¿Cómo cerrar una sesión de Gmail en todos los dispositivos?

Who does not usually leave the gmail session open on their computer or mobile? Normally, on a personal computer to which only we have access, this is not a big problem, but what happens when that computer has access to other people (family, co-workers, strangers, etc.). if we have not closed the session when we leave, we run the risk that anyone has access to our email account. In this article we are going to explain how to log out of gmail on all devices.

log out of gmail on all devices

gmail is one of the most used email services, in addition, the google account with which we access it, gives us access to many other functions, applications and third-party services. but as we said, it is not unusual that when we finish checking the mail or end the working day, we leave the computer without closing the gmail session. this poses a risk, especially if that computer has access to more people (for example, a shared computer at work).

That a third party can access our gmail account implies quite a few risks, not only of seeing content and private conversations, but also that they could pretend to be us to contact other people. Therefore, it is important to log out of gmail on all devices that we use to access mail and that can be used by other people.

apart from these security issues, there is another reason, this time in the practical field, to log out of gmail, since if you have multiple sessions open with other gmail or google accounts, in order to access certain services or applications with the desired account, they will have to close the others.

To know how to log out of gmail when there are several accounts open, only you have to continue reading, because the procedure is the same as a single account.

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how to log out of gmail on a pc?

perhaps you are thinking «how do I log out of gmail if I have left it open on another computer?» the truth is that you will be able to access your gmail account from any computer without problem, since the session is started on another computer, it will not prevent you from accessing the account from another place.

so if you realize that we have left your session open on your work computer, in a cyber or in the university library, all you have to do is follow these steps to log out gmail on pc remotely:

  • on another computer, go to gmail and sign in with your account.
  • in the inbox, scroll all the way down and in the bottom right corner you will see the text “Last activity of the account” and under “details”. click on “details”.

cerrar sesión de Gmail en un PC

  • an activity window will appear listing all recent account sessions, including the one left open for you.
  • press the “close all other web sessions” button gmail” (will only appear if you have another web session open) and you will automatically be logged out of the other computer.

Cerrar todas las demás sesiones web de Gmail

how to log out of gmail from another device?

what if I can’t log out of gmail from the web? There are other alternatives, as we will see below.

from your google account page

From the page of our google account we will be able to close the session of the gmail account opened on any device, even those that we have forgotten that we have ever logged in on them and do not close it (for example, a mobile that already let’s not use), since from here we can see all the devices where the session is open.

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The steps to follow to close the session are as follows:

  • access my google account and log in (if we don’t have it already logged in).
  • click on “security” and go to “your devices”.

Desde la página de tu cuenta de Googl

  • click there to access device management.

gestión de dispositivos

  • we select the device in which we want to close the session with respect to it.
  • several buttons will appear, we must click on “close session” to close access to the account from that device concrete.

Cerrar sesión desde dispositivo concreto

how to log out of gmail on mobile

we have seen how to close the gmail session from the pc, but can we close the gmail account from the mobile? the answer is yes, but with a “but”, and that is yes you are wondering how to close the gmail session in the mobile app, this is not possible.

so to close gmail on android or on iphone you will have to do it from the browser you use on your mobile.

the steps to log out of gmail on iphone or on android are the same as for the pc, you will have to access the email or your google account from the browser and follow the same instructions .

This will be useful both for closing a session in gmail from a single account and from several from the mobile.

You can also log out of your gmail with third-party apps

although the methods that we have seen above are the fastest and easiest to close the gmail session that has left you open on another computer, there are other alternatives that you can try, although in this case you will need an application or extension from a third party, specifically those that allow remote access to the computer’s desktop, such as teamviewer, windows remote desktop or google chrome.

These methods are useful if you do not remember the password of your gmail account, but you must bear in mind that you must previously have these applications installed in order to remotely access the other computer, so that you can enter the other’s desktop computer and from there, log out of gmail by accessing the computer’s browser.

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also related to third-party applications, from your google account (which you can access as explained above), you will be able to see which applications have been granted access with your google account, that is, to which applications and services you access with your gmail or google credentials and revoke those permissions from there.

I want to automatically log out of gmail when I exit the browser, how can I do it?

if you use google chrome and you want to stop worrying about whether or not you leave the gmail session open, you can configure the browser so that when you leave the browser, the gmail session is automatically disconnected. we explain how to do it:

  • in chrome, type in the address bar: chrome://settings/content/cookies and press enter.
  • a browser settings window opens browser where you have to search for “keep local data only until you exit the browser” and toggle the switch to leave it in the on position.

so, every time you exit the browser, you will be logged out of gmail and when you log back in, it will ask you to enter your name and password.

if you are using mozilla firefox, the steps are as follows:

  • In the browser’s address bar, type: about:config and hit enter.
  • In the next window, find the preference “browser .sessionstore.privacy_level”. you will have to change the default value to 2.

These are all the ways you can log out of gmail on all devices so no one can access your emails.

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