How to Print an Entire Email Thread in Gmail – Tips & Tricks

can’t print a whole email thread in gmail? then this guide will walk you through a step by step process to print multiple email threads in gmail without leaving any information.

Although gmail offers many easy-to-use features to make our lives easier, techniques for printing multiple email threads are not easy to find. here, we will provide two solutions; one that explains how to print a single email thread and another is how to print multiple email threads simultaneously.

a technique to print an entire email thread in gmail

If you have one or more email threads that need to be printed, you can do so using the gmail “print” option. once an email thread is printed, you can select other emails and print those email threads one by one.

The following are the steps to print an entire email thread in gmail:

1. open your gmail account and open the email thread that needs to be printed

2. now, click the printer icon on the right side of the window (print all)

print an entire email thread in Gmail

3. in a new tab, the print wizard will open and you will select your printer option in the destination field

4. you can customize the print by selecting the pages and layout as needed (for additional customization, use the more settings option)

5. finally, click the print button to print an entire email thread in gmail.

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You have successfully printed an email thread from your gmail account. if more email threads need to be printed, then you can use the same approach over and over again, or use the below solution to print multiple email threads.

a technique to print multiple email threads in gmail

If there are multiple email threads that need to be printed, manually printing each email can be quite a cumbersome task. instead you can export emails in pdf file format and then print all these email threads in one go. To export multiple gmail email threads to a pdf file, use the systools gmail backup tool. this software will help you easily export multiple emails in just a few clicks. once extracted, select the pdf file (up to 15 only) and right click to give the print command. Furthermore, this tool can export emails from gmail to pst format.

The following are the steps to perform the operation:

1. download the backup utility and sign in to your gmail account

Print an Entire Email Thread in Gmail Tool

2. select the category as “email” and choose the email format as “pdf”

Print All Gmail Email Threads

3. browse the location to save the emails and use apply filter for a specific email backup


4. finally, click the start button to start the extraction

Start Printing

5. once done, go to the location where the pdf files are saved. select the file >> right click and select print.

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print multiple email threads in Gmail

that’s it! all pdf files containing the email thread will start printing. Due to the limitation of the windows operating system, it allows the printing of 15 pdfs at a time.

other benefits of the automated tool

  • allows to export multiple emails simultaneously
  • keeps all email attributes
  • apart from pdf, saves emails to mbox, pst, eml & message formats
  • incremental backup feature to skip already downloaded emails
  • available filters for folders and date ranges

final thoughts

In this article, we have explained two techniques to print an entire email thread in gmail. if you want to print one or several email threads, prefer the first solution; otherwise, to print multiple email threads, it is recommended to go for the second solution as it is faster and provides more functionality and ease during the printing process.

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