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100% free material for teachers only

here is a list of all the current free school supplies for teachers and educators.

These gifts include materials and supplies for elementary, preschool, and even high school teachers. you can quickly download or print some of these freebies, but there are also freebies that arrive in the mail.

1. pass it on

order free posters & pass it on dvd for your school or non-profit organization. three posters will be sent to you.

  • You can request your on this page.

2. scholastic magazine

In addition to publishing children’s educational books, Scholastic also has educational magazines for which teachers can get a free 30-day trial.

You can get free magazines like:

  • my big world
  • let’s find out
  • school news
  • storyworks
  • dynamath
  • superscience
  • scholastic art

No credit card is required to place an order.

  • click here to get your free magazines.

3. teaching films free of tolerance

Teaching Tolerance Film Kits are free for use in K-12 schools, schools of education, public libraries, places of worship, and non-profit organizations serving youth.

Currently available movies are:

  • an outrage
  • long live the cause
  • starting little by little
  • selma bridge towards the ballot
  • remember a survivor
  • powerful moments the children’s march

this is not the complete list. They have many more gifts. and more!

  • click here to request one.

4. hot wheels classroom kit

Each September, Hot Wheels gives away free classroom kits to select certified educators. you can get it for kindergarten classes, fourth grade classes, and stem/steam educators.

You can get up to 40 cars and tracks for your classroom, plus pre-made lesson plans that teach physics and more in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

  • click here for more information.

5. free math facts and songs activities

on this site you can get:

  • 15 songs
  • 12 coloring pages
  • 8 activity sheets

all of these are about math. If you have students who are struggling with their math courses, this can help them a lot.

  • click here for more information.

6. microsoft freeware

Microsoft provides software such as Office, Excel, and Minecraft for free to educators. all you need is a valid office 365 account to sign up.

  • click here to get started.

7. soft maple

This company can give away math and engineering posters for your classroom.

  • click here to request one.

8. free teacher downloads pay teachers

This is a site that provides lesson plans for teachers, with over 3 million plans for purchase and download for all grades. however, there are also more than five hundred thousand plans that can be downloaded for free.

  • just click here to find all the free ones on the site.

9. super monkeys of peace

You can get a free “Confidence, Kindness, and Mental Health Superpowers” kit for your students from super kind you.

  • check out this site for more information and request a kit.

10. free dvd of stossel in the classroom

you can get two free educational dvd’s from stossel with no credit card information required. all you have to do is sign up for an account and then provide feedback on the dvds once you use them.

  • click here to get started.

11. free legoland passes for florida teachers

If you’re in Florida, you can get free Legoland passes just by showing your ID and teaching certificate. passes last one year.

  • click here for more information.

12. teacher’s survival kit

Are you a first-year teacher just starting out? You may want to check out Flinn Scientific’s free guide for teachers who need help managing their classroom and their students. you can find documents, videos and more here to help you.

  • see flinn scientific’s free guide here.

13. free tickets to the sea world

not interested in legoland? You can also get free seaworld tickets as a teacher pass. They also provide marine workshops for teachers if you’re interested in teaching your class a lesson on that in the future.

  • click this link to register.

14. resources for c-span teachers

c-span has tons of videos for social studies teachers who want to have video presentations on certain topics. all you have to do is search for a topic and chances are you’ll find something.

  • visit the site here to begin your search.

15. free admission to the shed aquarium

if you’re an educator in illinois, indiana, michigan, and wisconsin, you can get free admission to the shedd aquarium in chicago.

  • fill out the form at this link to get a coupon.
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16. nest posters

nida has tons of posters available for teachers who want something visual to encourage children to avoid drug abuse.

  • get your posters here.

17. subscription to the new york times

You can get a free one-year subscription to the New York Times for your classroom.

  • click here for more information and to register.

18. nsta

On this site, you’ll find a variety of free resources for you and your classroom. they have literally hundreds of articles on a variety of topics.

  • check out the free resources here.

19. free physics quest kit

sign up for a free physics kit for classroom experiments and physics lessons. it’s a very popular show, so you have to get on a waiting list; however, it’s definitely worth the wait to get a free product.

  • click here to get on the waiting list.

20. only pearl

pearlonly is launching a “pearls at school” program with the goal of educating children on the pearl farming process and the oyster life cycle. best of all, you get free pearls from the kit.

  • get your kit here.

21. colgate classroom kit

Sign up with your school email address to get a Colgate Classroom Kit. you’ll get classroom supplies, toothpaste samples, and toothbrushes for 25 students.

  • click here if you are interested in getting one.

