Does Tinder Show Your Exact Location? Does Location Update Automatically? ?

Tinder uses GPS in order to display your location to other users. In order to display users that are in your radius, Tinder will use your exact location when you’re using the app. However, does the location on Tinder update automatically?

Tinder’s location updates automatically as soon as the mobile app is open. Once the app is open, it will request the GPS coordinates from your phone in order to provide a location for Tinder.

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In this article, we’re going to show you how your location updates.

Tinder Location Feature

Tinder’s main feature is it’s able to show you single users that are within a diameter radius of your current location. This feature alone is an innovation in how people are meeting other single users around them.

Previously, you needed to be in the same bar or restaurant to meet new people. Now you’re able to extend the location 100+ miles in order to find your perfect match.

Tinder uses your location to pinpoint where other users are around you, as well as show your profile to nearby users.


If you deny Tinder access to your location, you will not be able to use Tinder. Your profile will not be shown to other users and there will be no reason to actually use Tinder.

Tinder needs your location in order to show your profile to other users and show you profiles that are in your proximity. Without the actual location from your phone, the dating app will be useless.

How To Turn On Location On Tinder

Once you log on to Tinder, one of the first screens you’ll see a pop-up that asks you to use your location. On iOS, there will be three options available to you.

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The first option is to always allow Tinder to your location. This means that whenever you open the Tinder app, it will immediately grab your location coordinates. Whenever your physical location is, it will show you, users, in your area (that you’ve designated) and it will show your profile to other users in the area.

The second option is to only allow Tinder to use your location only once. Only once means that Tinder will ask you every time you open the app if you want them to get the GPS coordinates for a location. If you’re concerned about Tinder always tracking your location, this is your best bet.

Only once will allow you to accept or deny the GPS location every time that you open the Tinder app.

If you want to use the app without being noticed, you can simply hit deny and it will not allow for your location to be seen.

The final option is to simply deny the app from using your location. Again, in order to use Tinder to it’s fullest, you’ll need to allow for the GPS to use coordinates to find your location.

Can You Turn Off Location On Tinder?

Tinder allows the user to turn off the location on both iOS and Android.

In order to turn off the location on iOS, you’ll need to navigate to your settings, scroll down until you see the Tinder app, select location, and simply select “never”.

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If you choose never, you’ll need to go back into these settings and enable location in order to use the app again. If you’re that concerned about your location, we recommend selecting “only once” or “ask me text time” in order to agree on a case by case basis.

Can I Hide My Location On Tinder

You can hide your location on Tinder by purchasing Tinder’s premium features.

Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold will give you the option to hide your distance so nobody can see where you’re from. This will not hide your profile, but it will simply hide your location so no one can see how far away you are from them.


The other option is to simply not allow Tinder to access your location. Go into the settings and take back the permissions from Tinder to use your location.

We caution you, however, in order to use Tinder properly, you’ll need to enable the GPS to see other matches. Consistently switching back and forth between allowing and denying Tinder to use your location could be tricky.

If you happen to forget that you have Tinder location-enabled, and you open it in a spot where you don’t want to be seen, it can be a recipe for disaster.

We recommend if you’re going to use Tinder as a single user, own that you’re on Tinder and use it to the fullest. If you try to sneak around the platform trying to switch the location on and off, there’s a chance you may get seen.

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Change Your Location On Tinder

The final way to completely change your location is to purchase Tinder Passport. We completely breakdown what Tinder Passport is here, but essentially it’s a way to change your location to be anywhere in the world.

If you’re traveling to another country or state, and you want to swipe on matches before actually going to that place, Tinder will put your location in that area you select.


Tinder Passport is a way to change your location to a digital location, not a physical location. If you turn off you Tinder Passport, it will revert back to your physical location and show where you’re currently located.


Tinder uses your location in order to display users that are in your proximity as well as show your profile to other nearby users.

Disabling Tinder’s location on mobile requires users to go into their settings and remove Tinder’s access. Each phone requires permissions in order for Tinder to use the location.

We recommend enabling Tinder to use your location only once, that way if you need to deny the access, you’ll be prompted each time you open the app.

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Location is a major part of using Tinder. You won’t get the same experience using Tinder without the location. If you’re trying to hide your location, we recommend using other apps like Bumble or Hinge that have a little bit better reputation.

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