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Your account will automatically be activated. To access your account, go to https://drive.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu.

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I already have a UC Davis Google Apps account. Where do I log in?

To access your Google Apps account, go to https://drive.google.com/a/ucdavis.edu and enter your CAS/Kerberos username and password.

What if I already have a non-UC Davis Google account or Gmail account?

Creating a UC Davis Google Apps account will not affect an existing personal Google or Gmail account, unless the personal Google account was created with your
ucdavis.edu email address. If a user had established, prior to the roll-out, a personal Google account using their ucdavis.edu email address, they will now encounter an account conflict. In these cases, the user now has two accounts – the personal Google account and the UC Davis Google account. Users can resolve this conflict by following the steps in the Conflicting Accounts knowledge base article.

Google offers some tools for moving data between accounts. Further information on data movement options can be found in the following Google support articles:

Account merge and data move optionsMoving your data manuallyMigrated data between Google Apps accounts

Additionally, users may find the Conflicting Accounts troubleshooter helpful.

I work for the UC Davis Health System. Can I sign up for Google Apps?

No. Because of the transmission of sensitive data related to HIPAA, it is against University of California policy for the UC Davis Health System to use Google Apps.

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Do temporary affiliates also get Google Apps?

Yes, all computing accounts will receive Google Apps once the account is created.

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What is the difference between the Google Apps you use with a personal account and the Google Apps that UC Davis is offering for use with campus accounts?

Using Google Apps with your campus account will provide more storage and privacy, and eliminate the ads. Storage quota is unlimited, versus the 15 GB that free Google Apps users receive. Also, the UC Davis Google Apps are ad-free and include certain University of California contractual protections against Google mining your personal data.

Don’t students already have Google Apps, including Gmail?

Yes. They use DavisMail, which is based on Gmail and includes most Google Apps. Additionally, students now have access to Google+ and its many associated tools, including Google Hangouts.

Do students, faculty, and staff have access to the same Google Apps?

Yes, except that only students have the UC Davis version of Gmail (aka DavisMail). Departments selecting DavisMail for their email service will have the same access and functionality as students.

If I sign up, do I have to use all of the Google Apps?

No – Google has granted and removed access to specific applications without notice to UC Davis.

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Why is Google asking me for my age?

Google asks for this information to determine if the user is over 13-years-old. If you enter a birthdate that establishes you as under 13-years-old, Google will lock your account. If this happens, contact the IT Express Service Desk at (530) 754-4357 for instructions on how to unlock your account.

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Where can I learn more or get support for Google Apps?

To learn more about Google Apps for Education, visit http://learn.googleapps.com. For help with Google Apps for Education, contact Google by clicking the Help link at the top right-hand corner for the Google App you are using.

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