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BmailIf you are using Binghamton University resources for email, you are expected to abide by the Binghamton University Computer and Network Usage Policy.

email system – google apps

binghamton university has partnered with google to give our students, faculty, and staff access to the powerful communication and collaboration services available in the google apps education edition. Our previous email system was replaced with our implementation of Google Apps Education Edition during the spring semester of 2010.

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Specific applications that are available include Gmail (Bmail), Google Calendar, and Google Chat, as well as Google Drive and Google Sites. As the university’s provider of these applications, Google guarantees 99.9 percent uptime, in a safe and secure environment. google apps will provide larger mailboxes and allow sending and receiving larger attachments, the power of google search in email, access to a shared calendar system, expanded document storage, a document creation tool websites, an integrated chat service and compatibility with mobile devices. .

for more information, visit our google apps page at binghamton university.

mail accounts

all students, faculty, and staff are given a computer account and email account commonly called an email account.

Before you sign in to bmail/google apps for the first time, you need to create a strong password. To do this, go to here you will find additional instructions to reset your password. To set up your password, staff and faculty will need username and one-time password to allow creation of computer account and google password. Your email address is your

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Alumni Lifetime Email Account Password Reset Process

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To reset an alumni account that was created through the alumni office, go to For more information, click here.

install g-suite sync for outlook

For those who prefer to use Microsoft Outlook to manage email messages, Google provides G-Suite Sync for Microsoft Outlook to view your Binghamton email on your Windows computer. Please note that while Outlook may… read more

mail merge using word and outlook

For information on how to use Outlook and Word to merge mail, click here.

google groups & list servers

Google Groups are a convenient way to message groups of people with a common interest, including groups, departments, classes, or organizations. Google Groups provide similar functionality to traditional list servers, but give the group owner the ability to create and manage the group. many groups on campus use google groups to communicate with their members.

create a google group to send emails to your group, class department or organization

The help desk recommends creating a google group to efficiently manage messaging to your group, department, class, or organization. google groups require an owner with a binghamton university email address who can create, manage, and delete groups…read more.

add users to a google grouplog in to your binghamton email ( and click on groups from the applications menu. -open the group you want to manage -go to group settings -general -go to allow external members and select “on” so that… read more.

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To learn more about creating a Google Group, visit self-service.

add or remove listserv owners

listserv owners can add new owners or remove owners from their lists by logging in to log in by entering your binghamton email address and listserv password. if you don’t have a listserv password…read more.

cannot add a subscriber to listserv – log file error

A list owner may see the following error when trying to add a subscriber to a list server: “(email address) is not yet in the log file. Please specify the person’s full name as in add mylist joe h smith”. if you are adding subscribers…read more.

check your binghamton university email regularly

binghamton university email addresses are relied on by university offices and individual members of the university community as their primary means of communication both to individuals (via emails individual electronic mail) as well as for the community in general. (via list servers and other multi-recipient transmissions). Although some mail, both “official” and unofficial, is sent by both email and hard copy, the university sends all official mail to faculty, staff, and students at their individual email addresses in the domain. “” and sometimes only to those addresses. by “official” we mean such things as grades, offers (and denials) of employment, overdue book and book arrival notices, tuition and fee bills, probation, suspension or termination notices, and letters of termination. praise or reprimand, among many others. other important and time-sensitive communications that we might mention. For that reason, all faculty, staff, and students are required to check their Binghamton email frequently and are expected to do so at least weekly during the academic year while classes are in session. individual professors and others may require even more frequent checks by, for example, students enrolled in a particular course or employees working in a particular office. Users should recognize that their email may contain important and highly sensitive information that they may wish to ensure remains secure and confidential by not allowing others to access it.

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email filtering

Viruses, worms, and spam (unsolicited commercial email) have become increasingly prevalent in email sent to the university community, some of which can cause damage to our infrastructure and lead to costly downtime. In order to protect the integrity of campus computing, Google provides spam filtering for campus email. click here for more information. in gmail.

transfer messages from google account

To transfer your messages to another google account, sign in to with the account you want to transfer from and click the binghamton university logo in the upper right corner of the screen and… read more.

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