How To Fix The Ios Gmail App Error, Gmail Oops Something Went Wrong

Recently my Gmail app on iOS updated and all of a sudden I started getting the “Oh no, something went wrong” error messages telling me that “Recent changes may not have been saved.” This happened when I tried to open emails that have already been deleted in Gmail but still showed up in the app. It also happened when I tried to delete those same emails within the app. My inbox seemed to be half-synced with some emails working and opening correctly and others giving me this error.

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I couldn”t find a solution that addressed this particular error and let it go for a few days until it got to me. Eventually I decided to see if I could find a way to fix this. Turned out there was!In the Gmail app, tap the triple bar/burger button in the top left. Then tap the account name. The Manage accounts option will become visible. Tap that next.


On the next screen, tap the slider next to the account name into the Off position and tap Done. Then tap Sign In and tap the slider back to the On position.

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