Sample Direct Mail Marketing Letters – Direct Mail Sales Letter Examples

elements of a direct mail letter

Direct mail is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. To get the most out of it, please read all of the direct mail examples below and keep them in mind when designing or creating your direct mail elements. There are some constants to a direct mail letter. let us know shortly.


the letterhead contains the logo, name, address and contact details of the company. makes your direct mail look professional. in the case of postcards, the letterhead area can look completely different and obviously more creative. but it remains the same for all direct mail pieces and is an essential element of your mail as it informs the audience about your identity. letterhead introduces your brand and makes your ad look professional and legitimate.

There are three ways to print your letterhead on your direct mail articles. either print the lettering designs directly onto the letterhead, or print the letterhead and letter together. the third option comes in when you design a letterhead, especially for a particular campaign or campaign. in this case, too, companies get their special letterhead and letter printed entirely.


many companies just skip this part and are content to send mail without an address. While reasonable for small businesses that can’t afford to send personalized letters, addressed mail works much better. For better targeting and cost reduction, businesses can use a print and mail API like Postgrid that helps you run direct mail marketing campaigns cost-effectively and productively.

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a generic introduction like dear sir/madam may not grab the attention of the audience. but, even generic layouts can be customized to some extent.

for example, “dear computer user”, “dear st. charles student”, or “dear seattle resident”.

postgrid can help you use variable data printing and personalize each letter with the recipient’s name and address for an all-in-one fee.

opening paragraph

The first sentence of your letter should be the most important and compelling. The opening paragraph should explain the purpose of your letter and create interest among readers. should keep readers engaged enough to read the following paragraphs.

Naturally, the opening paragraph is your chance to make a powerful first impression. you can ask about the well-being of the reader and guide them to your real message.

letter body

Coming to the main part, the body of the letter should explain everything clearly. You should explain why you are writing the letter and what you want from the reader. discuss the benefits he plans for them and tell them how they can take advantage of them. the body can be divided into two or three paragraphs for clarity and understanding. the following things can be included in the body of your letter:

  • call to action: calls your readers to take action. It could be anything like calling him on the number mentioned, scanning the qr code, visiting the link below, taking the letter to his store, posting an instagram photo and tagging him, making a purchase, etc. Including a prepaid reply card is also one of the best emails to include in your direct mail. you can create a sense of urgency by adding deadlines and making your readers feel like they need to respond as quickly as possible.
  • Discounts and Deals: The main purpose of a direct mail piece is to offer something to your prospects in exchange for them completing the cta, which either seals the deal or brings them closer to conversion. therefore, adding offers is the most important part of direct mail sales letter examples. outlet coupons, rebate and discounts are great direct mail offers. You can also combine two or more offers to increase the impact of your mailing. you can offer additional discounts on additional purchases or refer a friend, and so on. don’t forget to add some offers against a cta. Combined email and offer are the primary response mechanism for direct mail campaigns.
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reiterate your message and proposal using a ps statement at the end of the letter. summarizes all your offer and allows readers to decide better. many readers tend to skip the entire letter and read the p line at the end. It clearly commands attention, so make sure you choose the right words for your postscript.

some postscript examples include “p.s. you can stay safe at home and still help others by donating at” or “p.s. your chance to get 2 items for the price of 1 is good only until May 15.” 2021, so visit our online store and start shopping right away.”

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