How To Print Gmail Emails When Gmail Won’T Print From Gmail

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Some Gmail users have stated on Google forums that they can”t print emails when they select the Print option within Gmail.If you encountered the same problem, these are a few potential fixes and workarounds for printing them in this guide.


7. Save the Email as a PDF

First, open the Gmail email you need to print in Chrome.Click the Change button to open print destinations.Select Save as PDF and press the Save button.Select a folder to save your email to and click Save.Now open the folder you saved the email to.Then you can select to print the email with your PDF software’s print option.

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8. Print emails from an email client software

Press the Settings button in Gmail and click on Settings.Select the Enable IMAP radio button on that tab.Press the Save Changes button.Open the software’s installer to add Thunderbird to Windows.Click Tools > Account Settings to open the Account Settings window.Select Add Mail Account from the Account Actions drop-down menu.Enter the required Gmail account details in the Mail Account Setup window.Thunderbird might automatically detect the IMAP account settings, but if not press the Manual Setup button to enter the settings.Press the Done button to confirm the connection settings.Thunderbird will then verify your settings.Thereafter, you can open Gmail emails in Thunderbird by clicking Inbox.Print a Gmail email by clicking File > Print in Thunderbird.Alternatively, you can press the Ctrl + P hotkey.

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Those are a few resolutions that might get your Gmail emails printed. If you can’t print the Gmail emails from Edge, you can also check out this article that provides further tips for fixing Edge printing.

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