Finally, I have a