Gmail: sending large files using google drive

Step 1:So why is my email being rejected by the server If you have done the email account configuration manually, some errors might occur in the configuration steps while filling the fields.

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Step 2:Refer to the content below to know how to resolve the ‘email rejected by the server’ problem.

Removing Problematic Email Account From Iphone

Try to delete the configured email account and then follow the step-by-step instructions below to add the email account.

Step 1:On your iPhone, navigate to Settings -> Passwords & Accounts or Accounts & Passwords, and tap the Accounts option.Step 2:Using these why is my email being rejected by the server solutions, Touch the email account that has not been configured correctly.Step 3:Move to the Delete Account section and then tap the Delete from My iPhone option. This will remove the email account that you have configured earlier.

Reconfiguring Email Account

Step 1:Tap the Settings application’s icon and then touch Password & accounts Accounts Accounts Add Account to display the Add Account screen.Step 2:After selecting your account type, type the email address in the Email field and fill the Password field with the correct information.Step 3:On the Account screen, tap the SMTP option.Step 4:Navigate to the Primary Server section and then turn on the SMTP Server feature.Step 5:Fill the Username and Password fields in the Outgoing Mail Server section.Step 6:Make sure to turn on the Use SSL feature. Tap the Done options to save the changes you have made till now.Step 7:Do not forget to enter the user ID and password in the appropriate fields in the Incoming Mail Server section also.

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Why Server Rejected Sender”s Email Address

Proceed with the troubleshooting steps given below to resolve the ‘server rejecting the sender’s email address’ problem in Windows mail

Step 1:Open the Windows 10 Mail application.Step 2:Right-click the email address of the account and then click Properties.

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Step 3:Move to the Servers tab and then check the username field to solve why server rejected sender”s email address.Step 4:Click Log On My Server requires authentication.Step 5:After performing the why is my email being rejected by the server steps mentioned above, click the Apply button followed by the OK button.Step 6:Delete any unsent messages in the Outbox folder.Step 7:Compose a new message and select the Send button to send an email to ensure why server rejected sender”s email address is solved.Step 8:Fill the To field with the same email address that you have entered in the From field to check whether the sender’s email address is being rejected by the server.

Why Is My Outgoing Email Rejected By Server

The email gets rejected by the server if the mail server configuration settings are not correct. Proceed with the steps provided below to resolve why is my outgoing email rejected by server issue.

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Step 1:Check the outgoing mail server settings.Step 2:On your iPhone, find the Settings application and tap it.Step 3:Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendar option.Step 4:After selecting your email account, touch the Account option to solve why is my outgoing email rejected by server.

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Step 5:Move to the Outgoing Mail Server section and then touch the SMTP option followed by the Primary Server option.Step 6:To avoid why is my email being rejected by the server once again, Make sure to fill the Username and Password fields with the correct details.



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