Best Shoes For Mail Carriers For 2022 Reviewed

Are you in a hurry? Check out the best shoes for postmen below:

postal mail service is one of the most important jobs in delivering messages or packages from one point to another. in fact, you’ll hear the mail carriers recite their creed that says, “neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night prevents these couriers from quickly completing their assigned rounds.”

dressed for service, one of the most important garments is the postman’s footwear. even benjamin franklin himself, who by the way is one of the most renowned postmen, knew the importance of having the best footwear for the service. these shoes must be mail-in approved and be black in accordance with the dress code.

The right footwear is not only important to ensure you stay comfortable on your feet all day, but also to keep your feet light and comfortable while you do it. To help make your job easier, we have compiled for you the 8 best shoes for postmen for you to peruse.

here the best shoes for postmen

new balance ww577 walking sneakers

These fantastic shoes have been voted, almost unanimously, as one of the best shoes for postmen. the design is one for comfort and balance. the athletic ww577 will really bolster your performance and propel you through all the designated rounds.

The upper of the shoes is made of 100% breathable leather, which is strong and durable against abrasions. the leather is also dust resistant to help you maintain that professional look. the durability of the leather makes all footwear withstand most weather conditions.

inside, both the collars and the entire lining have been padded with the new abzorb cushioning technology. there is also a lightweight polyurethane midsole. This lightweight, cushioned midsole gives you ultimate comfort by supporting your ankles and protecting your feet at the same time. the cushioning is also capable of absorbing the impacts of any type of strides, sprints or walks. you can rest assured that you can last a whole day or those extra long shifts in these shoes.

As if that weren’t enough, traction on all types of terrain is enhanced by their rubber outsoles. These rubber soles are made up of soles with flex grooves that offer you much-appreciated flexibility of movement in any direction. the use of rubber in the soles, the leather and the cushioning system makes them very light. we certainly guarantee that you will feel more comfortable, faster and more agile in these.


  • It has a padded collar for a comfortable fit.
  • Ideal for all weather or weather conditions.
  • Interior padding adds an extra layer of protection for feet and a snug fit.
  • the leather is dust-resistant and makes the shoe breathable and durable, saving you money.
  • rubber soles have a Firm grip on slippery surfaces. and rough surfaces as well as improving its flexibility while in use.


  • being one of the best, they are very expensive.
  • they do not offer the best arch support.


If you don’t care about price and prefer comfort, these are the shoes for you. Its light, snug and comfortable fit will allow you to carry out your duties all day without fatigue or stress on your feet. Abzorb cushioning technology also helps absorb shock from surfaces, thus keeping feet healthy.

rocky tmc mail-in approved plain toe oxford shoes

Another shelf with the best shoes for mailmen are the single-toe oxfords. they mean business while they are approved by mail. They’re sleek and stylish, giving you a keen professional look with 1.5″ heels, 1.0″ platforms, and 4″ height.

what makes them special is their waterproof full-grain leather. this allows it to perform its duties even in the most adverse weather conditions. the leather also prevents splashes of water from getting your feet wet in humid environments. They also have a non-metallic stabilizer that gives your feet maximum support and protection.

They have a comfortable inner lining with a comfortable space for the toes to improve comfort during use. The outsole consists of a slip and oil resistant direct bonded TPU/PU TMC foam that provides good flexibility, stability and grip no matter the size of your stride. The insole has a rocky air port system for exclusive foot cushioning, shock absorption and a snug fit.


  • the rocky air-port insole cushions the feet and makes it very comfortable to wear for a long time without stress on the feet.
  • the lining inside the shoe prevents moisture to dry feet.
  • water-resistant full-grain leather makes it durable and practical in wet environments.
  • also detects an aegis microbe shield to keep dirt and dust out.
  • It’s easy to buff or wipe clean to enhance its appearance.
  • Polyurethane skin material makes it feel lightweight and flexible to move in any direction.
  • They have a snug, comfortable fit that can be reinforced with socks of just the right thickness.
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  • just like the balanced ww577, they are very expensive.
  • may feel thick to some people.
  • feel short compared to someone used to boots.


If you’re looking for a professional look along with added comfort, this is the way to go. The waterproof feature and durability also give you the best user experience at any time of the day, anywhere you need to be during a shift.

thorogood mens softstreets series 6” waterproof insulated sneaker

another classic way to show off the work of the postman is through the great series 6 of thorogood streets. the design on them is impeccable with sophisticated stitching around the cover material. Having been around since 1892, you can trust them to keep your feet warm and dry even while you’re on the job.

The leather on the upper part of the boots is waterproof to prevent water from reaching your feet. They also stand out as one of the most durable shoes with their direct injection construction which also gives good grip on all terrains. the lining of the inner part is a padded material of comfortable fabric for greater comfort and flexibility during use. the lining also keeps your feet warm and insulates you from the cold outside.

