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The service comes with the following features:

E-express service items destined for overseas destinations can be tracked on the websites of their postal administrations or Hongkong Post (HKP) within six months from the date of posting. Instead of contacting hkp, the submitter must track their articles on the aforementioned websites within six months of the publication date. hkp only accepts compensation claims for the total loss of an item (except postal shipments destined for Mexico, South Africa, Russia and Ukraine).

the compensation clause in the e-express service

Due to the substantial reduction in airline flight frequencies due to the covid-19 pandemic, overseas postal administrations also notify Hongkong Post that normal delivery standards cannot be guaranteed, as expect severe delays in processing incoming mail. as such, e-express items posted on or after March 9, 2020 will not be considered a total loss even if the delivery status* is still not displayed on the websites within two months of the posting date, considering the previous special. circumstances.

on the other hand, in view of the easing of the epidemic and the gradual restoration of air transportation and postal operations in various regions, in order to balance the interests of shippers and simplify compensation procedures, after revision, the articles e-express sent after April 26, 2021 without the delivery status* displayed on the websites within two months of the date of publication will be considered a total loss.

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* delivery status refers to the successful or attempted delivery status of an e-express item which will be displayed on the destination postal administrations or hkp websites (whichever is the most recent) .

If hkp is satisfied that the claimant has suffered a direct loss as a result of the item being lost, compensation will be paid to the claimant up to the following limits:

  1. HK$1,000 (for any item weighing 500g or more); or
  2. 500 Hong Kong dollars (for any item weighing less than 500g).

claimant must provide receipt/invoice to substantiate value of contents/replacement cost of documents, which must match information on shipping label. Postage will not be refunded to the claimant under any circumstances. hongkong post is entitled to recover the full amount of compensation and postage refund if the mail item is subsequently delivered to the recipient or returned to the sender.

hkp will not conduct any investigation and hkp will not pay any compensation to the sender in the following cases. The sender may not claim any compensation in the following cases:

  1. confiscation of a postal item or extended processing time as a result of customs clearance;
  2. delayed delivery or seizure of a postal item as a result of payment of fines, fees or taxes by the sender as requested by customs authorities;
  3. failure to clear customs or seizure or retention of a postal item by customs authorities as a result of an unclear description (e.g., only indicated as “sample” or “merchandise” without a detailed description of the shipment), or false, misleading or incomplete declaration;
  4. loss of a postal item caused by disasters, political risks, strikes, nuclear explosions, wars, epidemics or any event beyond the reasonable control of hkp;
  5. a postal item containing any of the prohibited items listed in the post office guide;
  6. partial or complete postal items during shipping o o delivery;
  7. delay in the shipment or delivery of a postal item;
  8. partial or total missing content of a postal item during shipment or delivery;
  9. return of a postal item for any reason;
  10. wrong address, wrong posting or wrong delivery;
  11. lost or damaged postal item during the return process.
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You can opt for additional insurance coverage (except postal items destined for Mexico, South Africa, Russia and Ukraine) by paying a flat premium of HKD10 per item with a maximum coverage of HKD5,000.

another comment

neither hong kong post nor overseas delivery agent has any influence on the customs authority’s compliance with local customs law at the destination. The sender can claim compensation from HKP for the total loss of an item within two to four months from the date of shipment. In no case will claims be submitted after the deadline.

items that are delayed in delivery are not applied to any compensation, hong kong post will not provide compensation to customers who have their items insured in case of loss.

click here to read the complete compensation terms and conditions of the e-express service.

Before the mail is published, customers can click here to check the “overseas postal service information by destination” of the post office guide.

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