Free Stuff for Teachers by Mail – Updated for 2022

if you’re a teacher or education professional, don’t miss out on our fun free teacher stuff by mail for great giveaways!

Maintaining a classroom is difficult and also expensive! the little individual costs can really add up!

To help you find some of the things you need for your classroom, as well as your family, we’ve put together a list of items educators can order. if you are a teacher looking for gifts for your classroom. here are some of our favorite free things for teachers by mail.

Please note that these gifts do not come from us here at two kids and a coupon. each gift and discount must be requested individually. we’re just spreading the word about where to get it.

Looking for more ways to stretch your budget? be sure to check out our free stuff for kids by mail and other free stuff by mail for 2022.

Do you know of some great gifts we missed out on? leave them in the comments below and we’ll be sure to add them to this master list!

places to get school supplies for free

free things for teachers by mail

If you’re a teacher, assistant, or administrative staff, this list shares some of the free gifts, savings, and discounts you may be eligible for.

From school supplies to free gift cards and free theme park tickets. The list below features some great ways for educators to save money.

Do you have certain types of gifts you’d like to see here in two kids and a coupon? Leave a comment below and we’ll see what we can do to make this happen.

here is our favorite free material for teachers by mail. We try to update this list frequently, but if you find an expired item, please leave a comment below and we’ll make sure to remove it and replace it with another great freebie ASAP.

places to find free school supplies

free school supplies for teachers

  1. free computers for teachers and students who need them. no budget for a computer? this program provides refurbished computers for teachers and students who need them.
  2. Get 5 Complimentary Welcome Backpacks – These lysol packets encourage good hygiene.
  3. Receive Adopt A Classroom School Supplies – Need more supplies for help your classroom make it through the year? Adopting a classroom can help you collect what you need.
  4. Free Crayons of the World Classroom Kit: Request a free crayons kit for your classroom.
  5. art kit with markers for art teachers: request a free care pack of 25 abt pro alcohol-based markers
  6. software for your classroom: receive complementary software that includes office 365 and more.
  7. sample seating: Request a supplemental sample seating to help with space for students sitting on the floor or waiting in line.
  8. box rules Plastic: Order a box of plastic rulers to use with your students.
  9. box of pencils #2: request a box of pencils #2 for your classroom
  10. box of erasers: request a box of erasers from Courtesy to your students.
  11. Free $5 Staples Gift Card: Get a free $5 gift card when you sign up for staples rewards.
  12. papermate and expo back to school kit: add products to your wish list and you will receive a free back to school kit.
  13. canva for education account: get a free canva for education account to use in your classroom to create materials.
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where to get free school supplies

free books for teachers

  1. Half Price Books Complimentary Books for Teachers: Did you know that Half Price Books has a donation request where you can get books for your classroom? educators in certain subjects may be eligible! learn more here.
  2. free braille books and resources: do you teach students with vision problems? Access complimentary braille books for children and adults from the American Action Fund for Blind Children and Adults, as well as the National Library Service for the Blind and People with Reading Disabilities.
  3. Free book for the classroom : school mate® publication offers the perfect way to make writing and drawing fun for your students, turn them into published authors! With its quick and easy student publishing program, each student submits 2 pages of original writing and illustrations to publish a combined class book. You can also publish a free classroom book here.
  4. Complimentary Classroom Book: Get a complimentary student publishing kit.
  5. Free Ayn Rand Novels: Request free novels for your students to read.