The insole that they have for cushioning purposes is made of polyurethane material that is also lightweight. the midsoles and outsoles are made from the same material, with the outsole being dual-density polyurethane for better traction. to make them more waterproof, the seams are ultra-hermetically sealed. this makes them more durable as well.


  • they are waterproof to keep moisture out.
  • the lining insulates the feet and keeps them warm.
  • they are soft and comfortable to wear.
  • they take very little getting used to and can be worn with other garments off duty.


  • the construction of the soles is not the best.


If you’re looking for attractive postal-approved work shoes, these sneakers are perfect for you. they are great for you if your assigned routes tend to be wet frequently.

reebok work postal express cp8500 work boots for men

Being prominent in the sports and athletic shoe industry, the reebok brand also makes its way into the postal service. The Reebok Mail-in Approved Boot is stylish and packs a punch when it comes to comfort and flexibility.

The lining material consists of the waterproof gore-tex® membrane. This material is specially made to provide the best protection your feet can have against environmental impacts. the interior is lined with the famous imil-33 technology that absorbs moisture to keep your feet dry and well insulated from the cold.

removable shock absorbing pi-1000 comfort inserts and heel pad are soft and hug the feet comfortably, culminating in a snug fit. this provides the best arch support system and will allow you to feel comfortable even if you are on your feet or walking all day. there’s also ultralight polyurethane technology designed to make the boots lightweight and durable over the long haul.


  • these shoes are designed specifically for postal workers.
  • the inner lining makes the shoes very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
  • no They have metal parts. to keep your feet supple and stress free.
  • They are resistant to oil, slips, abrasions and other chemicals.


  • laces may feel a bit stiff for some people.
  • soles are not attached well and can come off after some time.


the express cp8500 is a custom basketball shoe for a postman. you won’t feel like you’re dragging a weight with its overall lightweight build material. designed to give you comfort, agility and flexibility, these shoes mean business.

mail-in approved rocky tmc work boots

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another serious pair of boots is the rocky tmc. the feeling you get looking at these shoes is that they could be combat boots. however, they are designed and fully customized for self-respecting postmen.

They have been designed as a good arch support system to keep your feet healthy and free of joint pain. The padded interior wraps your feet in a comfortable cocoon that protects your feet from swelling while walking or standing for a long time. comfort extends beyond the pillow-shaped tongue and midsole that also hug your feet comfortably.

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the footplate in the aegis microbe guard and the rocky insole made with air port that prevents the accumulation of bacteria. There’s also a non-metal stabilizer that provides ready support and balance for a steady stride. the soles are designed to provide the best grip system on all slippery and rough terrain.

assigned to a wet or damp region? the rocky tmcs have you covered with their 5″ water-resistant full-grain polyurethane leather. don’t worry about walking across that soft or wet grass to deliver a package.


  • the boots use tmc direct attach tpu/pu soles that offer maximum stability and flexibility.
  • non-metal stabilizers not only increase its stability but also allow it to pass through detectors of metals hassle free.
  • oil and slip resistant outsoles ensure you slip-free accidents.
  • no bacteria build-up due to aegis microbe shield.
  • are exceptionally affordable.
  • are us approved. uu./mr.
  • guaranteed comfort thanks to the rocky air-port cushioning system.


  • the size range is smaller.
  • they have a low quality sole.
  • the insoles are not removable, which may cause discomfort for some people.


These boots add diversity to the shoes recommended for mail carriers. if they work best for you, it’s valuable to have them as part of your work shoe. however, it’s best to have more pairs of the same or different types of boots nearby.

bates lites leather chukka boots with laces

Although there is little to say about these shoes, sometimes simplicity is the best way to go. They consist of a goodyear welt construction design and a solid, durable finish. material is easy to clean and polish to a high gloss appearance. the inside of the boot is padded to reduce friction between the feet and the shoe, preventing chafing.

The inserts found in these shoes are padded to enhance comfort and can also be removed for added comfort. the dri-lex lining is also breathable to keep feet dry and cool. the soles on them are lightweight and non-marking. these soles are made of rubber for firm grip and flexibility.


  • They are flexible to walk with a nimble construction.
  • They are comfortable to wear and very lightweight.
  • They are easy to polish or wipe down during cleaning.


  • with lazy stitching, the laces are also flimsy and a bit brittle.


These are shoes a postman wouldn’t mind having along with other types of shoes. Since they are not heavy duty, they are adequate and would work well on paved surfaces. they are also known to be affordable.

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reebok postal tct shoes

Another model from the Reebok brand, the Postal TCT takes its place as one of the 8 best shoes for postmen. they are stylish with a sophisticated look designed to bring out the best in a mail carrier.

