Gmail Username Availability Checker [Instant Checking]

Google recently announced that Gmail has over 1.8 billion monthly active users, so the username you’re looking for is most likely already in use. At the same time, it’s not easy to find a unique username, especially when you plan to use it long-term.

no one wants an email address that looks like

Don’t despair completely. what you need is a username that is unique enough to represent you and your company perfectly.

To check whether your future gmail username is available for registration or not, we have created a gmail username availability check tool.

It will

instantly identify whether the email address is available for registration or not in almost all email service providers, such as gmail, yahoo, outlook, zoho mail, aol mail, hotmail, etc.

also works perfectly for gsuite and custom domain based email hosting service.

then if you want to check gmail username availability, you will love this tool.

gmail username availability checker

istaunch gmail username availability checker is a free online tool that allows you to check whether an email address is available for registration or not. all you have to do is type the email address in the box and tap the availability check button. then you will see if a gmail username is available or not.

try the updated tool: gmail username availability checker (super fast check)

gmail username must be at least 6 characters and no more than 30 characters. it can only consist of letters, numbers or symbols. additionally, their usernames may begin or end with non-alphanumeric characters, except periods (.).

how to check gmail username availability

  • Open the gmail username availability checker via istaunch on your android or iphone device.
  • Enter the email address in the box provided.
  • touch check availability and it will show whether the gmail username is available to register or not.

alternative way to check gmail username availability

  • Go to gmail from the browser of your android or iphone device.
  • Tap the blue button create an account located in the upper right corner.
  • Type your desired username in the box provided. if it is available, it does not show any message.
  • but if a username is not available, it will display a message, “that username is in use”. try another.”
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why is gmail username important?

but first, answer us this: what is a gmail username? many users believe that the name a user adds for their account (first and last name) becomes their username, which is not true.

for example, if your name is mark rowan and you are creating a gmail account for yourself, your username will be here, “rowan.mark01” would be your username. in other words, anything before the “@” in your email address is your username.

Now, let’s get back to talking about why this username is important. To begin with, we will tell you what an email address is used for. Initially, people only used their email addresses when sending and receiving mail. however, now that google has integrated most of our online activities and we can sign in to any website or platform using our email address, its use has diversified to a much wider reach.

and the importance of your gmail username is this: this username represents who you are without having to attach your name next to it. for example, if someone asks you to mail something to, it will automatically assume your name is mark rowan, right?

In other words, a person’s gmail username is directly related to their identity and helps others get an idea of ​​what they do or who they are. This is why most of the users want to find the perfect username for their gmail account. however, this quest is becoming increasingly difficult as many people around the world use the same name.

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For example, the ideal username for mark rowan would be, but since that username would no longer be available, he had to settle for Why it happened? because there might be another mark rowan somewhere else who would have taken this username before him. and since the first rule for choosing a username is that it must be unique, our rowan brand had no choice.

things to consider before choosing gmail username

Now that we’ve compiled a basic idea of ​​what a gmail username is and why it’s important, we can go ahead and discuss the things you need to consider before choosing a gmail username for yourself.

we understand that finding the perfect username for your gmail account is not easy for everyone, especially those who have very common names like dan, hazel, monica, etc.

To make this time-consuming task easier for you, we’re here to give you some tips to keep in mind when looking for a perfect gmail username.

1. name-surname combination: the classic go to

We know that the combination of first name and last name is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to creating a unique gmail username. We also know that most of the time, the classic combination of our names, for example,, will not be available for us to take.

but whoever said there’s only one format you can use for the combination of first and last name clearly didn’t think it through. If you’re Mark Rowan and your desired Gmail username is already in use, there’s no reason you can’t go with,, or in fact, if you have a middle name or even a nickname, including it could be a great idea for a unique gmail username.

for example, is more likely to be available to mark rowan than

2. employing the use of special characters

once you’ve gotten past the first and last name combination and still can’t find a suitable username for you, you can move on to special characters. but what are these special characters? these are symbols (other than letters) that we use while writing, often to add punctuation.

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some examples of special characters that can be used in your gmail username are period, underscore, apostrophe, hyphen, comma, and square brackets. while a large user population tends to stick to dot and underline to appear less out of place, you can also use others according to your needs. eg is not a bad idea, is it?

3. Is your gmail username easy to pronounce?

If you were given the following two email addresses to pronounce, which would be easier for you?


We’re sure most of you would choose the former over the latter, and here’s why: The former is shorter and easier to read. Now, before you start wondering why easy-to-pronounce usernames are better, we’ll tell you exactly why: It’s because there are plenty of cases where you need to tell someone your gmail address verbally.

If it’s hard to pronounce, you may have to spell it for the next person, which is time consuming and can also be a bit humiliating for you. Plus, usernames that are easier to read are also easier to remember. this means that if you have a simple username, people won’t have to ask you over and over again.


I hope now you can easily check the availability of gmail usernames with the help of istaunch tool’s gmail username availability checker. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment below.

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