How To Fix Gmail Error 102?

gmail is one of the most popular web-based email services in the world. Google always cares about providing smooth services to its customers. They have come up with various measures or solutions to make a flawless email service. Despite all these measures, the user must face various error messages from time to time while using the gmail service.

Today we are going to talk about one of those errors that occur when using the gmail service. the error message is oops… the system encountered a problem (#102). the problem is commonly known as gmail error 102. This message appears when the user tries to open gmail, delete an email, or move emails between folders.

If you have experienced such an error, this article may help you resolve it. you can also let us know if there are similar issues like this. here, we will tell you about the possible cause behind gmail error 102 and the steps to resolve this error. let’s talk.

possible reason behind the error message “oops… the system encountered a problem (#102)”.

There is no single reason behind this problem. There can be several causes that can result in such a message. Some of the causes behind this error message are listed below:

Unsupported Browser: A browser is a place through which you can access the gmail service. Various technical changes occur along with time as well as the change in the gmail service. If you are using an older version browser or an unsupported browser, you are more likely to get this error message.

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unstable internet connection

a stable internet connection is the most important thing to access the gmail service. If you are using the internet with a weak connection, it may create gmail error 102. So make sure you are using the high speed connection.

Default caches and cookies in your browserCache and cookies help us make our internet browsing experience more enjoyable. sometimes corrupted cookies can also cause this kind of error.

random add-ons or extensions in a browser

It is not always true that internet extensions and plug-ins are perfect. sometimes extensions can crash and can create inconvenience in using services like gmail. This malfunctioning piece of software can disrupt the proper functioning of the browser, which is why we can get gmail error 102.

how to get rid of the error “oops…the system encountered a problem?

As we have already discussed, there are no exact causes for such errors to occur. Also, there is no specific solution for this error. Here are some of the steps that you need to follow when you are facing such kind of error messages while using gmail service.

Speed ​​up your internet connection: The first thing that you should always do while facing gmail error 102, you need to make sure that there is a high speed and stable internet connection.

disable browser plugins and extensions: disable installed plugins and browser extension. sometimes these extensions can also cause problems. once you disable the extension, try to reload the page.

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Gmail Error 102

Update Your Internet Browser: Always make sure that you are using the latest version of your Internet Browser. And also make sure that your browser is fully compatible with the Gmail. If you are using Google Chrome, follow these steps to update your internet browser.

  1. first open your browser.
  2. click settings.
  3. click about chrome.
  4. check if there are any updates available.

Clear cache and cookies: The process for clearing cache and cookies varies by browser. consult the user manual of the browser and continue with the steps to delete the cache and cookies.

Try changing the browser: Make sure to change the browser if the above didn’t work. see if the error continues or not.

repair corrupt registry: the registry can be repaired using various tools. one can find these repair tools online. download the software and recover the damaged registry. Make sure you handle the registry carefully, otherwise you may cause permanent damage to windows.

Switch to the basic html version of gmail – If you can’t fix the problem with the above methods, you can switch to the basic html version of gmail. When using Basic Gmail, you have to commit to some of Gmail’s key features and functions.

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