How to add multiple contacts in gmail from excel spreadsheets

I use a group in Gmail to spam my friends with an occasional email when I travel on business.

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Some of my contacts have multiple live email addresses, which I would like in the list.

The latest version of Gmail doesn”t allow you to edit these anymore. So I can”t remove one address for a contact without removing the contact completely and re-adding the ones that I actually want.

Am I missing something? The older API (luckily still available) allows this.

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From contacts list, click on the contact you want to manage. At the top are tabs with the groups the contact is associated with. If this contact has multiple addresses, there will be a menuassociated with the group. Pull down the menu (little arrow) and choose which addresses shouldbe used for the group.It seems that this method is working with the old version of the contacts list. If you don”t see the set of group tabs at the top of the contact page, go to the menu on the left side and look for the option that says Leave the contacts preview. Clicking that should take you to a version of the list that allows you to edit the group contact addresses as I explained.


The latest version of Gmail certainly allows you to remove contact”s email address. Just click edit on the contact, and click remove to the right of the email address.All messages bound for groups hit the primary-email of each recipient, (the first in the contact listing). There is no way that I know of to change this without clearing all the email addresses of the contact.Unfortunately Gmail has always had pretty poor contact functionality. The system is great, the rolodex is great, but the integration with the system has always been lagging demand. We just got the ability to map dates onto a Google Calendar. Give them another 4-5 years.

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