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Whether you send it or receive it, your mail is important to you and to us. uu. postal service®. when mail is missing or delayed, we want to find it. If you think your package or mail is lost or delayed, please follow these steps to help us find your mail.

mail definition missing

Missing mail is mail that has not been delivered by the expected delivery date. this applies to packages that are not delivered, lost or delayed. If you’ve been lost, delayed, or missing for 7 days or more, you can:

  • go to search for missing mail for additional information.
  • submit a search request for missing mail at missingmail.usps.com.
  • file a claim (for insured items that meet the appropriate deadline).
  • visit your local Post Office™ location for help completing a missing mail request.
  • Call 1-800-275-8777 (1-800-ask-usps) to request the phone number of your local office of consumer affairs regarding a missing mail request.

Using the tracking numbers, you can check the delivery status online at USPS Tracking®.

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what type of mail can be searched?

The Postal Service™ will attempt to find and return your lost item(s), but submitting a search does not guarantee a successful result. We will return any piece of mail from which we can locate a good address or which matches an official search request. For the safety of our customers and employees, we cannot search for or return the following:

  • hazardous material
  • live ammunition
  • opened beauty/hair products
  • over-the-counter medications
  • prescription drugs
  • perishables/food
  • handguns, e.g. pistols, revolvers, and other firearms that can be concealed on the person will only be returned to an authorized dealer on your behalf.
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For more information on USPS security restrictions and shipping guidelines, visit USPS Shipping Restrictions.

send a search request for missing mail

To request a search for your missing mail, go to missingmail.usps.com and log in or register. complete your search request form by providing all the required information and select submit. You will receive a confirmation that your search request has been submitted. You can also go to the missing mail search history to check the status of your request at any time. If you’re not ready to submit your search request, you can submit it as a draft. spins expire after 7 days.

While it is highly recommended that you submit your search request online, you have other options available.

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what do I need to submit a missing mail search request?

You will need the following to complete a missing mail search request for a missing correspondence:

  • Sender and recipient addresses.
  • Ship date.
  • Tracking number(s) (highly recommended, if available).
  • important information regarding the shipment (type of container, size and color of the container or packaging). for example, 12 x 10 brown box lid on stickers.
  • Detailed description of the contents (title, color, size, brand, model, etc.) of each item. attach photos, if available, to help identify contents.

When can I submit a missing mail search request?

  • The earliest the missing mail request will allow you to submit a search request is seven days after the original submission date.
  • lo Most Recent Missing Mail Request will allow you to submit a search request 365 days after the original mailing date of the correspondence. we strongly suggest that you submit your search request as soon as possible within the 7-365 day period.
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How do I check the status of my missing mail search request?

You can access the missing mail search history page in the missing mail app to view the status of all sent search requests. You will also receive email notifications with status updates on your submitted searches. emails will be sent to the email address provided in “who can we contact about this search?” section of the search request form. In addition to email notifications for status updates, you will also receive a final resolution email for return mailings or search request expiration.

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What happens if my lost mail is recovered?

If your missing mail search request is successfully matched and your missing mail is recovered, the Postal Service™ will re-wrap your mail and send it to the address provided on the completed search request form. you will also receive an email notification that your correspondence has been found and the missing mail search request status will indicate “mail piece found”.

What if my lost mail is not found?

will continue to run a match on the missing mail system until it expires. If a search request fails to connect to any matches and eventually expires, you will receive an email notification that your item could not be found. the status of failed searches will change to “expired”.

Can I include multiple items in my search for missing mail request?

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If your mail contains multiple items, you can include all of those items in a single missing mail search request. Be sure to include descriptions for each item. After completing the description of your first article, select the option to add another article in the ‘content of your correspondence’. however, you cannot include multiple pieces of mail in a single search request. you must submit a separate missing mail search request for each missing mail piece.

Can I edit a submitted find request?

You can edit the content of your correspondence by selecting your search request on the missing mail search history page and then selecting the edit option. you can add or remove items or adjust the details of an item. however, you will not be permitted to edit any other information provided in your submitted search request. If other information is incorrect in the submitted find request, you have the option to cancel the find request and submit a new request with the accurate information.

How do I cancel a search request?

You have the ability to cancel a submitted search request by navigating to the missing mail search history page. From this page, you must locate the submitted request and select the ‘x’ to the right of your request or select the request and choose the ‘cancel’ option. the status of your search request will change to “cancelled”. no further matches will be attempted and no further email notifications will be sent.

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