Boulder shooter Ahmad Alissa, 21, appears in court charged with ten counts of murder | Daily Mail Online

rock shooter ahmad alissa appears in court in a wheelchair as his lawyers ask for three months to determine his sanity before he can stand trial for killing 10 people at king soopers supermarket

  • alissa appeared before judge thomas mulhavill in boulder, colorado, on thursday at 8:15 am. m. local time
  • her lawyers asked for three months to evaluate her mental health; they were given at least two weeks
  • prosecutors say they plan to file more charges against the 21-year-old next week
  • on monday, he shot ten people to death inside a king sooper grocery store before turning himself in to police
  • alissa has yet to give a motive for the killings; he took off his clothes before turning himself in to the police
  • his family has described him as lonely, paranoid, stupid and they say he has never had a girlfriend
  • he lived in the basement of his family’s house and worked at the family restaurant, the sultan grill
  • alissa bought her ar-556 rifle from $900 a week before he carried out the attack
  • He has previous convictions for assault and used to ‘beat up’ people in high school who made fun of him

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