Are Mail Order Bride Legal? Legality in Different Countries in 2022

Are Mail Order Brides Legal in 2022?

You can leave now or learn more about foreign brides. Actually, there are plenty of nuances and foreign dating sites to consider if you are going to find a legit mail order bride from another country. After all, intermarriage rates are steadily climbing. In the United States, 3% of all newlyweds married to someone of a different race or ethnicity had risen to 17% by 2015.

In total, more than 670,000 newlyweds had recently married and we bet not all of them lived in the US. uu. before. therefore, if you want to know if mail order brides are legal, please read the following information carefully.

To summarize, yes, mail order brides and dating girls are legal.

3 Best Legitimate Dating Sites To Meet Brides Abroad

where to find legal mail order brides?

As you’ve learned from our spoiler, mail-order brides are legal, but that doesn’t mean all the women and men you meet through mail-order bride services are legal. The mail order bride industry still has many nuances that you need to be aware of. and one of the most important is where to look for potential partners so you don’t risk getting a spouse by mail illegally.

We did some research and put together the most effective ways to find mail-order spouses safely. We divide the options into online and offline categories and are ready to share all the quirks of international bride and groom search.

mail order brides legal dating offline

One of the options is offline searching, which includes traveling to a specific country or region to find a foreign wife and going on a mail-order bride tour. we did a quick review of both variants.

traveling the mail order bride abroad

you can travel to one of the popular countries for mail order brides (such as thailand or japan). Planning a solo trip is not easy, but it is completely legal. benefits include exploring the culture of the country you’re visiting and meeting a foreign mail-order bride or foreign husband in real life. however, if you’re not ready to spend several thousand dollars traveling abroad, you should opt for other ways to meet a potential spouse.

go on a mail order bride tour

This option also includes traveling abroad, but an international marriage agency plans everything from plane tickets to reservations. these agencies choose potential partners for their clients. but mail-order bride agencies do not give men the address of a foreign woman to visit her. they only offer solo or group rides with special events where you can connect with pre-selected partners.

Is mail order brides illegal online?

a short answer is “no“.

Legitimate mail order bride sites, international marriage agencies and marriage brokers are legal and their services do not break the law. Furthermore, online mail order bride services are the most common way to look for a foreign bride. but why do people choose mail order bride services?

is popular

Millions of singles looking for serious relationships tend to choose legitimate mail order bride sites. it’s hard to pin down exact numbers as most mail order bride platforms don’t disclose membership numbers, but the best legitimate mail order bride websites in the niche have 1-3 million monthly visitors (according to similarweb), doing a search for foreign mail order brides is not an unheard of thing. Even if you’ve never tried it, chances are one of her close friends has.

it’s easy

One of the reasons for the great popularity of international dating websites and specialized platforms is that they are low effort. users don’t need to go anywhere or even get dressed to start looking for a potential mail-order wife or husband. Plus, you can be anywhere in the world as mail order bride websites are available all over the world.

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it’s effective

specialized sites make dating more effective by bringing together people with the same dating goals. You don’t need to scatter social networks or regular online dating sites hoping to find foreign women or men who are interested in a relationship. mail-order bride services make it easy to find, communicate, and meet.

it’s cheap

Legitimate mail order brides have different price ranges. We haven’t found completely free platforms with a high percentage of positive reviews, but there are a decent number of mail order bride sites that are partially paid. some are credit-based (offer different packages of credits to spend on advanced features) and subscription-based (monthly or yearly subscriptions).

Are there legitimate mail order bride websites that are easy to find? is a tough question as you need to know where to look for mail order brides and international dating sites to ensure your safety.

top countries to legally receive mail-order brides

here are the most popular countries for foreign spouses in the united states:

  1. Filipino: These Asian brides dominate in popularity not only in the local region, but also among all foreign spouses. In 2019 alone, 7,134 Filipino women come to the United States as fiancees.
  2. Mexico — Mexican beauties are the most desired partners in Latin America, with 1,676 American men choosing their wives specifically from this country in 2019 .
  3. Ukrainian and Ukrainian women are the most popular in Eastern Europe, with 860 couples with us in 2019.

relations and marriage with foreign women from these and other countries is completely legal and is recognized by the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and other countries.

explore the top countries with legit mail order brides

source: number of brides (k-1 visa applicants) in 2019

top 3 legit mail order bride meeting sites

If you want to attract women who live in one of the countries we talked about above, or just want to date and marry foreign women, check out these 3 best mail order bride platforms.


a niche dating site that offers single men of all ages to meet women from the Slavic region (the majority are Ukrainian and Russian) and communicate through chat, photo exchange and emails.


a popular platform for dating latin women that provides effective search tools including simple, advanced and interactive matchmaking and a variety of ways of communication (instant messages, long letters, sending graphic content, etc.)

oriental honeys

an easy-to-use dating site with thousands of beautiful mail-order Asian men and brides, predominantly from Western countries, using search tools, scrolling the news and watching broadcasts to meet each other.

find legal single brides online

what laws affect mail order brides?

Are mail order brides illegal or legal? Are mail-in spouses real? What laws affect them? it is okay to ask questions and not blindly commit. laws cover marriages by mail to protect the rights of both parties to the international union. Two main laws that affect the average mail order spouse are:

These two are the main and most common laws that affect legal cases involving mail order brides in the United States; however, there are quirks to how mail order brides work in different countries.

imbra & vawa: what do these acts have in common?

Both are created to protect women from abuse and any danger a foreign person may experience, but consider their legal similarities.


