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If you’re looking for a new esp, gmail may not be your first thought. the platform is designed primarily for individual email accounts, not for marketing purposes.

but since it’s completely free, gmail is very useful for small businesses that are ready to expand their email marketing. Check out these tips for free email marketing with gmail as your email service provider.

#1. setting up your gmail account

Free tools like gumbamail, a free chrome extension, are helpful in transforming gmail into an email marketing tool. This email marketing tool allows you to schedule and send email campaigns to your subscribers without leaving Gmail. When you install this browser extension and bee templates for gmail, you will be able to create beautifully designed bulk email campaigns within your gmail account.

#2. building your email list

build your email list using google contacts. In Google Contacts, select the addresses you want to include, then add them to a new or existing label. when you’re done, send a gmail message to each person on that list with gmass. Alternatively, you can use Google Sheets to create a Gmail Mail Merge, or use a free email marketing tool like Another Mail Merge, which pulls addresses from a Google Sheet and then tracks your email campaigns. email.

#3. don’t forget the regulations

The GDPR, or General Data Protection Regulation, has several guidelines that email marketers must follow. for example, before you send someone a promotional email, you must obtain their consent. While some ESPs have built-in features to help you comply with these regulations, Gmail does not. That means with a gmail blast, you’ll need to check that everyone on your email list has signed up and not unsubscribed. this will take some time and work, but is an essential task to complete.

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#4. send mass emails

remember, gmail has a built in sending limit that allows you to send 500 emails in a 24 hour period (this applies if you are sending to 500 recipients in one email or 500 separate emails in a day). Based on these email sending limits, Gmail is best for businesses that have a small email list. Gmail’s free email sending capabilities are a great option for small businesses just starting out.

#5. consider deliverability

If you send a mass email from your personal email address, ending in, there is a higher chance that the message will be marked as spam and never reach its recipient. Platforms like Gmail are really for personal use, not marketing. so make sure your sender address incorporates a domain name. this looks more official and increases the chances of the message reaching your recipient’s inbox.

#6. use bee templates

gmail has a big drawback like esp: its layout capabilities are non-existent. plugins or extensions are the only ways to create beautiful html emails with gmail. Luckily, with bee templates for gmail you can send professionally designed emails right into your gmail account, and it’s completely free. To configure the plugin with your gmail account, please install bee templates for gmail from the google workspace market.

After the installation process is complete, you will see the bee icon in the right sidebar of your inbox.

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Open any email in your inbox, then click the bee icon to select a template.

Once you’ve added your images and text, send the message to your email list. To learn more about this google workspace plugin, watch this video:

If you have a bee pro account, you can also connect with gmail from your bee dashboard. (click here for bee pro free trial). This will allow you to send email templates for gmail in bee editor (where you have additional editing capabilities) and then send them to your gmail account. bee has dozens of gmail email templates, many of them free, that work for a wide variety of events, holidays, and marketing purposes.

summary: email templates for gmail

gmail for email marketing is a great option for small businesses with manageable email lists. And when you combine Gmail with free email marketing tools like the plugin, your email marketing will skyrocket to a whole new level.

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