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Wine is a fun, stylish, and easy gift to send to family and friends as a holiday gift, birthday present, or other special occasion. Unfortunately, it is illegal in the United States for unlicensed individuals to ship wine or other alcoholic beverages by any means (UPS, FedEx, or mail). so how can you send wine as a gift?

find a company that sends it for you

The only way to ship wine in the United States is with an authorized producer or retailer. Luckily, there are plenty of wineries and licensed retailers that you can buy through, and they will ship the wine on your behalf. We’re one of them, offering a variety of wines, wine gift baskets, and holiday wine gift baskets that we can ship almost anywhere in the US. uu.

That said, if you have a favorite winery or a local winery you’d like to support, you can contact them and see if they can ship across state lines. Unfortunately, due to many complex and outdated alcohol shipping restrictions left over from the days of Prohibition, most wineries are unable to ship out of state or across state lines as it is too expensive, complicated, and labor intensive. for most small wineries obtain the proper license. luckily, despite being small, here at voluptuary & Lucid Wines has a good friend who is an alcohol enforcement attorney so we have been able to get licenses in almost every state in the US! wow!

Some wine retailers and e-commerce sites can ship wine to you, but retailers also face severe restrictions on where they can ship. Our favorite retailer is Reciprocity Wines, which works with small natural growers and is a great small business to support. Most of the major wine e-commerce sites like, and others can ship to some but not all states. One problem you run into when ordering from these larger sites is that their selection is so vast that it’s hard to tell if you’re getting a really good bottle made by a serious winemaker or just a generic, mass-produced wine.

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choosing the right wine

Wine can be a very intimidating subject and people often have a hard time choosing which wine to buy. With over 1,000 common varieties of wine and over 10,000 producers in California alone, it’s no wonder it’s confusing! and then to account for taste, and you may not know what kind of wine your friend or family member likes. well, we’re here to help!

The first step is to ask your friend what kind of wine they like. Ideally, to avoid implying that you are going to buy them wine, but you know they like wine, you could ask them what wine they would suggest you buy for dinner or a special occasion. if they are wine lovers, they will probably end up rambling about wine for a while and accidentally reveal the type of wine they like.

if you don’t want to ask, then another alternative is to play it safe. Most people like red wine blends, like our l.08 “wanderlust” red blend, because they’re smooth and balanced, so they’re generally a crowd-pleaser. if you know they’re a more serious connoisseur, you might want to buy them a bottle of cabernet sauvignon like our “rave” l.07, as serious drinkers tend to love cabernets. Lastly, if you’re a more casual wine drinker, a white or rosé wine like our “Urban Flora” l.02 rosé is a great option.

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If you’re still not sure, the safest, easiest, and simplest way to make sure they’ll like the wine you give them is to get them a wine variety pack or gift basket! You can do this by simply ordering a few bottles, or you can purchase a gift basket. these make great gifts and are well received. the only downside to these options is that they can be a bit pricey at times. If you’re looking for a cheaper option that offers a lot of variety, you can buy a mix pack of mini bottles of wine, like our wine tasting packs.

make sure the wine arrives safely and on time

nothing is worse than receiving a package you’re excited to receive only to find it’s broken or receiving it after you needed it. That’s why the timely and safe arrival of your wine is so important, especially for gift giving.

Professional wine shipping companies, wineries and retailers are required to package their wine in packaging designed specifically to protect the wine during shipping. however, there is a huge learning curve for many smaller warehouses and new shippers, and breakages are common with many suppliers. sometimes one would think that the delivery people are throwing the packages away instead of delivering them!

here at voluptuary & Lucid Wines, we are an e-commerce focused winery, and our years of experience shipping wine has allowed us to perfect the process. our breakage and late delivery rates approach zero and are industry leading. Delivering your package on time and in perfect condition is essential to us, and we will.

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As if all that wasn’t enough, weather can be a major issue. if a shipper tries to ship wine when it is too cold: the wine will freeze and the bottle will burst. he try to ship wine when it is too hot, and the wine will expand through thermal expansion, pop the cork out and spill wine everywhere. even if the wine survives these conditions, its flavor will be damaged. Experienced shippers like us handle this for you, watching weather patterns across the country and shipping quickly on the appropriate days to avoid any problems and ensure the wine arrives in perfect condition.

If you want to ship wine, the main message is that it’s complicated, but definitely possible with the right partner! here at voluptuous & Lucid Wine We are pleased to offer an easy way to ship wine to almost anywhere in the United States. if you want to send a bottle of wine, a wine gift basket or a bottle of wine & food pairing, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding gift, thanksgiving, christmas, hanukkah, congratulations, thank you gift, mother’s day, father’s day, or any other festive wine gift occasion, we’ve got you covered! /p>

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