One of their unique features includes a sealed seam system that makes them one of the waterproof footwear options. This is designed to keep your feet dry when you’re walking hard in any wet environment. the seamless lining also prevents feet from chafing during use.

They are made of durable leather that forms the upper part of the boots. they also have comfortable padding that hugs the feet keeping them in place. this means guaranteed durability of the shoes and greater comfort even after prolonged use.

the soles are composed of dual-density polyurethane that provides stability and a good traction system during use on various terrains. the pi-1000 cushion insert is removable for enhanced convenience and an added comfort pack. The heel cushion has shock absorption properties as well as keeping your feet firmly in the shoes.

Because they are non-metallic, they are suitable for use in places with many metal detectors. Moisture-wicking lining wicks sweat away from feet keeping them dry and cool. Lastly, the total cushioning technology and toe-seam properties used in its construction help keep you flexible as well as help absorb impacts from the environment.


  • They are non-metallic, making them a great option when going places with full metal detectors.
  • The moisture-wicking, quilted lining helps keep your feet dry and comfortable. fresh.
  • li>

  • The shoe is packed with shock-absorbing features designed to help you get things done without distraction.
  • Rubber outsoles are oil-resistant and slip-resistant.
  • The removable insoles allow you to conveniently customize your shoes snugly and comfortably for an orthopedic fit.


  • compared to the express cp8500, the seams on this one tend to come off relatively quickly.
  • they are slim for people with wide feet.
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suitable for outdoor use, the reebok tct is suitable for the needs of a postman. They’re also USPS certified with added safety features to protect your feet from harm. they do a very good job of keeping your feet comfortable even during long hours of use.

orion 7500g tingley shoe cover with gaiter

last but least, the orion tingley 7500g closes out our list of the 8 best shoes for mailmen. they are resistant to the elements designed with a postman in a snowy or icy environment in mind. these shoes mean business when it comes to weathering the cold.

For starters, they’re designed to be tough. the upper surface consists of an 840 denier nylon material that can be adjusted to hug the leg tightly. This nylon is durable for long time use and waterproof to prevent water ingress. this makes it easy to walk through the snow.

Lightweight polyurethane midsoles and tpr outsoles ward off ice or snow and are easy to lift off for effortless walking. As well as being roomy for even the widest of feet, the interior is also lined with a polypropylene foam that provides much-appreciated insulation from the cold and cushioning for added comfort.

The boot gusset makes it easy to get on and off, with an adjustable hook-and-loop closure for the perfect fit. they also spot adjustable instep straps and accents that improve visibility in low-light settings. the shoes are also made to have deep lugs for the best traction system and stabilizers in the heel to prevent rolling.


  • The boots are lightweight, so they’re easy to wear even when it snows heavily.
  • The studs on them are made of material that won’t corrode or rust for extra durability.
  • li>

  • an easy to use buckle for adjustments.
  • they are well insulated and waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry.
  • they are very stable with superior traction on icy or snowy ground.


  • they are not suitable for indoor use as the studs will scratch the floor.
  • they are single-location shoes.


Being assigned to a cold, icy, or snowy location shouldn’t deter you from your job. you can do your best with these shoes as part of your arsenal. they are useful even when it is snowing heavily.

the best shoes for postmen: buying guide

comfort and safety

Being a postman certainly means dealing with a lot; from dogs to unpleasant customers and even complete exhaustion at the end of the day. your footwear therefore becomes very important to help you focus your energy on providing the best service.

Shoes that are comfortable help keep your feet from feeling fatigued and the pressure of being up all day. In the end, you not only keep your feet healthy but also avoid expensive medical bills.

usps approved postal shoes offer the best protection against occupational hazards. they are required to be waterproof, dustproof for a professional appearance, have shock absorbing characteristics and are well cushioned. they have been tested and proven and have been found to increase service performance. they are also guaranteed to offer protection and safety during use from environmental conditions that can damage it.


You want to invest in shoes that are long-lasting. this saves you a lot of money and time looking for shoes. Having an extra pair of shoes could also help extend their durability if they are used interchangeably. opting for high-quality shoes that overlook the expense might be the smartest thing you can do to stay grounded.

weight and grip

To deliver the best you can as a mail carrier, you want shoes that make you agile, flexible and feel secure. therefore, you want to opt for shoes that are naturally lightweight so that you are nimble on your feet and have the best traction. In the end, the best features increase your confidence at work.

end result

Finding the best shoes for a mail carrier shouldn’t be a daunting task, at least not after reviewing our 8 best shoes for mail carriers. For a job that requires you to be on your feet most of the time, investing in the best footwear recommended by the postal service should be a priority. not only does it keep you protected and healthy, but it also saves you time and money from constantly having to replace your work shoes. get your selection of quality postal footwear and your work will be much more fun.

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