How to change the language for yahoo mail

Just access the “Account Information” panel in your Yahoo mail account to change the primary location and language preferences. If you are living in the US then, the default language of your Yahoo account is English. As a result, you will get all the options and other Interface elements of Yahoo Mail in English.

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When you make changes in the region, language, and desired locations, it automatically follows all of the connected Yahoo tools and features that include the Yahoo Mail Account as well. To change Yahoo Mail Interface Language, you will need to sign in to the Yahoo account. After that, follow a few steps given in this guide as it is.

Change Language in Yahoo Mail Interface

You can change the language that is used for the Yahoo Mail account interface,

Firstly, log in to the Yahoo account and choose your name or profile image in the Yahoo mailThis is the time to choose Add or Manage AccountsNow, choose Account info in the Manage Accounts windowChoose Preferences in the Personal Info window and choose the Language drop-down arrow and then, select the language which you want to use for the Yahoo mail interfaceAfter that, close the tab and then get back to your inbox

Just after following this step, the language immediately gets changes, and if it doesn’t then, log out of the Yahoo account and login in back.

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Change Location Preferences in Yahoo Mail Profile

If you have changed your home to a new location or shifted your office to get some new opportunities, you easily can adjust Yahoo location preferences and update your profile by changing them

Yahoo automatically updates the location when the device goes into a new location. You only need to enable the location feature on your device or on the web browser. Here are a few useful steps which you can use the location service to adjust the current location.

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Enable location services for Mobile Devices on which you have to access Yahoo

iOS Location Settings

Safari – Follow the above-guided steps and make sure that the browser’s location setting is turned on

iOS Devices – Open Settings and then, expand the Location Services under Privacy. Now, turn on the Location Service toggle bar and finish the entire steps.

Chrome for iOS – Open your iPhone and go to the Settings and tap on Chrome and now expand Location and after that, select the option which you want as the default setting

Android Location Settings

Firefox – Open Mozilla web browser on the Smartphone and then, click on the Menu icon. Now, go to Settings and click on Mozilla. This is the time to scroll down the page to reach Mozilla Location Service and then, click on the checkbox to turn the location services on.

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Android Devices – Go to Settings and tap on the location and security and then, tap on Advanced. Click on the Location button and tap on the slider to turn it ON

Chrome for Android – Start the Chrome and click on More and then, tap on Settings. Now, click on the Site Settings Location and at last, tune the location ON

Enable Location Services on a desktop browser to access Yahoo Mail

Turn on the location in Microsoft Edge

You will need to go to the Start button and explore the SettingsNow, choose Cortana and choose Permissions or Permissions and HistoryIn the next step, just go for Manage the information Cortana and it can access from this device and enable the Location Settings

Enable Location Features in Chrome

First of all, open the Chrome browser and click on more and then, go to SettingsClick on the Advanced and then site Settings under “Privacy and Security”After that, tap on the Location to complete the process

Follow the above-given steps and you can take the help of Yahoo Contact in the UK to get instant assistance regarding the same. The experts are highly experienced and certified so they will definitely help you out.

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