Guide to creating a vcard in gmail

This is related to Exporting a single Google contact as a vCard in that it would remove a step from the most common case use of that question.

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Lets say I have two friends, Alice and Bob. Lets say Alice would like Bobs email address. I would like to be able to go into Google contacts, find Bobs contact info, and be able to email it to Alice. Does Gmail/Google contacts allow you to do this?



Not easily. You can only export all your contacts or those in a particular group. So you”d need to put the person you want to export into a group by themselves to export their data.

Rather an oversight, I think. You”ll probably need to resort to a third-party tool, if one exists.

For what it”s worth, this is really easy with Android.

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Updated: You can export a selected contact to an individual VCard, then attach in an email.

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You can actually export a single contact to a csv file, attach the downloaded file to the email (easy with Google Chrome), and send the email with attachment to the recipient. The only thing is they have to download the attachment and import it from Google Contacts. Google Contacts does a good job of importing, but you still have to dig through your files and find the downloads folder and the file. You”d think there would be an easier way, but it IS possible to send a single contact.


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