20 Best Online Community Website Builders 2023

To establish and grow a loyal following, take off with community website builders.

These tools allow you to create your online platform where people from all over the world will come together. world. . Whether you want to create a niche community or a general forum, we have the right solution.

Blogs, forums, game portals, social networks and everything in between, you can now bring them into being and improve them with your creative touch. Sometimes you may want to expand your existing website with a new section, and the software will help you do just that.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard either. Regardless of your level of technical skill, community website builders can be used by anyone.

If you’re passionate about your project and niche, recruit even more enthusiasts and grow your community to new heights. With the right set of tools and pre-built content, you can get started right away and see the difference soon after.

Engage website builders from the online community

1. Squarespace Community Website

Squarespace - Community Website Builder

You hardly need an introduction to Squarespace. It is a versatile, high-performance, practical and easy-to-use web design and development tool for beginners to create pages of all kinds. With countless pre-built templates, you can immediately find the perfect web design that best suits your project. Sure, if you need a community website builder, you can use Squarespace as such too.

In addition, Squarespace also takes care of the technical aspects of your website. From mobile-ready designs to cross-browser compatibility, fast loading speeds, web hosting, and domain names, Squarespace has it all. You can also create different campaigns, send newsletters, allow social sharing and much more. With Squarespace, there are no limits! You only need one account to conveniently manage and maintain an online community and grow it accordingly.

Squarespace is the best membership platform for any community-style website.

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2. Wix

wix - website builder community

Wix is ​​a multi-purpose website builder that doesn’t limit you in any way. In other words, whatever type of page you want to create, you can make it happen in the blink of an eye with Wix. And of course you can also use it as a community website builder. Getting up to speed with Wix will be easy, almost pleasurable, thanks to the relaxed approach it offers to creating your desired page. Also, you can be a beginner or a professional; Wix is ​​for both.

In addition, Wix consists of three main parts; Wix Editor, Corvid and Wix ADI. By far the most interesting and exciting is the last one. With Wix ADI, short for artificial design intelligence, you only need to do very little work to get a fully functional page up and running. In fact, you can enhance it with your creative touches, but you can also use the exact look and feel of ADI.

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3. Hostinger

Hostinger - website builder community websites and hosting

Working on a community website is easier than thinking using the right tools. Hostinger is an exceptional website builder that helps you get started on the right track, whether you want to dive into the gaming industry or something else. It comes with a ton of handy customization features, so you can tailor your website exactly to your liking. From start to launch of your community website, it should take no more than an hour. Of course, he doesn’t need to be a programmer or designer to achieve a spectacular result.

In addition, his website will be completely SEO-ready, cross-browser compatible, fast-loading and responsive. Everyone who browses and interacts with your website will have the most fun regardless of their devices or platform.

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4. Ning Community Website Builder

Ning - Unique Community Website Builder

Ning is a powerful community website builder that allows you to create your social network. How cool would it be to run your social media platform where like-minded people would come together to chat, share information, and whatnot? Well, now you can make it happen very easily with Ning! It comes with all the necessary tools and components for the success of a general or niche social network.

Speaking of features, Ning has many advanced content management functionalities. The options are endless, from groups, forums, and polls to events, blogs, and custom content.Of course, Ning also includes different features for social sharing, social login, and personalized notifications. Ning also has different monetization options such as paid membership, donations, and paid access to exclusive content. Choose from multiple ready-to-use themes and strengthen your community right away.

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5. BuddyPress (FREE)

buddypress community website builder

BuddyPress is a great community website builder that turns any WordPress page into the exact community page you want. It’s fantastic software that you can add to your existing page or even use as the foundation of your web platform. BuddyPress is handy, easy to use, and very beginner friendly. Some examples of uses for BuddyPress include, but are not limited to, niche social networks, internal company communication, and community forums.

The process of creating with BuddyPress does not end with the default settings; you have countless options! Private messages, member profiles, activity streams, user groups and much more await you. While BuddyPress works fine out of the box, you can expand its capabilities with different integrations and plugins.

There are thousands of beautiful BuddyPress themes available to help you get started.

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6. phpFox

website builder phpfox community websites

With a community website builder, you can avoid starting from scratch, saving you time and energy. And with phpFox, you can build your community platform with ease. Businesses, organizations, social sites and more, you can make them come true. phpFox is versatile and adaptable, perfect for all the ideas you have. Think outside the box; phpFox will help you build an online platform that no one has seen yet.

