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wait, how many days until christmas? Hanukkah ends when?

If the holidays (or a major birthday) have sneaked up on you this year, chances are you’ve waited until the last minute to shop for gifts. don’t worry, the perfect gift is just an email away.

We offer a list of gift cards, subscription services, and e-books (opens in a new tab) for the special people in your life that you didn’t want to forget. Send your co-worker a thank you Starbucks gift card (Opens in a new tab) or present your grandmother with an audiobook she’ll love.

These gifts can be downloaded via email or redeemed on mobile, making it the most convenient holiday shopping you’ll ever experience.

1. itunes gift card (opens in a new tab)

good standby, an itunes gift card is always appreciated (opens in a new tab). Your recipient can download any music, from Justin Bieber to Michael Bublé, to their iTunes and later mobile devices.

2. a music subscription (Opens in a new tab)

Send the gift of unlimited music with a subscription to Pandora (Opens in a new tab) for $9.99/month, available in the us. USA, Canada and Brazil.

3. Food & Groceries-Opens in a new tab

Perfect for college students who might otherwise splurge on holiday money on video games and skydiving, food and grocery gift cards will ensure your loved ones are well-fed—or caffeinated, if you opt for Starbucks( opens in a new tab) path . Or try Whole Foods eGift Cards (opens in a new tab) for a healthier option.

4. local gift cards- opens in a new tab

and when we say “local”, we really mean it. services like giftrocket(opens in a new tab) and giftly(opens in a new tab) allow you to add a gift card to almost any local business. (Trust us, we stopped our favorite local deli, and we’re forever believers.)

giftrocket also allows you to purchase universal gift cards (opens in a new tab) that deposit a designated amount of cash into your recipient’s PayPal or bank account.

5. taskrabbit(opens in a new tab)

Does your mom need help turning off the Christmas lights? Is your brother having trouble designing his website? send them each a taskrabbit gift card via email (opens in a new tab), which they can redeem for services in their area. taskrabbit continues to expand, but for now the company serves 43 metropolitan areas in the us. uu. and UK

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6. eBooks (Opens in a new tab)

E-readers are already incredibly popular. If you know a friend or family member who has one (or is about to receive one as a gift), send that person the gift of reading. buy kindle books (Opens in a new tab) by clicking the “give as a gift” widget on each book page of the kindle store. the same goes for the corner bookstore. both services send ebooks via email. it’s that simple!

7.(opens in a new tab) audible

send audiobooks for grandma’s long car rides through audible. give away monthly subscriptions or select individual books, both delivered via email.

8. streaming video service- opens in a new tab

For your movie-loving friends, give the gift of on-demand entertainment by emailing them subscriptions to Hulu Plus(Opens in a new tab) or Netflix(Opens in a new tab), both of which are available for purchase in increments.

9. airfare (opens in a new tab)

Buy your kids their next flight home or contribute to a friend’s honeymoon plane ticket by sending airline gift cards via email. Major airlines like Southwest(opens in a new tab) and United(opens in a new tab) participate in digital gift giving.

10. Major Online Retailers-Opens in a new tab

You can’t go wrong with eGift Cards to these top retailers – they’ve got something for everyone: Best Buy(opens in a new tab), Amazon(opens in a new tab), and Gilt(opens in a new tab). new) in a new tab).

11. skincare- opens in a new tab

Many people care about their skin, so a skincare gift card isn’t a bad idea. Unless they’re very close to you, then you probably don’t know their skin’s sensitivity levels or what kinds of scents they prefer in a lotion, so you can’t go wrong when choosing gift cards for Kiehl’s (opens in a new tab ) or murad(opens in a new tab).

12. home improvement- opens in a new tab

home depot(opens in a new tab) is one of the largest home improvement stores in the us. uu. and has a wide variety of supplies, from appliances and power tools to lawn furniture and home decor. You can help your friend or loved one get started on replacing that old dresser in the bedroom or changing the tile on the bathroom wall with a Home Depot eGift Card. (opens in a new tab)

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13. wine(opens in a new tab)

The only thing better than a good bottle of wine is a free bottle of wine. Let your recipient choose from thousands of must-have wines and accessories with a wine.com email gift card (opens in a new tab).

The site will email your recipient all the information they need and send them a physical gift card inside a special greeting card to make a great gift impression.

14. fitness-opens in a new tab

give the gift of fitness. classpass(opens in a new tab) memberships offer thousands of fitness classes in 39 cities across the us. From sweaty hot yoga to best-in-class boxing. Whether your recipient is a long-time ClassPass lover (opens in a new tab) or new to exercise, this gift is a great way to help them reach their fitness goals. best of all, you can enter any amount you want so your friend can find a class for any budget.

15. walks(opens in a new tab)

Who doesn’t like free travel from point a to point b? Consider these eGift Cards from Uber (Opens in a new tab) and Lyft. (opens in a new tab)

16. movie(opens in a new tab) entries

Streaming is great and all, but nothing compares to the experience at the movies. We bet the movie buff in your life would love to catch a movie or two for free. Fandango eGift Cards (Opens in a new tab) give patrons access to theaters across the country, including Regal, AMC, Cinemark, Carmike and many others.

17. cosmetics(opens in a new tab)

Fragrance lovers and budding beauty bloggers will love this instant gift card (opens in a new tab) to sephora. plus, shoppers who use a $50 or more gift card will receive a free 45-minute personalized exchange.

18. airbnb(opens in a new tab)

Help your best friend book her next family vacation, group trip, or romantic getaway with an airbnb email gift card. (Opens in a new tab) With a little help from you, your friend can use Airbnb to explore more than a million homes in over 34,000 cities, including Paris, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, and New York.

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19. games (opens in a new tab)

Games bring people together. why not give the gamer in your life a digital gift card for gamestop(opens in a new tab) that he or she can redeem online or in-store at game stops across the country?

20. amazon prime(opens in a new tab)

all recipients can use an amazon prime membership. (opens in a new tab) prime gives you access to free two-day shipping on over 100 million items along with thousands of movies and TV shows. also includes access to millions of songs and e-books.

offers a one-year membership for $99 or a three-month membership for $38.97 on amazon.com (opens in a new tab), though prices will increase beginning May 11.

subscription boxes (opens in a new tab)

Instantly send a service subscription gift to anyone you love. the only drawback is that cratejoy(opens in a new tab) will need the recipient’s mailing address, so be prepared for that extra step. but with a wide selection of personality types to choose from, we promise it’s worth it. These are some of our favorites:

21. supplies planner for girls(opens in a new tab)

We all have that extremely organized person in our lives who is great at strategizing and planning ahead. This person appreciates bullet journals, special office supplies, and daily planners to help them make their dreams come true. this diary junkie box is perfect for them. (Opens in a new tab) is customized to the months and seasons and will deliver stationery, bookmarks, sticky notes, and more.

22. basic man(opens in a new tab)

Simple guys aren’t hard to buy for, just buy him something simple. (duh!) this basic men’s box (opens in a new tab) will send you a new t-shirt, a pair of boxer briefs, and a pair of socks every month. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

23. jackie’s chocolates (opens in a new tab)

Chocolate lovers will swoon over this subscription box. (opens in a new tab) comes in three different sizes ranging from a quarter pound to a full pound of handcrafted artisan chocolates. You’ll earn big points (and save big) when you get the annual subscription so your recipient can enjoy creamy truffles, chewy candies, and crunchy nuts month after month.

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