Gmail extremely slow

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Gmail is the preferred e-mail client for millions, but sometimes is loading slowly due to browser or server issues.If your Gmail is taking forever to load, consider using an alternative email client.When Gmail is loading really slow in Chrome you can try to use another browser.If loading your Gmail seems to be stuck, check the browser”s settings.

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The Load basic HTMLoption certainly does fix Gmail loading issues and speeds up the webmail app. However, that option also opens Gmail with a somewhat basic view as shown directly below.

So it’s not an ideal resolution, but users can at least open their emails.

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Gmail’s loading page includes the Load basic HTML option at the bottom right corner of the page tab. Thus, users can click that option when they try to sign in to Gmail.

That will open Gmail as shown just above, and users can then click a Set basic HTML as default view option.

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Those are a few resolutions and workarounds that will ensure Gmail users can still open their emails even when the web app gets stuck loading.

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Some of the resolutions might also speed up Gmail’s load times. Feel free to write us in a comment if our solutions worked for you, or there is a new one we should include.

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