Creating a google calendar account that uses your business email address

I have a personal Google account, which I use for Google Calendar. Sometimes, I have calendar invites addressed to my work account, which is not hosted by Google.

Is there a way to manage (or at least read) my work account calendar from my personal Google calendar?



Share it (with your personal one) or grab the iCal file, and import that into Google Calendar (You can take the Google Calendar iCal file and import to the work calendar too, if desired).

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If anyone else has had this problem recently, I have another solution. Through one”s Google account they can access the Personal Info section where, under the Advanced Email Settings, they can add an alternate email address (non-Google work email address). This not only allows one to log in to their Gmail account with their work email address (using their Google password), but also allows them to view and accept invitations to events with their personal email account on behalf of their work email account.

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