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Where to Find Free Garden Seed Catalogs

Now is the time to start ordering seeds, seedlings, live plants and more for your garden! Gardening catalogs are a great way to get your hands on these items, as well as learn gardening techniques and shortcuts.

don’t waste time looking for free catalogs on the internet; instead, see the build below.

Whether you’re looking for native plants, organic, bulbs, seeds, seedlings, garden supplies, you name it, you’ll find the perfect catalog below. Plus, many of these sites offer free newsletters, money-saving coupons, free ordering, and more.

After ordering your fun gardening finds, check out this awesome gardening cart from Fiskars, available right now on Amazon for just $11.50! Now, let’s start ordering some catalogues.


free gardening catalogs

1. burpee burpee is one of the oldest companies in the business. Request their free colorful catalog featuring over 100 new products, gardening tips, and great deals.

don’t forget to sign up for the email list to save money while you’re there too.

2. annie’s annuals annie’s offers some of the rarest annuals around. request a free catalog and discover a plant that you have not tried before. you can also view free instructional videos on the website!

3. territorial seed company territorial shipments of live plants to your door. order their colorful catalog so you can enjoy all the varieties they have to offer and enjoy a 100% money back promise on your purchase.

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Do you want butterflies to flock to your garden? Check out these easy butterfly feeders you can make in minutes!

Homemade Butterfly Feeder

free seed catalogs

4. gardens alive gardens alive is an excellent source for seeds, fresh plants, fertilizers and other garden supplies. request a free catalog that also comes with a coupon good for $25 off your $50 order.

5. rh shumway rh shumway is also one of the oldest names in the landscaping business. ask for a free catalog and when you order, they will give you two free packets of seeds.

They also offer a free online garden planner.

6. burgess seed co. request their free catalog and when you order you’ll get a variety of freebies. depending on how much you spend, you can get free blueberries, cherry tomatoes, buttercups or windflowers!

Do you grow cucumbers for pickling? if so, check out my 3 day sun pickle recipe here!

Pickle Recipe

7. park seed check out a free park seed catalog and find a variety of flowers and seeds that are sure to excite you.

You’ll also receive a $10 off coupon when you sign up! sign up for their newsletter while you’re there to get a free shipping coupon.

8. prairie nursery prairie nursery is perfect for the person looking for grasses, wildflowers and native plants. Head over to their site to learn more about these products and request a free catalog.

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9. White Flower Farm Check out White Flower Farm for seeds, bulbs, live plants, flower arrangements and more. sign up for their free newsletter while you’re there and get free gardening tips and tricks. Also, don’t forget to request a free catalogue.

Did you see the trash-to-treasure garden project I presented? See how one creative reader turned an old sink into the perfect planter here.

10. pine garden www. head over to pine tree garden to request a free catalog, shop for organic products, and even find plant-based cosmetics. this is a unique gardening company that offers plant-based items for all areas of life.

11. Bountiful Gardens Head over to Bountiful Gardens to request a free catalog and take advantage of the free seed calculator they offer on the site.

Get ready for your spring planting when you make these scrabble tile garden markers. find the tutorial here.

How to Save Money on Your Garden

12. the online greenhouse head over to the online greenhouse where you can order a free catalog and sign up for loyalty rewards. they even offer fundraising opportunities.

13. raintree nursery head over to raintree nursery where all 4 inch pots are for sale, you can get lots of free gardening tips and also request a free catalog.

Don’t let poison ivy put you off this gardening season. check out my homemade poison ivy scrub recipe.

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DIY Poison Ivy Scrub

14. sow true seeds sow true seeds company offers a beautiful free catalog as well as 15% off your purchase when you sign up for their free e-newsletter.

15. wayside gardens check out wayside gardens for all your planting needs. you can request a free catalog when you’re there, as well as sign up for their email newsletter.

When you sign up, you’ll also receive savings coupons good on your first order.

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