How to manage contacts in Gmail for business

gmail contacts now have an improved design that addresses the concept of material just like the entire google ecosystem. Let’s face the fact that, whether you like the contact manager or not, it is much more pleasant to work with beautiful icons and a clearer interface. this tool is a lifesaver for those who use gmail on a daily basis.

1. set up gmail for business

Before you can manage your contacts in Gmail, you’ll need to set up Gmail for Business so you can use a business email address. this can be done in 3 simple steps.

choose an email address format

You should choose your professional email address carefully. the format of your email addresses should be consistent throughout your company. the most common formats are,, and which one you should choose depends on your company. using only the first name is more informal, while choosing this first and last name creates a formal atmosphere.

verify your domain name

Your domain name is the url of your website. If you already have a domain and did not register it through Google, you will need to prove that you own the domain. To do this, navigate to your domain registrar and enter the MX records provided by G Suite. press save and you will have successfully set up your g suite account. You will receive an email when the inbox is ready to go, which takes between 2 and 48 hours.

choose your plan

Although you have already set up your plan, the free trial only lasts for 2 weeks. you will need to upgrade to a paid option to keep your account active. google charges per user, with the least expensive plan costing $5 per user. if you need more than 30gb of cloud storage, opt for the unlimited plan which is priced at $10 per user.

2. gmail functions for managing contacts

gmail contact management allows you to track, merge, edit, create and review your contacts in the contact list. it just keeps your contacts in one place and you can manage them all at once. these are the most important features.

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if you have multiple inboxes with other domain providers, such as yahoo, outlook, hotmail and others, you can use a csv import feature to merge a list of contacts into your gmail account . There might be a problem importing contacts when you try to import more than 3,000 of them at once. To avoid this, split your contacts into several batches and create some csv files.


Good news for those who accidentally delete their contacts. you are allowed to restore those within the last 30 days. you can also specify what time period to go back to and undo changes.

export contacts

If you want to migrate some contacts from one account to another (or even to another system), you can use a csv export function. make sure you have downloaded the csv file with the contacts, then import it to another account. the file will also serve as an additional data backup.

merge duplicates

In case you have similar contacts of the same person, google allows you to merge them into one, without the need to go one by one and delete them. the system itself shows you the copies and suggests merging them.

3. tools and applications for managing gmail contacts

here we will focus on how to avoid your frustration with managing contacts. for example, why the hell would I have the best contacts when I last talked to those recipients 2 years ago? the point is that they will appear for the amount of correspondence not based on the last date of contact. So if you used to talk to your ex via email for a few years, the previous partner will be a “nice” reminder at the top of your list. the best option, in that case, is to delete the contact (although you can’t do it with all of them).

let’s see some applications that could help you:

full contact

is an application that combines your contacts from both your gmail contacts and social networks. finds and merges duplicates on its own so you don’t have to wonder if there are any out there. By adding your notes, photos, social profiles, your latest posts, you’ll always know who you’re talking to.

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always contact

is smart software that recognizes the contact’s signature information and saves the contact in your address book. In addition, it updates the information without interference.


is another program that takes all the fuss out of organizing your contacts. you can have unlimited address books to store data, import/export your contacts, sync with all the devices and platforms you own and there is no way you will notice duplicates while using this app.

4. how to organize your contact practices

While some users are trying out every possible contact management tool, the rest are staying true to Google Contacts because it is the core of Gmail’s native contact management software. it’s synced across different devices and has some nice integration options. you keep the data of all the people you chat with in one place.

as noted from the beginning, google has redesigned your contacts and some of you may still be using the old version. therefore, you need to move to the new version, and to do so simply click on the “try contact preview” option and that’s it.

merge duplicates

The advantages of the new version allow you to relax and let google find the duplicates of all your contacts and merge them, so you no longer have to go through your contact list and do everything manually.

remove garbage

Make spring cleaning off your list. As monotonous as it may seem, sometimes you have to clean up and get rid of email addresses that you had added to your contacts years ago. it’s like keeping your environment in order and not overloading it since you can’t exceed the limit of 25,000 contacts. so go through your list and send some of the addresses to the trash.

google more horror

have you ever benefited from this network as it is? I doubt anyone does. Also, stack your contacts and if you already have the person’s details entered, the find duplicates option will not consider google plus followers as copies. in this case, check o’neill offers to exclude google plus followers from your list.

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work with your contacts

Now is the time to dedicate yourself to every contact you have. It takes a lot of time, although in the end you will be very proud when all the information of the people is stored in your records. you can even add the transcription on how to pronounce a person’s name. how crazy but thoughtful is that?

create groups

Why not chunk all your contacts into certain groups that you text? this will save you time when composing an email to certain people by not adding recipients one by one, but as a whole group.

export contacts

Just to make sure you never lose your contacts: make a backup by saving them to a csv file. to do so, click the “plus” button and choose the “export” option. you can then download the file to your computer and store it there or somewhere in the cloud.

5. how can you use gmail nethunt crm for contact management?

After all the efforts to try to organize their contacts in gmail, people come to the conclusion to start using external gmail application for contact management.

nethunt crm can certainly help you manage contacts in gmail. The first thing to note here is that nethunt is a gmail crm that lives inside your inbox. when you take nethunt, you get both a crm system and the software that works with your contacts to keep them organized.

The email linking feature will allow you to keep track of all conversations made and the colored labels on incoming emails will give you a quick overview of the person texting you, so you can prioritize your response rate.

Turn your contacts into records, and when you open an email from a person in your contacts, you’ll get a record snippet with the information right next to the email body. convenient, right? no more searching through email threads scattered all over your inbox. nethunt stores everything you need in a single registry since it was designed as a crm for gmail.

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