Cách đăng nhập vào outlook trên web

In this article, you will learn how to create an email account from the two most popular email services, Gmail and Hotmail (Outlook).

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Currently, most applications, online services, games . require users to create an account and login to use. Or at least ask users to use their Email account to link the login instead of the main account of the website, that application.

The most popular is still email accounts like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo. How to create an email account on the phone is quite simple, with just a few steps to fill in the information and confirm that you have already set up an email account on the phone. If you have never used an email, please see the instructions for setting up an email account below to create a new email on your phone.

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Instructions on how to create email on the phone

How to create Gmail on your phone

Gmail is a free email service that supports ads developed by Google. Users can use many utilities such as storing, sending email, downloading data . accessing Gmail on the web and through applications on iOS or Android platform. Gmail began to introduce to users in limited beta in April 2004 and ended the beta phase on July 7, 2009.

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First go to this address and fill in the initial information like First and Last Name , then below you enter your Email account name . The bottom is 2 times the password, and finally click Next to confirm the account information.

To enter the contact information and date of birth, please enter your phone number at the top. Remember this number must be a mobile number, then enter an email address of a relative. This email will help you regain the room password when you forget it.

Next select your date of birth, select the gender and click Next .


Next, go to the phone number verification side, here you click Submit to Gmail to send the verification code to your phone number. If you do not want to confirm the phone number, you can click Next.

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Next is Gmail “s terms of service and data usage, scrolling down and you will see the I Agree button.


Soon your account will be logged into Gmail, so you”ve successfully created a Gmail account. If you want to use Gmail with the application, you can download the Gmail application on your phone and log in for normal use.


Create a Hotmail or Outlook account

Hotmail, aka Windows Live Hotmail. This is a popular Microsoft email service that was released on May 7, 2007. Besides Hotmail, there is Outlook, another mail management company in the same company, Microsoft. With Outlook you will have many other management features such as task management, contact management, notes .

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To create an Outlook or Hotmail account, please visit this link, next write your new email account in front. Then select the email type behind, the types you can create are outlook.com.vn, outlook.com and finally hotmail.com.


Next is the section to record user account information, enter your full name and click Next. Then select your country and territory, below choose your date, month and year of birth.


Next, select the language using email and time zone, and then click Save .


Finally, the email account is created and you are logged into Microsoft mail service. Like Gmail, you can download the Microsoft Outlook application to manage all the information in the email you just created.

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The above is how to create new email, register an email account on the phone, with the two most popular email types today are Gmail and Hotmail, Microsoft Outlook. With these two types of email, you can use it to log in to many other online services as well as use your email account to log in to service applications or game applications.

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