VNPost | International Money Order Service

is the service in which the recipient can go to the post office that provides the vietnam post corporation international money transfer service to receive money sent by relatives abroad

service description

the beneficiary can receive money from the sender at post offices that provide international money order service through the following channels: – postal network in many countries: france, usa, malaysia, singapore, belgium, china, czech republic , slovakia, latvia, azecbaijan , laos, cambodia, korea, belarus, japan, switzerland, thailand, philippines and pollen – international network with bakery organizations and money order companies around the world: bangkok bank, westion union, etc.


International money order service is provided at nearly 2,000 post offices across the country, of which 120 post offices provide transactions in foreign currency (USD).

characteristics of products, services

1. simple and comfortable procedure. 2. fast, accurate and secure. 3. Widespread accessibility. 4. Flexible service time.

table of service charges

no charges apply to beneficiaries

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