Yahoo Mail users bombarded with spam or junk emails in primary inbox

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The original story (published June 22, 2022) is as follows:

yahoo mail is one of the most popular email services. Although it has lost popularity in recent years, it is still used by millions of users around the world.

That said, it seems that many users are facing an issue related to spam on the service.

More recently, yahoo mail users are receiving an excessive amount of spam or junk mail in their main inbox (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

spam or spam problems from yahoo that frustrate many

According to various reports, over a few days, many yahoo mail users receive dozens and dozens of spam emails in their main or primary inbox.



Excessive Spam

Is there a way to configure yahoo mail to automatically empty the spam folder immediately when spam arrives?

the amount of spam has become extreme. i am in the process of phasing out yahoo account for this reason but i need to keep it for a period of time. I seldom see spam in gmail but I am buried in an avalanche of junk in yahoo account. source

the amount of spam coming in is absolutely ridiculous

I get about 20 of these spam emails every day. it’s gotten particularly bad over the last week or so. no matter how many filters you create or the fact that you report each one as spam, it’s endless.

edit: In the time it took me to post this, 3 more have arrived. source

the yahoo support team’s recommendation

Reports of the problem reached the yahoo support team. a company staff member recommended that affected users mark spam emails as “spam” to help the system automatically identify future emails from those sources.

hi, sorry to hear this. While most spam emails are caught by our spam filters, occasionally some may go unnoticed. When this happens, it is very important to mark the email as spam, then our system will learn that messages from a specific place are not good, and help us further improve yahoo mail to recognize future spam. source

To speed up the process, you can check the boxes next to all spam email previews, instead of marking each individual spam email as spam after you open it.

also, if you don’t want to wait for the yahoo mail system to automatically improve its spam detection, you can block all future email from spam sources:

same thing here. the past week there has been non-stop spam.

This is what I did:

mark the email as “spam”

go to your spam folder and then check the boxes next to all spam emails

click the three dots and “block senders”, then click “accept”

this seems to help keep them at bay for now source

We will update this story as events unfold.

update 1 (July 19)

02:18 pm (ist): yahoo support on twitter is now redirecting users who complain about spam to their article where they mention some steps to control junk mail wanted. you can check it here.

update 2 (July 20)

06:18 PM m. (ist): yahoo support has now provided a possible explanation for why users receive spam emails.

hi, sorry to hear this. If you’ve started receiving an endless stream of spam email, you may be the victim of a spam barrage. this is a tactic used by bad actors and hackers to distract you from viewing the emails that are really important to you. (source)

update 3 (July 22)

10:27 am (ist): yahoo support has now suggested some more precautionary measures to prevent spam emails. these include the use of filters and the blocking of certain email addresses.

update 4 (July 26)

11:31 AM m. (ist): Those receiving spam now claim (1, 2, 3) that yahoo is purposefully spamming them to force them to upgrade to yahoo mail plus .

update 5 (Aug 15)

05:54 PM m. (ist): yahoo support is now asking those affected to mark spam emails as spam to help them improve their filters.

What I can advise from my side at this point is that you should continue to mark those emails as spam, this way your personal filter will start recognizing those emails as spam. Learn more here: Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm EST, with limited hours on Saturday. Thank you! (source)

update 6 (Aug 17)

06:03 pm (ist): One of our readers has claimed that even subscribing to yahoo plus doesn’t solve the problem with spam. so it seems that spending money on the plus subscription just to get rid of spam is not a solution.

in fact i gave up and paid for yahoo mail plus just to get rid of the spam bombs. It didn’t do anything, so I went back to free. all it does is remove ads from the sidebar. It seemed like I was getting even more spam

thanks for the tip: roland goity!

update 7 (Aug 18)

06:05 PM m. (ist): Instead of recognizing and fixing the problem with spam emails, yahoo support suggests that those affected should clean their mailboxes or block the sender.



Update 8 (August 19)

12:18 PM m. (ist): One of our readers has alleged that yahoo has made a silent change to “account privacy settings” where the user gives permission to sell their information to other companies. and this could be causing the spam problem.

@jean_erdc hello I just read the article about the yahoo type of spam. i took a look at the privacy settings seems likely during updates you changed someone you turned on actually gives permission to sell information i turned it off curious what you think…if this may be the culprit of the spam (source)

thanks for the tip: banshee racing!

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