22. American Electric Power Safety Kits

If you work with children in grades K-4 in communities served by one of AEP’s seven operating companies, you can request free brochures or safety kits for your class. The kit’s mascot is Louie the Lightning Bug, which is cute and good for younger kids who need something fun to pay attention to.

  • click here to order your free brochures or safety kits.

23. switch energy project free dvd

If you’re interested in teaching your class about energy, watch this educational video from the switch energy project. it’s a full documentary with lab videos as well.

  • click here to get your free dvd.

24. lenovo lesson plans

This company has free downloadable lesson plans that discuss possible career options. You can get plans for grades K-8, which support the Common Core standards.

  • click here for more information.

25. Yes! magazine

Teachers and librarians get a free one-year subscription to this magazine.

  • click this link to subscribe.

26. national gallery of art posters

get a couple downloadable posters from the nga.

Currently available posters are:

  • “the farm (the farmhouse)” by joan míro
  • “shaw memorial” by augustus saint-gaudens
  • “the railway” by edouard manet

This may change as new posters are introduced from time to time.

  • go here to get your poster.

27. zoozingo

If your school has more than 150 students, you can get a free set of zoozingo animal cards.

  • all you need to do is register with an official school email here.

28. bullying free toolkit

nea is giving away a free downloadable kit with resources to help stop bullying at your school.

  • There are many learning resources available here.

29. nscw supplies

National School Choice Week is a time to raise awareness about the opportunities that come from receiving an education.

You can sign up to receive free National School Choice Week supplies, like free stickers (lapel stickers), yellow fleece scarves, and signs.

  • sign up here to receive free supplies.

30. sesame street learning resources

Get free downloadable Sesame Street resources, like a storybook and game and activity cards. Best of all, no registration is required.

  • click here to view all free gifts.

31. educational resources about dinosaur trains

the pbs show dinosaur train has educational resources for teachers.

  • Right now you can request a free toolkit and poster through their form.

32. howard hughes medical institute dvd

According to this institute, “all our educational materials are free online so that anyone can access them. We also ship DVDs to educators in North America (Canada, Mexico, the United States and their territories).”

you can get dvd at:

  • space
  • marine life
  • zika virus
  • alzheimer
  • ecology
  • extinction
  • and more!
  • click here to see the full list and order your dvds.

33. thinkclose poster

You can get a poster nearby to help your students write a critical analysis of the literature.

  • request your poster nearby for free.

34. bucky’s classroom kit

the university of wisconsin is giving away uw items to professors.

These include things like:

  • posters
  • pencils
  • markers
  • stickers

they also give away other display materials from the university of wisconsin-madison.

  • Fill out this request form to have us send you materials for your classroom.
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35. united for human rights information kit

This is an information kit for educators from United for Human Rights. The kit comes with a DVD, a book, and a guide to actions you and your class can take to learn more and promote awareness.

  • click here for more information and to sign up.

36. free hand sanitizer

Improve school health with a free hand sanitizer and dispenser. you may even be able to get them for your entire school.

  • check it out at

37. national institute on drug abuse

nida is giving away posters via download or order form that you can use to decorate your classroom.

  • Go here to order yours now.

38. izzit dvds and more

izzit is a charity dedicated to helping children learn.

Sign up for a free account and you’ll get these features:

  • unlimited streaming from your library of educational videos
  • a free dvd of your choice each year
  • daily lessons with news articles and discussion questions pre-planned for you
  • graded quiz system to make it easier for your students.
  • student zone for your students to access current events, educational games for the whole family, quizzes and more.

They also have contests that you can enjoy.

  • visit the site here.

39. philadelphia zoo passes

if you have a certified classroom and live in philadelphia, you can get free passes to the zoo.

  • Get your free zoo pass here.

40. seating point

This is a circular padding that you can use as a resting area on the floor for your students. obviously this is great for younger kids’ classrooms or if you have time to read.

  • Review this form to have us send you a free sample.

41. kennedy space center

this space center awards educator study passes to teachers in florida, georgia, puerto rico and the united states. virgin islands.

  • Get your Educator Study Pass here.

42. passion posters and dvds

This is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting good values. you can get three posters and dvd, although it will probably take about 6 weeks to arrive.

  • click here to apply.

43. rent calculator rules

If you’re looking for free teacher supplies by mail, this is one of them. You can get a set of six-inch wooden rulers for your classroom on this site. a set is as many students as you have in a class, so you can actually get a free ruler for each of your students if you need one.

  • start by going here.

44. free base camp

basecamp is a website you can use to organize your class and students, as well as your projects for them. As long as you agree to use it for class purposes, you are eligible or have a free account.

  • click here for more information and to sign up.

