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Although there are many different platforms available to host your league, Yahoo Fantasy Football is widely considered one of the best options for fans looking to get the most out of their experience. It’s a season-long virtual game to draft your team – mimicking the NFL draft with draft picks to fill out your team roster – and manage your roster while putting up more victories than your competitor. The ultimate goal: win your league’s Super Bowl.

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This article will go over some of the reasons why Yahoo is the superior choice, address how to get started and play, supply a glossary, and introduce some strategies to give you an excellent chance to win.

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Benefits of Yahoo Fantasy Football Platform

1.) First and foremost: The Yahoo platform is free to use.

2.) Not only is it free, but it is also customizable, extremely reliable, easy to navigate, updates are fast and automatic, and the interface is well organized and simple.

3.) Furthermore, Yahoo goes above and beyond at making the experience fun and informative, with a post-draft recap and drafting grades for every team in the league as well as weekly recaps for all the matches and trophies for top performances in a variety of categories.

4.) Yahoo has been doing fantasy football for years and was a major player in bringing free fantasy football to the mainstream. Their easily customizable settings make Yahoo a perfect fit for the vast majority of fantasy managers. Game time scores update automatically in real-time and you can follow along and manage your team through the Yahoo Sports app by the fantasy sports leaders.

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So you want to play fantasy football–now what? Well, there are two ways.

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The Regular Season

The regular Yahoo Fantasy Football season typically is 13 games long. During the season, you can propose trades with other managers. There is usually a trade deadline set by the commissioner, however, so be aware of when your last chance to make a trade is.

Yahoo Fantasy Football Playoffs

The playoffs are usually weeks 14, 15, and 16. Week 17 typically isn’t included because it is the final week of the NFL regular season and too often NFL teams will rest their starters that week, which makes Week 17 not a good fit for the fantasy football championship.

Parting Tips For a Fun Yahoo Fantasy Football Season

That’s about all you need to know to get your foot in the Fantasy Football door.

When you join a league, go into the league details and read over the scoring, the trade deadline, waivers, and any other details that might be specific to your league. Ask questions of your league mates in the message boards.

Think up a clever or witty fantasy football team name and maybe even stir the pot with a little trash talk if you’re feeling spicy. It’s never too early to start getting in your opponents’ heads – it’s sports after all.

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Yahoo’s Fantasy Sports app is something you will want to download if you have a smartphone. The mobile app if fully encompassing of the fantasy platform and gives you the freedom and convenience to check and update your team from just about anywhere. It now has a dark mode to save your smartphone some juice.

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