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Too often, Valentine’s Day is celebrated with mediocre boxes of chocolate and cheap, convenient wine rushed to the supermarket on the way to date night. while we appreciate the consideration of at least buying something, we’d rather you leave those last-minute boxes of chocolate and wine on the shelves in favor of something a little more flavorful.

This year we’ve rounded up some great options that will get you (and your loved one) out of the same rut at the grocery store. From do-it-yourself food delivery kits for date night or family dinner, to sweet and savory snacks, and yes, even great wine, we’ve got exactly what you should get your loved one this Valentine’s Day. he loves food.

hopefully when your sweetheart opens these presents, they’ll fall a little more in love with each sweet and salty bite. scroll down to see all 18 selections.

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  • valentines day sweets and wine
  • valentines day savory snacks
  • food gifts for kids for valentine’s day

food kits for Valentine’s Day

topsail steamer valentine’s day steam pot dinner

There’s nothing like a seafood dinner to show someone you care, especially if you live in the heart of the country where fresh seafood is hard to come by. Gavia’s Valentine’s Day Steam Pot Dinner comes with enough food for two to three people with seafood, sides, heart-shaped cheesecake, and cornbread. this is a meal you won’t soon forget.

the hummus and pita kit with falafel for 6

if your valentines day tradition includes a family dinner, consider this falafel kit that can feed six people. the kit comes with everything you need, including the falafel maker, to have a tasty dinner. Every ingredient in the kit is shipped from the Middle East so you know it will be as authentic as possible without having to buy a plane ticket.

luke’s lobster date night package

One way to show you really care is with lobster. luke’s lobster date night package includes one pound of deep-frozen lobster meat, four new england scones, one packet of luke’s secret seasoning, two bowls of clam chowder and two red velvet cakes for a delicious meal .

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hello cool a lovely night in

If you subscribe to Hello Fresh or have been thinking about it, Valentine’s Day is a great time for a date night. this year hello fresh will prepare a three-course valentine’s day meal consisting of -ricotta crostini to start. subscribers can choose between a beef tenderloin with asparagus and truffle puree or a vegan portobello mushroom with asparagus and truffle puree for their entree. Completing the meal is a vanilla cheesecake for dessert.

sweets and wine for Valentine’s Day

bottle of plum wine with sugar box of truffles, 12 units

This box of a dozen artisan truffles comes in a fun wine bottle shaped box. While not all truffles are wine-flavored, there are some alcohol-flavored options, including champagne, rum, and Irish cream.

amborella organics, I love you!

These adorable popsicles come in a variety of flavors, and the real candy serving includes edible herbs and flowers that make the popsicles feel more grown-up and fancy. once the candy is gone, the recipient can plant the stick in the ground and water it, and soon a new herb or flower will appear, making this the gift that keeps on giving.

magnolia bakery chocolate covered strawberry pudding party bowl

Magnolia Bakery is known for its decadent banana pudding, but for Valentine’s Day they whip up an indulgent chocolate covered strawberry pudding. the fudge is made with a mix of vanilla pudding, roasted strawberries, chocolate cake, and a rich fudge frosting.

valentín roselach bakery bread, 12 units

breads bakery is known for its rugelach, which is a combination of a biscuit and a cake all mixed into one delicious baked good. for valentine’s day, the bakery prepares a special rugelach that tastes like almond marzipan and rose water. They’re a bright red when they come out of the oven, perfect for your sweetie who loves roses but also loves baked goods.

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valentines day by vinebox, date night

valentine’s day and wine just go together. With this date night box from vinebox, you and your loved one can enjoy a wine tasting experience with two reds and one white wine in yours and mine boxes.

long-stemmed buttercream frosted cookie flowers from cheryl’s cookies

Let them know you care with this cookie bouquet. Each bouquet can be arranged as a pack of six or 12 cookies, and is beautifully packaged in a box where they won’t squash or fall apart on the way to the recipient.

dirty cookie valentine’s diy cookie shot decorating kit

Cookie shot glasses are a fun and edible way to enjoy a drink with your partner. Kit includes six cookie shots in four different flavors, plus decorations and an instruction card. After you have fun decorating the cookies, pour some milk (or Irish cream), drink, and then eat the cookie.

vosges chocolate love potion with champagne truffles

vosges chocolate has combined decadent chocolate with sparkling champagne in one perfect bite with these truffles. each of the five artisan truffles is made with krug champagne and creme de cassis, then coated in 85 percent dark chocolate and topped with a small piece of sparkling 23-karat gold leaf. It speaks of a luxury bite.

savory sandwiches for Valentine’s Day

murray cheese valentines day collection

Charcuterie and cheese boards are still a big trend, especially for Valentine’s Day. So why not order some cheese and wine pairings delivered? Murray’s Cheese Valentine’s Day Collection features three different types of cheese, including a heart-shaped option, along with chocolate and oatmeal cake spreads for fun.

box of wild cereals

Something we love more than most is carbohydrates, especially in the form of bread. If your loved one is the same way, then consider a Wildgrain Box subscription, where you’ll get artisanal sourdough bread and pasta delivered straight to your door every month. each box has a variety of frozen bread that bakes in just 25 minutes and leaves the house smelling like it’s been baking all day.

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food gifts for kids for valentine’s day

the unicorn cookie cup baking kit

Kids deserve something fun to make on Valentine’s Day too, and that’s where the Unicorn Cookie Cup Baking Kit comes in. The kit comes with everything they’ll need to make adorable unicorn cookies with the help of an adult. This is a Valentine’s Day keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

sparkling runamok syrup

Let’s be honest, kids love anything that glitters. Runamok Sparkling Syrup is made with food-grade edible glitter that shimmers and shimmers as it pops out of the bottle. the syrup is perfect for valentine’s day pancakes and waffles.

eastern standard provisions “hey hot stuff” liege gourmet belgian waffles gift box

Kids love waffles, especially if they come partially dipped in chocolate like some of the waffles in this gift box from Eastern Standard Supplies. what makes them even more delicious is that there are bits of pearl sugar in the waffle batter, making them a sweet and crunchy bite.

create your own tropical fruit box

If you have a child who loves to try new fruits, then consider this exciting tropical fruit box, where they can have up to six fruits they may have never seen shipped directly to your home. Fruits that can be included range from the instagram-worthy pink pineapple to sweet red bananas and the unusual but delicious prickly pear.

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