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In a hurry? The best geofencing app in 2022, according to our independent tests, is Geofinder!

As your children enter their teens, it’s easy to worry about their whereabouts.

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yes, you want to give them a little more freedom and show them that you can trust them, but you also worry about circumstances that are out of their control.

As a parent, your child’s well-being and safety is your number one concern, and if this is something you think about frequently, you may feel like you’ll never be able to relax without knowing exactly where they are.

Well, the good news is that now you can, thanks to a relatively new technology called geofencing.

A geofencing app can help you keep tabs on where your kids are at all times so you can rest easy and go about your day without wondering if something has happened to them.

Let’s review what we think are the best geofencing apps for iPhone and Android in 2022, so you can really feel like you’re putting your kids’ safety and well-being first.

best geofencing apps in 2022

Here’s a quick look at this year’s best geofencing apps.

  1. geofinder– 🏆 winner!
  2. umobix
  3. eyezy
  4. mspy
  5. kidsguard pro
  6. egigeozone geofence
  7. kaspersky safe kids
  8. spyzie
  9. famisafe
  10. bit guardian
  11. geographic alert

1. geosearch


If you’re wanting to capitalize on one of the best geofencing apps in the industry, then you definitely need to make the most of GEOfinder.

geofinder is a super solid mobile phone tracker that can help you determine the precise location of any phone number, regardless of the mobile network it is connected to.

This means you can track a mobile number in just a few minutes, and they can help you do it with any phone model, be it android or ios.

The best part is that you don’t need to install anything to take full advantage of this software, and it’s completely anonymous so you don’t have to worry about being identified.

If you want to be able to create successful geofences, so you know where your kids are at all times, then this is definitely the type of geofencing app you want to make the most of.

They have great customer support and also make it really easy to get started with all of their features.

2. umobix

umobix is another excellent geofencing application that you can take advantage of if you want to protect your children and know where they are at all times.

One of the things we love about this geofencing app is that it can help you find out where your child is without any tracking software, and you can find your child’s exact location with just one sms.

👉 get umobix for free

This means you can locate your child with just one click of your phone and you can detect your child’s location remotely, no matter where you are.

They say that when it comes to tracking your kids, it only takes 3 easy steps: sign up, install and configure, and monitor.

They even have a demo, so you can see how their app works before you decide to commit to anything, as well as great customer support if anything goes wrong.

3. eye

The next app on our list that can help you keep track of someone’s phone is great if you’re looking for a way to stay on top of what your kids are doing, or even what your partner is doing.

eyezy says they have a phone tracker that you can take full advantage of to be able to follow them, and you don’t even need to be away from home to do this.

👉 get free eyezy

You can track their location and you can also take a look at their location history so you can see where they’ve been too.

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If you want to keep track of where your child is going, or where your partner has been compared to where they claim to have been, this is one of the most effective and efficient phone tracking apps in the industry.

4. more spy

mspy definitely ranks high on the list of the best geofencing apps because it can help you not only determine where your kids are at all times, but it can also help you track all their activity on their phones.

This means you can pretty much kill two birds with one stone, easily making it one of the best apps when it comes to parental control.

This can help you access messages, photos, social media, call logs and much more, so your kids can stay safe while online.

👉 get mspy for free

The best part is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to use it.

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The downside of this geofencing app is that the geofencing feature is only available in the premium edition, which will of course cost you more.

However, it’s hard to assess your child’s safety, so we personally think it will be worth it.

If you buy its additional features, you can take full advantage of a location tracking feature as well as a gps sensor, which means the app is extremely accurate.

The bottom line is that we think this is the perfect geofencing app if you want to know where your child is at all times and also want to be able to track their activity without worrying if they’re going to find out.

5. child protection pro

kidsguard pro is another really valuable geofencing app that claims to be efficient and accurate.

They work well with parents trying to stay on top of their kids’ location, and the best part is that you can do everything in stealth mode, which means your kids won’t be able to detect that the app is even installed on their device.

You can also customize the tracking time, which means if you only want to track your kids at certain times, you can do that very easily.

This is a useful feature if you want to convince your child to have the app on their mobile phone, as you can promise that it will only track their location at certain times.

They also offer a comprehensive report when it comes to geofence boundaries as well as location data, and you can have all of this delivered to your email address.

This is a great geofencing app if you want to be able to monitor your kids at specific times of the day. the only drawback is that it’s really good for android but not compatible with iphone.

6. egigeozona geofence

The next geofencing app on our list is easily one of the best when it comes to android, and one of the most attractive features it offers is high location accuracy, which means you will be able to get accurate whereabouts data. of your child every time.

also helps you determine your child’s location and has trigger actions that can be sent via notification when they leave or enter a specific geofence.

This is done by sensors on the tablet or mobile phone. Not only will this app notify you of your child’s location, it also has the ability to close the garage door or turn off the lights with a device.

You can even set up more than one geofence zone and you can give each one a name so you can easily remember them.

This is a good option if you have more than one child you want to keep track of, or if your child goes to multiple places in a single day.