45. today’s kit

If you’re interested in hosting a family event at your school, check out these free demo kits starting today.

you can get:

  • family science night for an event focused on stems
  • family technology talk to teach children internet safety
  • family reading night to encourage reading
  • family movie night to have fun watching a new or old movie

By the way, the site has many other great resources for both teachers and students.

  • visit this page to get your kit.

46. schoolmate treats

subscribe to this company’s catalog and you can choose from a free planner, binder or wall calendar.

  • subscribe to the catalog here.

47. richard c. owen’s books

This publisher will send free book samples to teachers in pre-K through 5th grade classes. you’ll need to call the number on the site, but you can also fill out the form on that page to get book coupons. too.

  • request your samples here.

48. reserve army. barron pack

This author, famous for his books for children and adults, has a great educational package available.

by filling out the form you will receive:

  • posters and maps of his novels
  • bookmarks
  • the t. a. barron video collection
  • six book discussion guides
  • articles from t. a. barron
  • inspirational quotes from the hero’s journey
  • barron award fact sheet
  • young heroes activity & discussion guide
  • hero bibliography

They will also send you an information brochure about the great collection of dream videos

  • fill out the form here.

49. blackboard

Who doesn’t want a free whiteboard? You can get a 6″ wide x 9″ tall everwhite surface sample from this site by filling out a simple form.

  • fill out the form here.

50. speed stacks

These are special cups that were decided to quickly stack and fold as a fun way to teach children hand-eye coordination. you can get a free school demo at your school as well as a workshop for your students.

  • see information here to get started.
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51. math worksheets has free math worksheets and practice tests that you can download from the website.

  • download your gift here.

52. practical money skills materials

Are you looking for financial material to use in class? Their financial education materials, including classroom modules, games, DVDs, and brochures, are free and available for download.

  • You can access financial education materials here.

53. flexible books ck-12

These are free personalized textbooks for grades K-12. you can add videos, activities, and more to your books for your students.

  • check it out here.

54. lesson plan package

Developed for 5th and 6th grade classrooms with Scholastic, Inc., these lesson plans meet the National Standards for Language Arts and Social Studies. kids includes lesson plans, worksheets, activities, and a poster.

  • click here to order.

55. new england aquarium

new england teachers can get free passes to the new england aquarium here.

  • get your free pass here.

56. finds magazine

Teachers can get free digital and physical versions of this magazine for their classrooms. the magazine covers many science topics in a kid-friendly way that will help them understand and learn.

  • click here for more information.

57. six flag tickets

Read to Success is a program that encourages students in grades K-6 to read. students who complete six hours of recreational reading earn a free ticket to six flags. teachers and schools can participate at no cost. the 2019-2020 program will launch in October.

  • go here for more information.

58. variquest kit

This company is about using a variety of different ways to teach students. you get a sample kit with screens for your classroom and more.

  • visit this site for more information and to register.

59. school programs p&g

If you’re teaching a health class, you might be interested in this puberty and development kit for fifth, sixth, and seventh graders.

  • check it out here.

60. wall street journal tools

You can find many teaching tools and downloads for teachers on the wall street journal.

  • here is more information.

61. children need to read

If your school serves the 50% of children living below the national poverty level, you can order books from this organization. they give free books to kids of all ages.

  • Click here for more information about the program and here to order books.

62. the florida aquarium

This business offers free teacher’s passes thanks to their teacher study program. It is designed to provide qualified teachers, assistant principals, and principals in grades K-12, who are actively teaching in a Florida public, private, or charter school.

  • click here to learn more and then apply.

63. online learning curriculum

corriki offers thousands of free activities for your classroom. you can find activities on basically any topic you choose, which is great if you have a class that needs practical examples to help them learn.

  • click here to find what you want.

64. rentacalc pencils

If you are an educator currently teaching in the United States, you can request a free pack of #2 HB Dixon Ticonderoga pencils for your class.

  • More information here.

65. seven miles to farmington poster

You can get a seven miles to farmington poster by george henry durrie at the griswold museum in florence.

  • get yours here.

66. autographed book

authors at wilbooks publishing are giving away an autographed book to any pre-k through fourth grade child in their classroom.

  • you just have to request it through this form.

67. votes

The Vooks app brings children’s books to life with animated illustrations, reading text, and narrated lines for when you don’t have time to read it yourself. For a limited time, you can get a free year of vooks if you’re a teacher or homeschooler.

  • get your free vooks here.

67. mocking

mockofun is a paid online graphic design tool. with their free mockup for schools & teachers program, teachers and educators from kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school or even college or university, can access all the premium features absolutely free.

  • get your free mockup here.

final thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will have enough resources to get free articles for yourself, your class, and your students.

Is there a site you use that helps teachers? Let us and our readers know about your favorite sites for free teacher material in the comments below.

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