3 Best ECG Apps for Android in 2022 (Expert Reviewed)

Do you want to know something amazing? ecg apps for android devices are now available on google play store.

Here’s the thing:

now we can do everything using our mobile phones. And with how fast our technological advances are going, it’s no wonder that even types of medical equipment are now available on android devices. So it is not a surprise when we discover that there are android ecg apps available on play store

But first, what is an EKG?

An electrocardiogram, commonly known as an ECG, is a test you take to measure the electrical activities of your heart. this device can tell if your heart is working regularly or not. You can tell if your heart is experiencing any problems by looking at your heart rhythm. ECGs show the test results by writing the activity on a piece of paper.


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The use of ecg apps is to detect the movements of your heart by taking your pulse. These apps measure your heartbeat through your fingertips. and with the results you get from the test these apps do, they will offer you some activities and changes you can make to improve your health.

amazing, right?

Now with this in mind, you might be thinking of downloading ecg apps for android on your device. but the question is, do you know which app is the best? Well, that is our goal in writing this article. We tell you what are the best ecg app options that you have as we have tested each of the ecg apps for android available in the market. then read on to find out more.

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four must-have EKG apps for android devices

It’s great to discover that there are medical devices you can now get on your smartphones. But testing all these apps to find out which ones work best for you is problematic, especially since you have so many options. So to help you choose the best ECG app to try, we made this list of 3 Must Try ECG Apps for Android Phones.

  1. welltory
  2. instantaneous heart rate
  3. cardiac diagnosis
  4. preventive heartbeat
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please review each of them for a better first-hand experience. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the details.

1. bientorio

welltory is a health coach app designed to help users monitor their bodies. analyze heart rate, blood pressure, stress level and many more. the app also advises on how to improve the individual’s health.

so how does it work?

The user enters certain information about themselves, such as gender, weight, height, and age. after entering all that, the user can now monitor their heart rate by clicking the red center button. it will tell the user that they will have to place their index finger on its main camera. the finger has to cover both the lens and the flash.

after that…

if heart rate is tracked, the app will inform the user. it will also display the test results. the test result will indicate the user’s level of productivity, mood, energy and stress level. Aside from the measurements, the app also offers some recommendations based on the test results. the app will tell the user if they need some kind of exercise or if they need to eat healthier.

That’s not the only thing the app does.

It also contains some other assessments, such as test quizzes. for the mental health of the user, there are some psychological tests. after performing the tests, the user can see the results and the app will also give some tips. What’s more, users can also learn about health with this app. they can take courses to better understand their body.

We found this app to be accurate and easy to use. It has a simple design and gives instructions when you use it for the first time. but, the reason we recommend this app is because it’s free.

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2. instantaneous heart rate

instant heart rate app is an app created by azumio inc. its primary use is to measure the user’s heart rate. it successfully performs this process by capturing the color changes of the user’s fingertip. after that, the app will display the test results.

what happens with this application is that when it measures the state of health of the body, it takes into account the activities carried out by the individual. the app will ask the user if they are resting, recently exercising, working and more. instant heart rate does this process so that the results it gives are more accurate.

but not all things in this app are great.

It is understandable that since the app is free, there are a lot of ads in this app. the app contains ads so that the app can earn some money. But the instant heart rate app not only has ads, it also has features that cannot be accessed unless the user purchases them.

note: contains in-app purchases.

3. cardiac diagnosis

heart diagnostics is a sung do kim health measurement app. The app measures the user’s heart rate by using the smartphone’s camera. all the user has to do is place their fingertip gently on the camera lens. after that the app will turn on the camera flash. then it will record the heart rate through the recorded finger video.

great, right?

The heart diagnostic app also tells the user if he has any disease that can be detected by his heart rate. the following diseases are arrhythmia, bradycardia and tachycardia. Getting results is quick and easy, and this is a big plus when you want to know if you have health problems.

although there are some negative things about this app.

The app has some ads that continue to show after testing. it is quite complicated but the app needs those ads if they want to earn money especially since the app is free. but the worst thing about the app is that some features can only be used after watching some one-minute ads. however, the app is also offered in a premium version. the premium version has no ads and all features are available.

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4. preventative heartbeat

preventicus health app is one of the most successful german health apps for android. This ECG app allows you to easily monitor your heart rate with a smartphone camera.

In addition to this, you can also use this app regularly as it helps to identify undetected heart rhythm diseases. This application analyzes and documents your measurements that are made in quality comparable to ECG. You can also collect and document your EKG results.

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FAQ-ecg apps for android

to sum it all up: ecg apps for android

We know that people want to prioritize their health without having to go to much trouble to do so. that’s why it’s great that now we can do almost everything using our android devices. No wonder ECG apps for android are now available for download. These apps may have some limits and not be as rare as the real thing, but it’s a great way to check your body condition right away. Now, to help you with your search for the most suitable ECG app for you, we have made this list. we tested all these apps to give you a general idea of ​​the service you can get from them.

Did you find the best ecg app for android with the help of our list? Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below.featured image credits

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