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The biggest advantage of this geofencing app is that it’s great for people who have android devices, but if you have an iphone, you won’t be able to use it.

7. kaspersky safe kids

The next geofencing app on our list is a well-known android app that has over 1,000 positive reviews and an overall rating of 4.5 stars.

is popular because it can help you not only track your child’s location, but can also block offensive content, including websites or apps.

What’s really unique about this geolocation app is that you can also see the battery percentage on your child’s device.

This is useful so that if your mobile phone battery dies, you know you need to find another way to contact them.

It’s clear that the people behind this geofencing app designed it with the intention of helping users keep their kids safe.

It’s also free to use for iphone and android, but if you want to take full advantage of its expanded set of features, you’ll have to pay for this.

8. spy

spyzie is another amazing geofencing app that is easy to navigate and very easy to use.

is a simple but effective parental control app that can help you protect your kids from cyber bullying, because it can also check your web browser on your device.

When it comes to a geofencing app, it’s super reliable and can tell you when your child has left or entered a virtual fence that you created for them. You can also track any contact, text message and GPS location.

The application includes anonymity features, which means that your children will not suspect your virtual presence.

You can use this geofencing app on both iPhone and Android, but please note that the features are limited when it comes to iOS devices.

the premium edition has some extra features you can take full advantage of, including data exports, alerts, and a timeline.

This will only set you back an extra $10 a month, which we think is pretty affordable.

9. family safety

famisafe is a great option if you want to take full advantage of conventional parental control features, including the ability to get daily activity reports of your child’s screen time as well as the apps they use.

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Like most typical geofencing apps, you can easily track the location of your kids.

You can also create geofence zones and be notified when your child has safely arrived in the zone, such as their home zone or their school zone.

This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android, but just keep in mind that the features you get on iOS devices and Android devices are different.

You will only be able to track your gps location on android and view your browsing history.

However, this geofencing app is great for parents who want to take full advantage of a simpler app that can help them keep their kids safe, while still allowing them to have their privacy.

10. little guardian

The next geofencing app is one of those that is really good if you have older teens or those who tend to be a bit of a rebel.

something that is unique about this geofencing app is that you can set a speed limit for your kids who are driving.

This means it will alert you if your child exceeds the speed limit. there are not many geofencing apps that include this feature.

This app can easily monitor your kids while driving and make sure they don’t exceed the speed limit. this also includes telling you if they are on their way home or not.

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Apart from this, it offers accurate location tracking and creates a safer zone for your child, and will alert you when you leave or enter the safe zone.

11. geoalert

This is a slightly different geofencing app than other apps we’ve talked about, because it doesn’t offer full parental control.

is a location reminder app that is actually for you and not for your kids.

sets reminders based on your location, meaning if you’ve bumped into a certain geofence, it will tell you exactly what you should be doing at that location.

This is useful if you’re a somewhat forgetful parent who needs constant reminders about things to do, including picking up your kids from school.

This geofencing app is available for android, but not available on ios.

what can you get from a geofencing app as a parent?

There are many different things you can get from a geofencing application as a parent. The first thing is that you can set prohibited areas and receive a notification if your child entered that area.

You can also be aware of when they enter school so you can feel confident that they attend their classes.

In the event of a kidnapping, you can also track their location and have an easier time locating them, assuming they were able to keep your device with them.

Finally, it can be used by anyone with a mobile phone, be it an elderly parent, a spouse, or any member of your family who needs a few extra security measures.

how to convince your child to download a geofencing app

As we mentioned earlier with some of the geolocation apps, it’s relatively easy to check your kids’ location without them knowing, but generally speaking, we suggest you get their consent before downloading a geolocation app.

Of course, kids will be hesitant to give their parents access to their location, as well as what’s on their devices. Here is the solution.

If you want to convince them to participate, start by talking about the security benefits. talk about how they can trust you and how you are not going to abuse this trust.

At the end of the day, a relationship between parents and children should be based on mutual trust, so starting with this will be a good tactic.

how geofencing applications work

With technology as advanced as this, it’s understandable if you’re a little confused about how a geofencing application works.

Let’s start with the basics. what you’ll need for this to work is smart devices that are both you and your child.

You must be able to sync with the target device before you can start creating your virtual fences. The app can track your location using Wi-Fi, GPS, and even Bluetooth mobile data.

The good news is that you don’t need to buy any additional hardware, which makes it really convenient.

frequently asked questions

final thoughts

At the end of the day, the most important thing here is the safety and well-being of your children.

if you’re a parent who likes the idea of ​​being able to know exactly where they are at all times, you’re certainly not the only one, and the good news is that technology has finally reached a point where you can be aware of this type of information, without feeling like you are spying on your children.

Whether you decide to tell your child that you’re downloading a mobile geofencing app on your device or not is up to you, but remember that the more mutual trust you have in the relationship, the smoother it will be.

maybe sit your child down and talk to them about the importance of their safety and why you want to know where they are at all times.

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