Export emails to google sheets by cloudhq

5 – Use the ‘Destination Path’ text box to mention the location where you want to save the resultant Excel file. Finally, at this point, click on the Backup button to begin the procedure to export Gmail to Excel CSV file.

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6 – Downloading emails from Gmail to Excel CSV file, please want for a while.


7 – The conversion process has been completed successfully, press the OK button. After that, it will automatically open the destination path so that you can easily get resultant data.


Time to Sort Out Some Common Queries

The customers ask several queries regarding the solution to download Gmail emails to Excel. We are sorting some of the common questions that users ask. You can read them and in case, you have same query then, it will be sorted here itself.

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Suppose I have 29 emails in a mail folder of my Gmail account. Then, will your software create 29 different Excel files or only one file will be created?The software creates only one Excel (or CSV) file for any number of messages to be exported with it. It means that if you have 29 emails then, only one Excel file will be created. This file comprises the data of all 29 Gmail emails with all their properties.I don’t use MS Office Suite; I am using LibreOffice Suite on my PC. Will your Excel file be opened in LibreOffice Calc?Yes, you can open our CSV (or Excel) file in all its supportive applications like Microsoft Excel, LibreOffice Calc, Google sheets, etc.Is it possible to export Gmail to Excel on Windows Server 2016 via your solution?Yes without any issue, you can use our solution on all version of Windows operating system. You can extract Gmail emails to Excel CSV on Windows 10, 8.1, and all other editions.Can your recommended solution be used to extract Gmail emails to CSV?Yes for sure, you can use this mentioned software to save messages from Gmail in CSV file.

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The Verdict

The post describes a direct and simple solution to download Gmail emails to Excel. You can try this software on your own by downloading the free edition of the utility. This version is available on the product’s official website. You can download its setup file, and install it for use. All features are possible to test by using this edition.

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Also, the only limitation present in the trial version is that it saves only 25 mails from each of the chosen folders. Remove this limitation by purchasing the full version of the tool. And hence, export Gmail to Excel CSV in an uncomplicated manner.

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