Of course, you don’t need any coding knowledge to use phpFox. Their ready-to-use themes are fully customizable with a simple addition and removal of content. No doubt, phpFox also ensures that your final product works well on mobile devices, Retina displays, and popular web browsers. Get the gist of it by looking at some sample phpFox websites and going from there.

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7. SocialEngine Community Website Builder

socialengine community website builder

As the name suggests, SocialEngine is a powerful community website builder for establishing your social networks. These can be used for various purposes, from niche to generic. It gives you two options when building your desired social network. First up is SocialEngine PHP, which allows you to download and host the software yourself. And then there’s SocialEngine Unite, where the platform itself does the hosting for you.

You’ll have no trouble setting up the online community platform you’re looking for. With SocialEngine, you have full control over your network and can also integrate third-party plugins. Increase social engagements, create an impressive presence on mobile devices, and don’t forget to monetize it. Make it all work with SocialEngine; it has everything you need and more.

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8. Oxwall

website builder from the oxwall community

You only need one piece of software to start your online project, and Oxwall could be perfect. After creating a community website or social marketplace, Oxwall will take care of you. It is a fully mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible open source social marketplace platform that you can fine-tune to your needs and regulations. With little time and energy required, you can now have an active and functional marketplace live and rocking the online space.

Oxwall covers everything from groups, forums, and blogs to notifications, announcements, photo sharing, profile moderation, and more. The news feed appears to be very similar to Facebook’s; this will make your users feel like they are already familiar with your page. Oxwall supports English, but can also integrate other languages ​​as third-party packages.

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9. Doodlekit Website Builder

doodlekit community website builder

Creating a community website shouldn’t be much of a problem for you once you get full access to Doodlekit. It is an effortless website builder that you can use to create a page that ideally suits your intentions. From various ready-to-use templates to creating your own and customizing existing ones, the options are plenty with Doodlekit.Of course, your page design will be compatible with all popular devices, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. In short, performance will always be up to par.

With Doodlekit, you can also create a forum and grow a community of loyal members. Whether you’re going niche or general, with Doodlekit, you can zoom in on both and get it all set up quickly. Now do your thing, enjoy the great collection of features that Doodlekit has prepared and make a difference.

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10. Weblium

website builder from the weblium community

Weblium is a complete package of greatness that helps you get started using the Internet quickly. Without the need for any coding and design knowledge, Weblium offers you software that will immediately turn you into a professional. You won’t even need to write code when creating your community website using the drag and drop technique. To top it off, Weblium also contains AI that handles your heavy lifting. In short, with Weblium, anyone can do it, both beginners and professionals.

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Choose from a variety of ready-to-use sample layouts and have everything up and running in no time. Responsiveness, browser compatibility, search engine optimization, hosting and domain name, well, that’s all at Weblium, taking care of it for your convenience.

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11. IM Builder

 im creator community website builder

Instead of going through the hassle of hiring a coder, designer and anyone else who can set up a page, make it happen with IM Creator . It’s a sophisticated and easy-to-use website builder that you can also use to create a community page. Apart from that, you can also apply for a free license and use IM Creator without spending a penny. Plus, there are two more premium plans you can take full advantage of as well, starting at $8 per month.

With the intuitive builder, you can quickly upgrade and tailor the design to match your style precisely. Mix what is available, enrich it with your creative touch and that’s it. You’re sure to have a lot of fun creating a website for your local or global community with IM Creator.

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12. Weebly

weebly builder from the weebly community

Weebly seamlessly switches between websites and online stores, making it a convenient tool for various projects and businesses. You can also use it as a community website builder and take your loyal fan base to new heights. Even if you are a beginner in web development, Weebly will instantly turn you into a pro. Getting started on the web with a wide selection of layouts, features, and functions happens quickly. But you can also go the extra mile, enhance the web design with your signature style, and make it your own.

With Weebly, you can easily tweak your community page. With the drag and drop page builder, you won’t need to touch a string of code to edit Weebly’s layout. You can introduce custom fonts, add parallax effects, edit images, and provide convenient navigability. There are also many marketing tools available for the growth of your portal that it deserves.

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13. uCraft

website builder from the ucraft community

When looking for a quick web development solution, you only need access to a community website builder. Once you settle on the one that best suits your needs, everything else becomes a piece of cake. No matter how busy you are during the day, you will still find time to craft the necessary page. Yes, with uCraft, everything happens pretty fast! uCraft is a great contemporary, fast-loading, mobile-ready and fully optimized page builder software.

