Gmail Account No Receiving Emails: What To Do? (2022 Fixes)

If you are having difficulty sending or receiving email via gmail, you should follow these step-by-step troubleshooting strategies to fix the problem.

why i am facing problem that gmail account not receiving emails?

several users complain that their gmail is not working properly & face problems receiving emails, mainly. If you also have the same problem, this could be due to the following reasons:

  • Use the wrong credentials.
  • connectivity problems.
  • misconfigured email filters.
  • insufficient gmail storage.
  • or maybe server outages.

Whatever the reason, we have listed some possible solutions to help you resolve the gmail account not receiving email issue.

what to do?

here are some fruitful solutions that may help you solve the problem.

method 1: check if gmail is down

There may be a chance that google’s servers will experience outages (which is a fairly common scenario these days). therefore, the gmail services must also be temporarily down. To check if the servers are down, go to the downdetector website and enter the keyword: gmail!

press the enter button and click on gmail to see if the service is experiencing an outage. if that’s the case, wait for google to resolve the issue.

Gmail Account Not Receiving Emails

method 2: try using a different web browser

Try opening your gmail account with another browser and see if the problem persists. there are a variety of lightweight and private browsers available on the market. but we strongly recommend using brave browser.

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has a built-in ad blocker and is completely focused on privacy. Unlike the Google Chrome browser, it does not share your data or track your online activities. It is worth mentioning that Brave offers a much safer environment than other competitive options in the category; it is the fastest and even pays you to surf the web. wondering how? See the full story here!

Try Using Different Web Browser

method 3- check & free your gmail storage

well, if you can no longer receive emails in your gmail account, you probably ran out of free spaceqouota . so please try to check your storage and if it is full you should upgrade your storage plan as soon as possible.

note: the maximum free capacity is 15 gb (for gmail, google drive and google photos). you may need to refer to google’s new storage policy update for (2021-2023)!

  • start your gmail account.
  • select the set of emails you no longer need and hit the delete button.
  • you can delete many emails from the spam section.
  • although gmail will start deleting emails that are stored in the trash for more than 30 days.
  • but for now, if you are faced with a “spam account gmail not receiving emails”, you should consider emptying your trash as well to get more storage space.

Check & Free Up Your Gmail Storage

you might want to read this: how to keep your google drive free of duplicates?

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method 4: clear email filters

Improperly configured email filters can also block recipients from receiving emails. so please check your gmail settings and remove any unnecessary filters.

  • start gmail account.
  • go to settings by clicking the “gear” icon in the upper right corner > see all settings.
  • Go to the filters and blocked addresses tab.
  • select all the filters listed in that tab and click the delete button next to each filter.

Clear Email Filters

this would help you to solve the problem of redirecting emails to alternative folders like all mail. Hopefully this successfully fixes the ‘gmail account not receiving emails’ problem easily!

method 5: disable email forwarding

if you have enabled email forwarding option before, you need to disable it to fix gmail not receiving emails issue.

  • login gmail account.
  • go to settings by clicking the “gear” icon in the upper right corner > see all settings.
  • go to the forwarding tab and pop/imap.

Disable Email Forwarding

  • just click the disable forwarding option.
  • save changes successfully!

now check if your problem with gmail is solved or not. If you still haven’t had any luck, don’t worry, here’s something else you can do to fix the problem!

method 5: disable the firewall

Firewalls can often block emails from gmail as well. therefore, try disabling security settings for a while to identify if it’s not the main culprit.

  • go to start menu.
  • navigate to settings.
  • click update & security > windows security & head over to the firewall & network protection.
  • from windows security settings, select network profile.
  • under the microsoft defender heading, turn off the firewall feature.
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Turn Off Firewall

note: disabling the firewall is not a great idea as it can open the door to threats and harmful content. we suggest using third party antivirus solutions to enjoy 360 degree protection.

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