Top 10 Emergency Medicine Mobile Apps

It’s been over a year since we talked about mobile emergency medicine apps. With the rapid advances in mobile technology, it’s time for an upgrade.

These are the top ten em mobile apps worth considering. Please note that while some are free, others may have a price tag attached.

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1. wikem

wikim, the global wiki for emergency medicine, is a point-of-care reference available through a dedicated mobile app. its emergency medicine knowledge base has thousands of quick notes on specific problems to help you care for patients. It has been downloaded by over 100,000 users and is one of the top ten most popular emergency medicine apps.

serves a wide range of medical professionals, predominantly among emergency medicine, pediatric emergency medicine, critical care, ems, and urgent care medicine.

wikem is available for android and ios.

cost: free

2. palmem: emergency medicine

palmem is a fast, succinct, evidence-based, all-in-one emergency medicine quick reference. Internal medicine, critical care, family practice, and urgent care physicians will also find it useful. called it an “excellent and fast point-of-care reference, perfectly designed for the emergency department’s time crunch.”

The application is continually updated and expanded. Unlike other references, updates are free and there are no annual subscription fees.

palmem is available for android and ios.

cost: $9.99 (android) | $29.99 (ios)

3. emergency medicine cards

Although you may not have used flashcards since elementary school, you’ll find this app to be very useful. is designed to be a portable learning tool to improve your visual diagnostic skills.

Contains 264 full color flash cards covering the most common and acute clinical presentations in emergency medicine. each card provides information on diagnosis, clinical findings, and treatment.

a question and answer section allows you to test your knowledge and the search tool shows you choices of words that appear in the text as you type. it also remembers previous search terms to help you get back to a topic quickly.

no internet connection is needed to view the full app and it’s optimized for whatever size device you’re using, be it phone or tablet.

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The application is available for android and ios.

cost: $48.99

4. amion medical calendar

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amion’s medical calendar app lets you stay on top of your upcoming appointments. you can:

  • see your schedule at a glance, right from the home page;
  • receive schedule change alerts and notifications;
  • view your shift schedule at a calendar format;
  • customize your calendar view with easy color coding;
  • view schedules by week or month.

It also allows you to send and receive hipaa-protected text messages and view the doximity profile of your colleagues to find contact information such as fax and phone numbers and email addresses.

amion’s medical calendar is available for android and ios.

cost: free

5. eye manual

eye handbook is a diagnosis and treatment reference application for eye care professionals. is the most comprehensive dedicated eye care app available on a smartphone and is highly recommended for ER doctors.

The app allows you to connect with eye health professionals around the world. a forums component allows you to post images and ask questions in a wide variety of categories. You also have the ability to download videos and lectures to your smartphone. Learn more about the app at

the eye manual is available for android and ios.

cost: free

6. medimath medical calculator

medimath puts 144 of the most important medical calculators and scoring tools on your ipad or iphone. the fast native interface and comprehensive results help you “spend less time crunching numbers and more time seeing patients,” says the developer.


  • 144 calculators and scoring devices;
  • categories, search, favorites and recents let you find the information you need quickly;
  • double tap to add to favorites ;
  • additional information, including equations, helpful hints, and references;
  • multimedia: for example, stroke punctuation nih includes necessary images;
  • always returns back to where you left off.

cost: 99 cents

medimath is only available on ios. a similar app (medical medication calculator) is available for android for $4.99.

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7. pedistat

pedi-stat is a quick reference for rns, paramedics, physicians, and other health professionals who care for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care setting.


  • rapid results for airway interventions, including endotracheal tube sizes, depth, intubation medication doses, ventilator settings, and sedation;
  • data cardiac resuscitation, including weight-specific doses of resuscitation medications, cardioversion, and defibrillation;
  • access to age- and weight-specific pediatric equipment, including foley catheters, airway monitoring , chest and nasal tubes, peripheral and central line sizes, and more;
  • dose of seizure medications;
  • age-specific normal vital signs reference
  • many more features.

You can access critical information quickly and accurately. With just a few taps, you have access to all the data needed to care for a pediatric patient in an emergency setting, including age- and weight-specific medication doses and equipment sizes.

Developed by an ER doctor, this app minimizes the risk of medical errors, allowing the provider to spend more time caring for the patient and less time looking up and calculating doses.

pedi-stat is available for android and ios.

cost: $2.99 ​​(ios) | $7.87 (android)

8. pathway of the heart

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heart path is a clinical decision tool for patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. It has been validated by researchers at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and is used daily by Wake Forest and its affiliates.

The heart pathway algorithm has been shown to reduce patient length of stay by 12 hours, reduce cost by 14% per patient, and have mace < 1%.

The heart pathway helps providers answer the following questions:

  • Should I admit my patient for a stress test or can I discharge him from the emergency room?
  • What is the probability that the symptoms my patient is exhibiting represent sca ?
  • what is the probability that my patient will have an sca event soon (within 30 days)?

At this time, heart path is only available for ios.

cost: free

9. 5-minute emergency medicine consultation

rosen & Barkin’s 5-Minute Emergency Medicine Consultation brings practical, quick-read information on over 600 medical conditions seen in emergency medicine right to your smartphone and tablet. you can search and search for answers in concise topics organized to help save time.

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Written and edited by practicing physicians, this mobile resource is ideal for confirming accurate diagnoses and beginning treatment in the fast-paced environment seen in urgent and emergency care. Each entry is in a proven, quick-access format so you can quickly search for medical conditions, confirm a diagnosis, and start treatment.


  • Fully up-to-date details on over 600 topics found in emergency medicine;
  • diagnoses ranging from pre-hospital to disposition;
  • new topics including bath salt poisoning, polyneuropathy, leukocytosis, and more;
  • useful “pearls” and “traps” to help avoid common mistakes;
  • icd-9 codes, icd-10 and snomed listed in each entry;
  • universal index search to find terms in all indexes;
  • “favorites” to mark important entries.

the app is available on android and ios.

cost: $99.95

10. emergency center

emergency central is the complete web and mobile solution for emergency medicine professionals. Step-by-step treatment, diagnosis, and disease resources are built in to link you to immediate answers.

You can identify possible diagnoses based on presenting symptoms, review details of specific conditions, determine the ideal diagnostic test sequence, and link to the medication guide for dosing information. it also updates automatically when you sync your mobile device.

the emergency center includes:

  • 5 minute emergency medicine consultation;
  • diagnosaurus from mcgraw-hill medical;
  • davis medication guide;
  • guide pocket for diagnostic tests;
  • and more.


  • information focused on patient presentations, treatment strategies, indications and follow-up;
  • differential diagnoses on 1,000 symptoms;
  • 5,000 commercial and generic medications;
  • cross-links for quick navigation between resources;
  • custom favorites;
  • journal indexes delivered on publication date;
  • instant search of literature with medline journals;
  • free updates and web access for one year.

the emergency center is available for android and ios.

cost: $159.95

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