It may seem that imbra (international broker regulation law) was developed to regulate the industry in the united states, but this is not exactly true. in fact, it requires agencies to have their male clients provide criminal or domestic violence histories, if any, and if a man has committed or was charged with a crime, the agency must provide this information to the bride. this is one of the most important objectives of this law. Yes, the US government wants to know who is moving to the country, but it also wants to make sure that everyone who crosses the border can feel and be safe.

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Special attention should also be paid to vawa, another famous act that was created to protect all women in the territory of the united states. was created to address domestic violence and child abuse, and the best thing is that it also protects mail order brides, while most of the Latin ladies to marry face these types of problems very often, unfortunately.

imbra & wow impact

It may seem obvious, but it is important to understand how great its impact was on the industry: now, a woman does not have to suffer and stay with the abuser to stay in the country, so as not to face the need to leave. without any financial support or for any other reason. now they are protected by law, and that is better for both parties, actually. More and more girls are registering on dating sites because they are not afraid of finding themselves completely helpless in another country.

mail-order bride regulations around the world

In general, there are several important things to know about the legal status of mail-order brides. If they met in person, if their relationship is real, if they didn’t pay for a girlfriend, and most importantly, if they can prove it, they probably won’t be in trouble with the law.

We explore the laws of different countries to help you understand how international relations are regulated by law around the world. Simply put, if he knows her future wife well and doesn’t hurt her, he will need to obtain a visa (there are certain forms for foreign fiancés to file). that is all.

Still, let’s take a look at how it happens in different countries.

🇺🇸 legality in usa

usa marriage agencies and international dating platforms are legal in the usa. uu., as well as relationships and marriage with non-citizens. but they are not only legal, but quite common. the legality of the usa mail order bride uu. it is covered by the laws of ambra, family and immigration. Please note that only we citizens can bring fiancees to get married in the country.

Both options allow you to legally bring your foreign fiancé or spouse to the United States. these options are:

  1. obtain a k-1 visa, marry in the united states, and then apply for adjustment.
  2. marry abroad, and apply for a k-3 visa afterward.

so mail order brides are legal in the us? u? yes!

🇬🇧 legality in the united kingdom

Transnational marriages are legal and quite common in the UK. In order to marry a foreign national in the country, a couple may consider obtaining a marriage visitor visa, which does not entitle a long-term stay. and there is the option of obtaining a family (fiancée) visa; but to obtain it, a couple must have a marriage license, meet the minimum income rate, and be able to prove the true nature of the union.

🇨🇦 legality in canada

The laws covering mail-order spouses in Canada are based on the US International Marriage Brokerage Act. uu., but they are a little less restrictive. however, there are still clear requirements for annual income. a Canadian citizen can sponsor a visa through the family sponsorship program. but it requires getting married first. so are mail order spouses illegal in canada? definitely not.

legality in other countries

international, intercultural and racial marriages are commonplace in the 21st century. and most laws of foreign countries allow marriage in the country. It is possible to receive temporary resident status and full residency in a particular country, but it is not a guarantee upon marriage.

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🇦🇺 Australia

mail-order brides can easily marry in the country, but as the government has shortened the list of “benefits” of making a relationship official, it has lowered official international marriage rates.

🇨🇭 switzerland

Marrying a local woman or man is almost the same as marrying a foreigner in Switzerland. and the foreign spouse gains access to an easier path to Swiss citizenship.

🇯🇵 japan

this asian country has a spouse visa, for international couples who wish to get married in japan. however, becoming a resident does not depend on marital status, so mail-order brides do not gain any advantage from becoming wives. Almost every country has some sort of foreign fiancé and spouse visa that makes mail-order bride relationships legitimate.

🌎 Are mail-order brides illegal anywhere in the world?

I still wonder, is mail-in spouses illegal anywhere in the world for some other reason? although there may not be outright prohibitions, there may be religious restrictions. for example, many Israeli Jews are encouraged to marry local women of the same faith.

almost the same thing happens in Muslim countries, where men choose to marry outside their own country only with Christians or Jews (people from the book).

How many mail-order marriages end in divorce?

The divorce rate varies by country. For example, in the United States, about 50% of couples divorce. But that’s just the statistic for first marriages, as the figures for subsequent marriages are even higher: 60% for second marriages and 73% of all third marriages. however, 80% of international marriages last, making this a better choice of marriage.

It could be the result of overcoming many cultural differences together and learning to tolerate and accept each other’s cultural specialties. When women and men write letters, exchange real and virtual gifts, and just talk a lot, they can create a stronger bond than people who dated for a month and then started living together.

where and how can brides marry their foreign husbands?

In most cases, they can do it anywhere they want, both in the us and in the US. uu. as in any other country of origin of the bride. what you need to do it here is the list of some common steps that work for most countries:

  1. Decide if you want to get married in a church or before a notary. (yes, in some countries, both options are available and both are legal in the us.)
  2. prepare documents; many of them, actually. Usually, these are copies of your and your girlfriend’s ID, birth certificates, divorce decrees, passport copies, and yes, all your documents must be translated into the official language.
  3. schedule the wedding.
  4. notify the embassy of your marriage if you will be returning to the united states in the near future.

Are mail order brides legal in your own countries?

Of course, mail order brides are legal in their home countries. It’s obvious to everyone who knows who mail order brides are. they are women looking for a spouse in a distant country and use the services of a third party (site, platform or agency) to find and approach a future spouse. in fact, it is a long-distance relationship, which, in turn, is legal in all countries of the world.

Note that this is not a one-size-fits-all scheme. this is rather the most common strategy you will probably use if you decide to marry a mail order bride in your country.

Is it illegal to commission a bride?

conclusion: are mail order brides legal or illegal?

100% legal

Early mail-order brides may have doubted this statement, but today, not only is it legal in almost every country, it is also very common. So, if you were curious about online dating, there’s nothing legally stopping you from trying it.

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