How to Block Emails on Your iPhone

  • To block emails on iPhone, tap the sender’s name in the mail app and select block this contact.
  • To automatically send blocked emails to the trash, change the settings. blocked sender options.
  • blocked sender options are located in the iphone settings app under the mail header.

email has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. but sometimes there are senders that need to be blocked due to spam or unsolicited harassment.

While previously blocking these senders required third-party apps on your iPhone, now you can do it directly from the Apple Mail app on iOS devices. here’s how.

how to block emails in mail app on iphone

1. open the mail app and locate an email from the sender you want to block.

2. tap the sender’s image and then their name in the from field.

3. tap block this contact and tap it again in the confirmation window that appears.

Blocking your contact will prevent alerts from appearing when they send you a new email, but the emails will still come through. To avoid this and automatically move them to the trash, do the following:

1. open your iphone’s settings app.

2. scroll down until you see the mail application option and tap it.

3. tap blocked sender options.

4. select move to trash.

Quick tip: To unblock a contact, instead of step 3 above, tap blocked and tap edit and then delete the contact. you want to unblock or swipe left on the contact to unblock it.

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