UCraft will never ask you for design or technical knowledge; Even if you are a newbie, creating a page is possible with uCraft. By the way, the builder gets it up and running for free, so you can quickly get the gist of it before committing 100%. Fun fact: uCraft even has a free logo maker if you still need to create one.

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14. Jimdo

website builder from the jimdo community

Jimdo simplifies web development with artificial intelligence. Instead of doing the work yourself, Jimdo’s AI will create the ideal web design for your project in just three minutes. Answer a bunch of questions Jimdo asks, and you’re done! You’ll have the layout ready and set to customize it further.However, if you like the look of the box, feel free to add your content and details only, and your page is ready to go live! Fast and convenient indeed!

You can also use Jimdo as a community website builder and start your business in no time. Even if it takes only a few minutes to carve out a web space, it guarantees that the final product will have an expert look. People all over the world have already created tons of pages with Jimdo, and you can check them out first for additional inspiration.

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15. Webflow Community Website Builder

webflow community website builder

Hate coding? Or you don’t even have experience with programming, but would still like to create a community page? Well, surely you are in luck because we have many different community website builders here for you that do not require any experience. With Webflow, you code and design visually, which makes using its editor a breeze. In other words, whether you plan to use Webflow to build your first website or just for prototyping, you’re sure to win.

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You now have the power to create, design, fine-tune, and enhance your community page. to your taste. Webflow makes it possible with its convenient features to put you on top. And when it’s time to scale, Webflow will help you achieve the results you want to achieve with your project seamlessly.

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16. 8b

Website Builder community 8b

8b is one of the best free community website builders that you can play right away. With no experience, he can still materialize his project idea with 8b. 8b is more than ideal for someone with no coding knowledge and even those with no design sense. With 8b, you’ll unlock a whole spectrum of new possibilities you didn’t know existed before. Not to mention, 8b will also wake up your inner developer and designer and you’ll see fantastic results.

While simplicity is one of 8b’s key features, the software also prides itself on how fast it is to create pages with he. Three steps and you’re ready to flaunt your thing online. You can imagine? All it takes is 3 steps and just a few minutes.

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17. PageCloud

website builder pagecloud communities

Would you like to build a loyal online community but don’t know where to start? If that’s the case, you should get your hands on a community website builder. Suddenly, everything becomes a piece of cake when working with software like PageCloud. You have complete creative freedom when making your community page thanks to drag and drop technology. Make it your own and let the web design follow your brand to the letter.

Embedded your site by choosing from several modern and responsive templates that PageCloud has available. From there, it’s all fun and games. Also, if you have experience with web development, PageCloud also gives you access to the source code for optimization adjustments.

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18. Elementor

website builder elementor communities

If you use WordPress, Elementor is one of the best tools to get your website up and running right out of the box. Use it as a community website builder and start your project in little to no time. With Elementor, you can be a newbie and still launch your page victoriously. You’ll appear like a pro from the initial setup, even if you’re not one yet: Elementor’s simplicity combined with powerful and easy-to-manage features help you win the game.

Elementor gives you endless customization options to create the exact community page you are looking for. Furthermore, it comes with over three hundred pre-built templates, over ninety widgets, advanced typographic features, and various social media features. Last but not least, if you ever need additional support, please contact Elementor’s 24/7 support team.

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19. Bookmark

website builder Bookmark Community

Bookmark is one such community website builder trying to innovate in web development. More than innovation, Bookmark’s main goal is to make the process as easy as possible for beginners and users. Therefore, they created AiDA, an artificial intelligence design assistant. With AiDA, the entire procedure of building your page takes two minutes.To really understand the power of the tool, you can first watch the video presentation and get the general idea: nothing complicated and nothing to mess up.

While the page building part of Bookmark is already of the most high level, it is the various online training programs that Bookmark provides that set this software apart from the masses. In short, Bookmark is an all-in-one web platform that covers all sections of creating and maintaining online projects. Do things your way and go online with an impressive community page.

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20. Strikingly Website Builder

strikingly community website builder

Strike hard and with confidence once you get the most out of Strikingly. It is a clean, easy to use, responsive and extensible community website builder. Strikingly also easily adapts to your goal with both its ready-to-use templates as well as customization features. But if you want to keep things simple, use the layout that Strikingly has on file, update it with your stuff, and have a page ready at full speed.

With millions of users already running your pages according to Strikingly, you know you are looking for a promising tool that will get things moving quickly. Surprisingly, it also ranks domain names, web hosting, SSL certificate, social media, registration forms, and analytics. Be their boss and create a web platform where everyone enjoys visiting and spending time.

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