How to fix gmail outgoing emails marked as queued

on my app android tin nhắn app,i tried to lớn sent 2 new emails with attachments. And i saw the following error “Queued in Outbox” what does queued in outbox mean và how can i solve this ?

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Queued email in outbox in Gmail tiện ích means, the email you are trying lớn send stuông chồng in the outbox. We can manually make queued emails sover successfully. Usually without doing anything queued emails on email phầm mềm gets delivered later.

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Where to lớn find Outbox emails : xuất hiện your Gmail tiện ích & cliông xã on 3 horizontal lines at top left. After that scroll down you will see outbox option. Observe sầu the below image.


I will explain with a example what is queued email in tin nhắn :

When you attach something to your tin nhắn, a image or a Clip, then due to lớn a bad network connection or other issues the composed gmail may take some time to lớn process. So until it gets successfully sent lớn other person, the gmail stays in Outbox in Queue.

The first Queued email gets first priority and once it is processed and sent, the tin nhắn which is next in queue gets sent.

If you want khổng lồ fix queued tin nhắn issue with manual trouble shooting steps, follow these simple instructions on how to fix queued tin nhắn error on Gmail.

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nora khan

I will simplify the meaning of queued in tin nhắn. Queued means waiting for something in a line, so the mail you tried to lớn sent, is waiting lớn skết thúc to the other person. Usually these queued emails on email will stay in outbox.

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How to lớn sover these Queued emails if they are stuck in outbox, just open outbox và refresh once ( just drag the phone screen from top to lớn bottom once). The queued emails will get refreshed và sent. I hope you got the meaning of queued emails on email.

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Queued meaning in email is the emails we are trying lớn send has a issue (maybe with attachment which is large in size). So they are in queue và waiting for processing, once it is processed (if attachments uploaded successfully ). It will leave sầu the queue và will be sent. This is what means queued in gmail.

If tin nhắn is staying in outbox for long, in order to lớn fix queued issue in gmail, just refresh it once from scrolling top to lớn bottom. Or just delete that queued email và try lớn compose và new email.

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Queued means Gmail is unable to lớn send the mail to lớn the sender immediately.

You can kiểm tra the queued mails in the outbox thực đơn.

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In the outbox, you can see the danh mục of queued mails. To sover the queued mail you just need to lớn refresh the các mục.

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Thanks for the info, I thought the meaning of queued in Gmail was a error. But its just a delay of emails getting skết thúc. And some of my emails with attachment got queued in Outbox. I refreshed as you said, once those are uploaded, my emails were sent. Thanks once again, queued problem was fixed.

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I Faced this queued error, when i tried lớn send tin nhắn with attachment on email phầm mềm. It showed me queued in outbox. I searched as what does queued mean in email means.

The best thing is I solved queued issue by myself, just open your apk sản phẩm điện thoại settings và cliông xã on users and accounts. Here try disabling tự động sync accounts & re-enable it. Now head over khổng lồ your gmail app outbox và refresh. Your queued will get sent immediately. Yea queued tin nhắn meaning is this simple và fixing this is quite easy, just follow my above sầu step.

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So instead of searching for what is queued in gmail, Lets fix it by ourselves.

chú ý : queued in email, may occur if you have low internet connection. Try switching to wifi Network và thiết bị di động data vice versa. I hope you got queued tin nhắn meaning by now, Thanks.

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