# Do You Need A Google Account To Join A Meeting, What You Need To Know

Switching back and forth between email accounts is painful, and takes alot of time. Do you agree it would be better to manage all your email accounts under one single Gmail? If yes, that”s what i’ll show you in this video. You will see how to merge Gmail accounts and manage all your incoming and outgoing emails under one single gmail account.

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yahoo.com, the concept is the same. We want to be able to manage multiple mailboxes without having to switch from one mailbox to another. So what I want is that when any email is sent to my personal email address (personal

Gmail account join

POP Fetcher is a protocol which fetches emails from one mailbox to another. Go for this option if you need to fetch your old emails as well the new ones.
Under Email Forwarding you define a rule that sends a copy of every email from one mailbox to another. Go for this if you”re only concerned about emails from now onward.


Before we configure POP from the primary email, we have to make sure that POP is enabled in our other mailbox.
To enable POP, go to “Settings”, then switch to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” then click on “Enable POP for all mail”.
You can also define what should happen when emails are fetched from this mailbox. I recommend keeping a copy.
In case you don”t see “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab, that means it”s disabled. Request your Google Apps administrator to enable it for you.

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Now that we”re done with configuring POP in our other email, we can now add a POP account to our primary mailbox. So, to add a POP account, click on icon and choose “Settings”. Switch to “Accounts and Import” tab. Then click on “Add POP3 account you own”.

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