How to access your old hotmail account

HOTMAIL is now known as Outlook, Microsoft”s new-look gmail platkhung. Some of us have several email, making it potentially tricky to manage your messages. Here is all you need lớn know about old Hotmail

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Hotmail login: Many manage their lives with multiple email platforms (Image: Getty)

Hotmail login: It can be difficult remembering multiple tài khoản passwords (Image: Getty)

Rethành viên, Hotmail users who have sầu disabled two-step verification will not be able to lớn use the form.

Turning on two-step verification stops anyone from signing in without two forms of identification, no matter how much information they know about your

You will need a working tin nhắn tài khoản that you can access so Microsoft can skết thúc you information about your request.

Users can use any active sầu gmail, even one belonging lớn a friend or relative sầu.

Alternatively, those who bởi not have sầu another gmail trương mục that you can access, can create a temporary tài khoản for không tính tiền by selecting Create One at the Microsoft sign-in page.

Hotmail login: Microsoft’s acfurnituremaisak.comunt Refurnituremaisak.comvery Form can help access old gmail acfurnituremaisak.comunts (Image: Getty)

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How khổng lồ fill out a Hotmail Form:

Begin the process by visiting tài khoả và enter the email address, phone number, or username for the tài khoản you are trying lớn access.

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Next, provide an tin nhắn address that Microsoft can use to liên hệ you your request.

You will then new asked lớn type in the characters you see on the screen khổng lồ prove you”re not a robot.

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A screen will pop up asking you to verify the email address. Cheông chồng that tin nhắn for a message from us with the security, enter that, then select Verify.

Select Submit when you are finished, & Microsoft should respond within 24 hours.

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Hotmail login: The gmail platform”s successor Outlook offers ways lớn access last logins (Image: Getty)

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How to lớn kiểm tra last login information in Outlook?

Your Outlook gmail tài khoản has a Recent Activity page displaying relevant activity.

The page lists the date, time & geographic location of each sign in and sign in attempt.

Additionally, it also shows specific data – such as the IPhường address và the operating system of the device that is being used khổng lồ sign in lớn your trương mục – helping you determine whether someone is accessing your emails without your permission.

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The Recent Activity page is accessible through Outlook”s Settings thực đơn.

And simply select View More Activity text link to view more activity entries.

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