free educational materials for your classroom

  1. Free Drug Education Resources for Classrooms: Use these educational tools, books, and posters to educate and teach drug safety.
  2. Free Scientific Journals: Request these free scientific journals for kids and the teaching guides to go with them.
  3. Cabot Cheese- Cabot Cheese has some educational posters that they send out for teachers to use in their classrooms. there are 5 posters to choose from and all you need to do is fill out the form on the website and wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.
  4. free anti-bullying resources: get access to anti-bullying resources kit for your school classroom.
  5. Free School Planner Sample Pack: Sign up for a complimentary sample pack of planners.
  6. Free Family Reading Night Kit , Family Science Night Kit and More: Get these free kits to engage parents and families in your classroom and your studies. These are also great for home study families!
  7. Get over 400 free math worksheets, videos and lessons – these math resources for teachers are a great resource!
  8. educational posters for the classroom: claim these free posters from the usda.
  9. Classroom Art Posters: Get these fine art posters for your classroom.
  10. Free Budgeting and Financial Literacy Resources: Help teach your students about financial responsibility with these financial resources for teachers.
  11. Free Headspace Subscription: Educators can qualify for a complimentary headspace subscription.
  12. Vooks Year of the Year Free Animated Storybooks: Teachers can sign up for a free year of vooks.
  13. louie the glow bug books and teacher’s kit: order these free materials for your classroom.
  14. office 365 office 365 education is available to students and faculty at qualified institutions. simply enter your school’s email address on their website to find out if your school participates. With Office 365, you can install office software like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Outlook on your Android, Apple, or Windows computer or device.
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free back to school deals

free stuff for your students

  1. Free Pizza for Your Students: Register the students in your classroom with Pizza Hut’s Book It program.
  2. crest bright smiles kit: Request a dental care kit for your classroom with toothbrushes and toothpaste samples.
  3. Rental Calculators: Rent Calculators will send teachers a set of 6” wooden rulers for their classrooms. just fill out the short form on their site.
  4. lego club magazine subscription: if your students are between the ages of 5 and 9, you can get a free subscription to lego® life magazine. is packed with awesome stuff like comics, activities, contests, sneak peeks & The latest lego news, all delivered to your door 4 times a year! all you have to do is sign up for an account. don’t miss our other free stuff for kids by mail.

free admission for teachers

  1. free admission to legoland california for teachers: if you’re a california teacher, you can get free admission to legoland california.
  2. free admission to legoland florida for teachers: if you’re a florida teacher, you can get free admission to legoland florida.
  3. free admission to seaworld for teachers: if you’re a teacher in texas, florida or california, you can get free admission to seaworld and free access to educational resources for your classroom of classes. if you’re a teacher in florida, you can receive unlimited admission to seaworld through fall 2022.
  4. complimentary shed aquarium admission: teachers in illinois, indiana, michigan, or wisconsin can receive admission to this popular aquarium.
  5. admission to the kennedy space center – educators in florida, georgia, puerto rico and the united states virgin islands can apply for complimentary admission.
  6. free admission to the florida aquarium – apply for the syllabus for teachers at least several days in advance.
  7. admission to the art institute of chicago: illinois educators get free admission. sign up for a coupon that gives admission when used with a school ID.
  8. carnegie science center: get free admission. if you work at a school in pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia, maryland, or new york, you’re eligible
  9. free admission to the shed aquarium – educators in illinois, indiana, michigan, and wisconsin can receive free download tickets by reserving tickets online below. This offer is not valid during special events or for admission to the 4-D experience.
  10. The Exploratorium: California Public Schools K-12 teachers receive free admission to the Exploratorium. Each year, the first 20,000 qualified teachers will receive a free, non-transferable general admission coupon. bring your teacher ID for free admission.
  11. the milwaukee art museum: individual wisconsin k-12 teachers who present a valid school ID or pay stub will receive complimentary admission to the museum .
  12. Museum of Science+Industry: Illinois teachers (K-12) receive free museum admission* for themselves by completing this online application form
  13. aquarius From South Carolina: Get a free ticket for you and your class for a field trip. application is required.
  14. free admission to perot museum: free admission for K-12 educators in texas and surrounding areas to give teachers the opportunity to visit the museum.
  15. orlando science center: Free general admission for Florida educators who present a school ID with photo ID or a pay stub with photo ID at Guest Services. This offer applies to PreK-12 educators.
  16. Free Admission to the National History Museum: California teachers get free museum admission at any museum ticket counter by showing their teacher ID
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back to school deals

We love that all of these organizations have provided these great gifts for teachers by mail. Are you looking for things for your students too? Be sure to also check out our 25 Free Things for Kids in the Mail, and keep an eye out for more things to come in the mail soon!

Do you know of free things for teachers by mail that we missed? leave it in the comments below! tell me what your favorite item is!

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