Can i mail my tax return in a regular envelope

The mail-in tax return service was one of the first methods of paying taxes. Although most Americans use electronic means to pay their taxes today, there are still citizens who maintain traditional ways to meet their tax responsibilities.

all information submitted to the internal revenue service (irs) electronically or in person must maintain the quality standards required by the institution. For this reason, some citizens wonder if I can send my tax return in a regular envelope, what are the official mailing agencies and other questions that we will answer in the following letters.

how do you file your taxes in the newspaper?

Tax returns can be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by mail. although not the fastest alternative, you can use the u.s. postal service to deliver your tax returns.

Federal agencies encourage all citizens to file their applications electronically. since the pandemic, 90 percent of taxpayers have completed their tax returns online.

You can if you prefer to mail your taxes. do not send them in one envelope when you need to file multiple tax returns. a maximum of two returns are allowed per envelope, but individual envelopes with identification and fiscal year are recommended.

can I send my tax return in a regular envelope?

yes, you can use a regular envelope to mail your tax return. It is important to return the envelope clean and without imperfections. all forms and attachments should be stapled in the upper left corner of the page.

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use a secure shipping method

To send mail to the IRS office, you must choose a secure form of delivery. Please use certified mail with a return receipt requested when sending these documents. make sure the envelope is postmarked.

Although the irs address applies to almost all shipments, not all returns should be sent to the same address. for example, estimated payments, form 1040-es, amended returns, and irs form 4868 for tax extensions are sent to unique, individual addresses.

suppose you want to know which address to send your return to, check the official irs website for links to each lesson. You can also view it by copying and pasting this link:

how to file a tax return if you are outside the united states?

You can only mail the return to the IRS mailing address if you live in the United States. if the taxpayer is outside the country, they must send it by a private delivery service.

irs approved private tax delivery services include fedex, ups and dhl express.


use next day priority, next day standard, 2 days, international priority, international first, next day first, international first to next flight or international economy

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this service for mailing irs tax returns is postmarked. the different shipping alternatives are as follows:

express priority mail

  1. delivery in one or two business days
  2. tracking is included, so you know where your shipment is.
  3. eligible to click and ship
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priority mail

  1. one to three business day delivery
  2. include tracking, so you know where your shipment is
  3. eligible to click and ship
  4. eligible for shipping certificate

first class mail

  1. one to five business day delivery
  2. additional services available
  3. eligible for certificate of shipment

dhl express

use dhl express, dhl express worldwide, dhl express envelope, dhl import express or import express worldwide.

tips for filing taxes by mail

Although the postal service was not so saturated a few decades ago, people still maintain tax payments through these channels. If you are sending your documents by mail, follow these tips:

post office information

Make sure the post office you’re sending mail to is still open. On the official IRS website, you can find the current post office to send your documents. To find your post office, copy this link into your preferred browser a payment.

mail your return by first class mail

It is safer to send your return by first class mail with certified mail, return receipt requested.

put the sender’s address on the envelope

The return address on the envelope is the only way to resolve if there is a problem with the return.

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